Felicia Ann

_____Truth Hurts’ “Addictive” remix was throbbing throughout the Dirty South’s speakers. It was 12:05a.m. Quin and Shawna’s shift was over for the night. Quin sat in front of her vanity mirror applying black eyeliner under her right eye when she caught a glimpse of Nikki walking past, in a hot pink fishnet dress over a matching thong. Her head full of blonde tightly rodded curls. Nikki caught Quin’s stare in the mirror. Had she been staring at her all this time? Now panic stricken, she tried to focus on the task at hand, but she wound up sticking herself in the eye.
_____“Ow! Damnit!”
_____“Oh, are you okay suga?” Nikki backed up and came over to her, placing her hand on her shoulder.
_____“Uh, Yeah. I’m fine.” Quin managed to spit out a response, while Coco, another tall and slender dancer was zipping up her thigh high boots, giggling to herself as her new pair of tits remained still. Quin frowned at her and wiped under her eye with a tissue before taking Nikki’s hand off her shoulder.
_____“Oh, I’m sorry! Am I invading your three feet of personal space?” Nikki smiled as she took a step back.
_____“Yes, you are!” Quin snapped. Nikki then bent down just enough to smooth Quin’s hair away from her left ear and whisper “Do you like what you see? Is that why you poked yourself in the eye?”
_____“I don’t know what you talkin’ bout! Quin protested.
_____“Sure you don’t, why don’t we go get a bite to eat and talk about things, you know gurl stuff!” Quin knew that she was definitely playing with fire. If Willie Mae found out that she was the slightest bit interested in Nikki, she’d wring her damn neck! Even though, being caught, the danger of doing something that you know you shouldn’t is the greatest aphrodisiac! No harm in getting a bite to eat together, maybe a little hanky panky and that would be it. Quin flashed a malicious grin as she watched Nikki sashay away. Quin had her eyes on her since that first show.
_____Nikki came out pulling no stops to the song “How Many Licks” by Lil Kim. All of the house lights were dimmed. The black lights created that iridescent purple aura around her as she floated to the stage wearing a white sheer robe with a feather trim. Her long black hair flowed straight down past her shoulders and stopped right at her nipples. The robe bear hugged her full-blown breasts. Her navel and hips were exposed as the robe’s trim cascaded behind like a bridal train. She strolled toward the center of the stage in five-inch heel clear stilettos. Quin was totally unprepared for what Nikki did next! She stood at the very end of the stage with her backside toward everyone and made her ass jiggle like she had never seen before, to the delight of her audience. Then she kicked off those heels just like a country girl would and started jagging the pole off with her 40DD jugs to the rhythm of the song. She came out of the robe, winking at Quin who was eyeing her set from the beaded curtain of the dressing room. The way Nikki’s body moved as she teased the men in the crowd. Quin felt the wetness of her G-string. If there weren’t any girls around she would be strumming her clit. Nikki’s titties were big, plump and all natural. She grabbed both of them and held em up as her long pierced tongue licked at her erect nipples. Nikki released them and threw her leg up against the pole and she slow slid down it in a spin, the thick silver pole between her pussy lips.
_____She wondered if Nikki’s skin was as soft as it looked. Outside the club, Nikki had squeezed her hourglass frame into a pair of studded hip hugger jeans with a flaming rose v-neck tank top. Her boots had little chains wrapped around the ankles that jingled as she walked. Quin sat in her 2003 Lincoln Town car (a birthday gift from Willie Mae) banging on the steering wheel to the song “Half –Crazy” by Musiq Soulchild, waiting for Nikki to walk across the parking lot to her.
_____“Hey woman, are you hungry?” She asked Nikki as she jumped into the passenger seat.
_____“Yeah. All the time for something that they don’t serve in Willie’s restaurant. What about you?” She sneered while rubbing her hand across and up between Quin’s thighs. She quickly found out that the rumor about Quin not wearing panties under her skirts was true. Her thumb grazed the hood of her clit, causing her to jump and move her hand away.
_____“I think you had better slow down a tad bit. I mean you haven’t even fed a bitch yet and you trying to get in the pussy!” Nikki giggled as Quin put the car into drive and pulled out of the parking lot.
Nikki sat back and continued to gawk at Quin. The metallic silver baby tee looked as if it would bust open if Quin made the smallest sneeze. She longed for the soft caress of a woman and her sweet fragrance all over her body. A drink of her mouthwatering juices. Nikki leaned over and ran her fingers across the back of Quin’s neck, making her squirm behind the wheel.
_____“Nikki! Gurl stopit! You gonna make me wreck!” she squealed.
_____“Why, you know you want this as much as I do. Stop trying to convince yourself that you don’t.” Nikki grabbed at the back of her neck, pulling up flesh and making her purr. This was the perfect moment for Nikki to prove what she was really about.
_____“Now look, stop fucking with me girl. Pull this car over right now!” Nikki ordered. Quin pulled off the highway and onto a gravel road for a few yards.
_____“Stop. Turn off the engine, the lights and get out of the car!” Nikki’s commands were cold, yet exciting as she stared out the windshield at the blackness.
_____“Hold on, what kinda freaky game are you playing?”
_____“Just do what I say!” Her acrylic nail traced Quin’s lips.
_____“Ooh, Baby! I love it when you talk tuff!” She hopped out the car and leaned against the hood. Nikki walked over to her, grabbing her by the hips, placing her on the warm hood.
