Phoenix Scorpion

Damn, I am soooo sleepy; thank God it's Friday and I'm getting off work early today for the New Year's holiday. My head slowly tilts to the side as the bus travels smoothly down King Drive. This is such a relaxing ride that I hate to get off; it's warm and there are very few passengers. Best of all, no Dunbar High School students talking loud and upsetting my flow. Mmmmm relaxing. Relaxing until I see this beauty board the bus. Nice very nice. She's about 5'5", 130 pounds, with a clear caramel complexion. She favors my dream girl, Nia Long.

She sits diagonally across from me. Great, now I can admire her and not be stuck looking at the back of her head. Her brown shoulder-length hair showcases her lightly enhanced flawless face. She's not wearing too much make-up, just enough to accentuate her slender, feminine features. Mmmmm those lips. "Yes, girl your lips", I mumble to myself. I imagine myself licking those lips with my tongue, teasing her until she opens her mouth to let me in. I think about what it would feel like sharing a cum- drenched kiss with those lips. The more I study her lips, the hotter I get. I wiggle around, grinding my moistened pussy into my thong and the seat beneath me, imagining it's her pretty pussy that I'm grinding into. My nipples harden at the thought of her smooth, naked body against mine.

She turns my direction, not necessarily looking at me just looking around. Her eyes catch mine admiring her. I break the contact and resume looking out of the window. When I see her reflection turn back around, I continue my admiration. She's got to feel me studying her so intensely. My nipples harden even more at the thought of my hands exploring her body, feeling her erect nipples, her smooth skin, feeling my way down her torso to her mound .mmmmmm.

She begins to adjust herself and gather her belongings. I guess this is her stop. Damn, I wish I was going wherever she's going. She stands and proceeds to exit the bus. I watch her as she stands there at the same bus stop waiting to transfer to another bus. I give her one last look, making eye contact again and smiling, showing my approval and interest.

I begin to gather my things because the next stop is mine where I will wait to transfer to another bus as well. After a brief few minutes, my bus arrives. I board, slip my monthly pass into the transfer machine and turn to find a seat. Awww, hell naw it's her again. This time, she's surveying me. I take a seat two rows behind her. I'm embarrassed because after my smile of approval, it's obvious that she knows that I was checking her out. Not once did she turn to acknowledge my presence. As the bus approached my job, I stood to get off of the bus. While standing at the door waiting for the driver to let me off, I feel someone's presence behind me. I look from the corner of my eye and see that it's her again. We both exit the bus and begin walking toward my building. I can feel her eyes on me. Is she admiring me? Or is she thinking that I'm some kind of weirdo dyke trying to get in her pants? As I approach the revolving doors, I turn to look back and she was gone. In the immortal words of Florida Evans, "Damn! Damn! Damn!" Where could she have disappeared to?

It's 1:07pm. I'm hungry as hell so I decide to put my projects on hold and pick up a bite to eat at the food court downstairs. Hmmm what to eat, what to eat? I guess I'll fight the urge to pig-out and eat a mini fruit tray. I place my order and the cashier hands me my receipt. As I wait for the cashier to get my fruit tray, I hear a voice behind me, "I'm glad that I had the chance to see you again and so soon."

Not recognizing the voice, I turn around to see that same woman from the bus this morning. "Me?" I ask.

"Don't play shy now you looked at me damn near the entire ride."

I smiled and said, "Okay, okay I stand accused. But can you blame me? Do you work around here?"

"Yes, right across the street. I usually eat over there, but I thought that I might get lucky and find something much better to eat over here", she said with flirting eyes and lips. "Can I join you for lunch? My name is Tricia." She extended her hand for me to shake.

"Sure, I'd like that very much."

As my number was called, she walked over to the tables to get us a seat. I retrieved my fruit and headed for the table. "I took a chance coming over here today. I was hoping that I would run into you, but I didn't think that I actually would. When I did see you, I knew that I had to say something cuz who knows when we'd see each other again?"

"I must say that I am surprised by this. I thought you thought that I was some kind of basket case checking you out. I apologize for staring, but I really enjoy looking at you. I'm glad that you weren't offended."

"No, I'm not at all. Actually, I thought that it was cute like you."

