__________by Blklezpoetess

Itís lurking inside me
Waiting for release
The fuse is lit
The clock is ticking
Iím poised like cheetah
Watching a gazelle in the distance
My muscles are tense
My heart races
My hunger intensifies
Anticipating the feast between those brown thighs
No excuses
No delays
I have plenty of sick days
For us to end this cat and mouse game
Slip on the blindfold
Unleash your imagination
Your adventure waits
For you to join the quest
The ecstasy I can bring
Losing your breath
Nipples hard against my skin
Wetness escaping in s steady stream
Feels like a wet dream
This inferno between us
Cannot be contained
Your whispers in my ears
Bites on my neck
Hands pressing my head to the secret of your joy
Is only the beginning of my quest
Check your inhibitions at the door
Panties tangled on the floor
Desire is all you need to explore
My dark side
Welcome home

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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