_____“I want it now and I’m not going to wait another second to love you.” She took Quin’s face into her hands and kissed her. As their tongues danced, their hands slid over every inch of each other’s bodies. A thunderclap startled them.
_____“C’mon Nikki. That’s a sign. This isn’t right and if Willie finds out …”
_____“Fuck Willie Mae!” She grabbed her by her neck again and began shoving her tongue violently around in her mouth. Quin broke free and pushed her back.
_____“No. Nikki stop! C’mon let’s go! she protested. Nikki stared into her eyes, which were saying different. Her hand slowly glided from Quin’s knee to between the warmness between her thighs. Her nails strumming against Quin’s swelling clit, causing her to shudder with delight and lick her lips. She leaned back against the windshield and her top was ripped open unleashing breasts. A quick wave of excitement and fear washed over her body as her mini skirt was ripped open and slid off her body. Nikki jumped on the car, straddling Quin’s pelvis. She kneaded and cupped each of her breasts, caressing them with the length of her tongue before taking each one into her mouth. Quin shrieked with delight as her nipple was squeezed between Nikki’s clenched teeth.
_____“Ugh! Ooo! O! Baby don’t stop!” Nikki grabbed both of her breasts, forcing them together and sucked both of her nipples at the same time, sending Quin to sexual heights never reached with Willie Mae. She released her left breast, while continuing to suck on the right one. Nikki took her free hand and inched into Quin’s bush. Her fingers drenched in her sticky translucent juices. As she brought her fingers up to taste, the heavens opened in a thunder. Quin tried to get up as small warm drops dripped over her body. She was immediately pushed backward by Nikki’s wet hand.
_____“Don’t worry, I’ll keep you dry. Nikki slowly slid down her body, her hard nipples tracing the path off the car’s hood. She spread Quin’s legs open as far as they could, pulling her closer to her hungry mouth. The drizzled continued as she took her arms and wrapped them underneath Quin’s thighs, forcing her legs to cross behind her head. She tossed her now moist curls backward and inhaled the fragrance of Quin’s femininity. Nikki pulled the hood of her clit back, teasing it with the tip of her tongue, causing her body to shudder under her breath.
_____The length and girth of her tongue teased her succulent lips as her index and middle fingers filled her pussy. Bumping up against her cervix and stimulating her tight g-spot. She gently kissed her clit before taking it in her mouth and sucking on it. Quin’s head sloshed from side to side as her orgasm rapidly approached. Nikki added her ring and pinky finger to her already stuffed pussy and started fucking her violently. Her first orgasm broke loose forcing her to grab a hold of Nikki’s hair while her pelvis pumped against her face. The rain refreshed her body as she was setup to cum again. Sucking even harder and faster on her clit as she shoved her entire hand inside of her and made a fist. Just as Quin’s walls welcomed her fist it was taken away right before she could cum again.
_____“Turn your ass over!” Nikki stood back, watching Quin move in what seemed like slow motion on the damp car. She turned over, smashing her tits against the glass.
_____“No! Get up on your knees!” She backed up from the windshield, propping her heart shaped ass up in the air, which Nikki slapped with all her might. The slight pain she felt in her right cheek soon turned to pleasure as her heavy hand was lifted from her flesh. Nikki parted her ass cheeks and gently rubbed her puckered hole with her chin. “You like that?” She whispered as Quin’s body began to rock back and forth.
_____“Oh! Baby! Yes!” She licked her soaked lips before creeping to her perineum and tonguing her anus. The warm wetness of her tongue made Quin scream out in pleasure. “O! OH! OHHH! Nikki don’t stop! FUCK!” Nikki laid back against the hood before lifting Quin’s leg and pulling her pussy over her mouth. Quin started to grind against her mouth and tongue. As she continued to suck on her clit, she rammed her two smallest fingers into her ass, causing her to grind her face, harder and faster. She started to work her two fingers around before shoving a third one in and forcing Quin to cum once more as the drizzle stopped. Quin’s gyrations began to dawdle, Nikki removed her fingers, slowly and one at a time. As Quin’s body trembled softly with each movement. Nikki grabbed a hold of her ass before flipping her onto her back. She lapped at her cum juices like a thirsty dog, licking her clean while they both breathed in the freshness of the twilight rain. Nikki breathed heavily into her pussy causing Quin to buck her hips once more before she stopped, pulling her tired body away from her face.
_____“Oh shit Nikki! Where have you been all this time?” She sighed while clenching her own breasts.
_____“Ha! If I had a dime for every time I heard that, I wouldn’t need to work at the Dirty South!” She chuckled while squeezing one of Quin’s nipples and then twisting it.
_____“Ooo! Baby stopit! Did you have to rip my clothes? Dayum!”
_____“Girl, shut up! Here put this on and wrap that skirt around your ass.” Nikki pulled off her tank top, and pulled down her underwire bra while walking to the driver side of the car.
_____“C’mon girl, get in the car!” She honked the horn as Quin slowly put on the tank top, and slid her skirt down around her waist. She held it together and got in the car.
_____“Ok, where to?” Nikki asked while turning the car around and heading back up towards the highway, right signal light blinking.
_____“You’re the one driving.” She ran her fingers through her wet hair, tossing it back.
_____“We’re going to my place. That way I can finish fucking your brains out with my strap on! And maybe, just maybe, I can find you something to wear home to yo daddy! Nikki chuckled while she stroked the side of Quin’s cheek and lips.
_____“I just hope you don’t get pneumonia in my ass!”


Copyright © 2002. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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