"Thanks for the compliment."

"No, thank you for showing interest. I really needed the attention. I just broke up with my boyfriend about two months ago and was feelin' kinda down cuz I just spent Christmas all alone and now I'll have to spend New Year's Eve with the girls instead of someone special."

"I'm sorry to hear about you and your boyfriend."

"Oh, don't be, sweetie. I'm not sad about him being gone just sad about being alone on the one night that everyone spends with their loved ones, ya know? So what are you doing for New Year's Eve?"

"Not too much. Some friends of mine are having a party so my boyfriend and I might attend." I stress might.

"That's cool."

"How would you like to join us?"

"Oh no, I couldn't impose on your evening like that."

"No, you wouldn't be imposing at all. Please?"

"Actually, if you were going to be alone, I was going to suggest that we could get together. But since you'll be with your man, I wouldn't feel comfortable."

"Please, it will be fun. You'll like him he's so sweet. We're renting a suite at The Hotel Monaco. We'll be at a party in a suite his best friend has rented for the evening. Please come with us?"

"Okay, I guess I could."

"Good. Then it's set."

"What will your man think about this third wheel?"

"The more the merrier. Trust me, he's cool as hell. We're going to a party so what's wrong with you coming along?"

"Nothing I guess. It's just that I was thinking about you and me. I guess that since I'm man-less these days, I really didn't even consider the fact that you had one."

"If you're worried about that, then don't he knows that I like women. He's totally cool with it and respects my other life. He'll treat you like anyone else."

Reluctantly, she agreed. We immediately exchanged contact information and resumed talking over our lunch. I loved watching her eat. Her soft lips against her food made my pussy jealous, but wet once again. As I toyed with the grapes from the fruit tray, she surprised me with her forwardness, "I wish that I could hand-feed those to you."

My nipples were screaming for freedom from the restraining sport bra that I was wearing. She excited me more and more. "You need to stop right now before you get us both into trouble." We both laughed and resumed our meal with a g-rated conversation.

"Oh shit! I gotta get back to work", she said.

"I hate that you have to go. Maybe we can hang out after work and have a drink tonight if you'd like", I asked.

"I promised my mom that I would spend the night at her house tonight so we could do some after Christmas shopping tomorrow. I really wish that I could. But I promise that I will call you when we return tomorrow."

"Cool, I'll talk to you then. Be safe and thanks for saying something to me. I'm really glad that you did."

"Just wait 'til I say the things that your ears really want to hear." And just like that she was outta there. I watched her perfectly shaped ass wave goodbye to me as she walked away."

The next day, she didn't call. Feeling disappointed and unaware if she was really going out with us the next night, I decided to check my email and finish up some projects that I had been working on. To my surprise, I had an email from Tricia. It was a very sweet thank you note for having lunch with her the day before. She also included a picture. Not just any picture this was a picture of her naked, sprawled across a bed exposing her beautiful, pink pussy. Damn, her shit looked so good that I thought that I would lick my monitor!

New Year's Eve Day

Just coming in the door, the phone is ringing and my cats are in the way, I'm dropping shit and fumble to the phone. I answer and it's Tricia. "Hey girl, what's up? Are we still on for tonight?"

"Of course we are. Where are we picking you up?"

"At my mom's house 3602 Prairie. What time should I expect you?"

"At about 9:30. We'll pick you up, head to the hotel and unwind a bit, get dressed for the party and kick it."

"Cool see you then. Make sure you're ready for me."

"I've been ready for you since I saw you. And by the way, I loved your picture thanks so much."

"Well, I thought that I'd give you a preview of what's to come "

"And cum you will ", I replied with a laugh. "See you tonight, sexy. Bye."

New Year's Eve

The expressway is crowded as all of the party-goers pack the roads headed for their evening's festivities. Marc and Tricia are getting along just as I expected perfectly. Marc is such a nice man, all of my friends adore him. We laugh and joke about silly shit all the way to the hotel. Still in our jeans, we take our overnight bags out of the trunk and have the valet park the car. The doorman signals for the attendant to take our bags as we check in.

