__________by Calgon 69

HAHA you think you know but you have no idea
You see the way we operate is amazing to many men and alot of women
But yet we do not disclose our secret to the world
They say how did you take my woman or make her cum 10 times in 30minutes

I remember oh so well you rubbed my head on a night drive on the Lake Front

As you rubbed your hands down my breasts

I am no stranger to pleasure
I immediately pulled over and put in my RKELLY 12 play
OH yeah this is how i do it
As I adjust your seat back to FREAK MODE
I continued to kiss on your sweet lips as you moaned in my ear
DAMN, DoWn boy I say
I see your nipples peek out a bit as they scream for some love from my wett
You see I know what you like
Moan for me baby you know I love to hear that and tell me
I am your PAPI
I tease your thighs a bit licking the inside of them as you arch your back
w/extreme pleasure
Oh I know what you want
I see your clit peek out at me as I lick the hood ever so lightly to watch
you squirm
Then you grab my head and I lick and suck you for pure enjoyment
You know i LOVE to please my Queen
As I eat your pussy I think about how good I am making you feel as
you yell my name and scratch my soul
my skin
and jerk your body continuously
UMmm orgasm after orgasm
Oh yeah you will never forget this

oh you want to know how in the car

As she lays in FREAK MODE I get on my knees and turn my body upside
down and cause more explosions than a volcano erupting
You asked right
And DO you still want to know how I took your woman ???

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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