The room is gorgeous. It is filled with my favorite design time frame in mind, the 30s. Beautiful, plush art deco furniture and art reproductions give the room such a warm feeling. Tricia and I make eyes at each other while Marc pays no attention at the lust brewing between us. "I'm going up to D's room to see if he needs any help preparing for the party. Are you two gonna be okay?"

"Sure will. What room is he in so in case I need you, I'll know how to contact you?"

"Room 1409."

"Okay, thanks, babe." I plant a kiss on his lips and put him on his way. Finally, some privacy for Tricia and I.

As I close the door behind him, I turn back around only to find Tricia in the washroom running a shower. I look down and lock the door to the room. I walk toward the washroom. She knows that we're alone now. As I approach the entrance to the washroom, steam starts to roll out, but I can see her undressing herself. Without turning around she asks, "Would you please join me?"

Without words or hesitation, I begin undressing myself while walking toward her. Standing behind her, I pull her close to me and wrap my arms around her waist. She can feel my erect nipples and swollen breasts pressing against her back as I cupped her breasts in my hands. I kiss her on her neck trailing down to her shoulders. A moan escapes her as my hands make circles on her stomach and massage her sides. She turns around and kisses me softly, teasing me. The heat from the shower is nothing compared to the heat between our legs. I'm moist and anxious for her touch.

We step in the shower. Tricia flinches as the hot water hits her back. I lean into her neck, running my tongue along it's length. A moan escapes her while my wet sword traces geometric shapes against her smooth skin. Tricia grabs my face only to sink her long tongue into my mouth. Our tongues massage one another's, elevating the freakiness we're feeling. We moan from each other's touch. I move my manicured hands to her full, round breasts mmmmmm letting her erect nipples tickle my palms. I can't resist the urge to tease them and taste them. I suck greedily on her ample nipples as I massage her firm globes. My flicking tongue against her nipples is alternated with my soft sucking lips that remind bring her back and forth. Tricia's hands make her way down her torso, past her mound to her swollen clit. I can see my pearl as she pulls back it's protective layer and allows the falling water to run over it. It's winking at me, I know, begging me to taste it. Tricia inserts a finger into her pussy and slowly removes it, bringing it up to my mouth for me to taste.

Now feeling like a junkie, I must have her. I sit her on the small ledge in the shower. She opens her legs up to me, exposing her pink center. I continue to suck and tongue her nipples while my finger slides smoothly in and out of her. I make my way down her torso to her wet, waiting cunt. My tongue stiffens as I violently thrust it into her and releasing it just as quickly to tease her. With one wide, even, strong tongue stroke, I lick her from her mound all the way down to her perineum. I come back up from her perineum with a shower of kisses and gentle bites.

Tricia's hips move to my mouth's rhythm. I can feel her nails dig into my skin as she begs me to tongue-fuck her. I love her pleading, but my overwhelming desire to satisfy her takes over. Using my thumb, I make circles around her clit while my tongue starts to massage her swollen lips. I part them and insert my stiff oral muscle, tongue-kissing her pussy until I can feel my tongue being sucked into her hole. I can feel her muscles gripping my tongue, massaging it. I reciprocate the feeling by pushing my tongue in as far as it would go, making her hump my mouth faster and harder. My hands massaged and held her firm, round ass as she was no longer in a calm, seated position. Her hands pulled my head closer into her heat.

My tongue escapes her to concentrate on her swollen, throbbing clit while my finger replaces it. One finger, now two with one more for her asshole. I can feel her hands squeezing me as her clit grinds harder against my hungry, stiff, wet tongue sending her into mind-altering spasms of bliss. My thumb gently massages her clit back into submission as my tongue licks up my reward. Being careful to save some for us to enjoy together, my mouth meets her's and we revel in her offerings, swirling her cream around our tongues. Mmmmmm this is what I first imagined when I admired the profile of her lips on the bus that morning wondering how they would feel sharing her release with me. I could tell that morning just by looking at her that she was a good kisser and passionate about her skill. And now, here I am experiencing the Ninth Wonder of the World in that same talented mouth. Tricia, still somewhat weak from her orgasm, held on to me as I stood to help her out of the shower and to the bed.

Before I could lie down completely, Tricia was on top of me flinging that long tongue across varied spots of my neck and breasts. She repeatedly teased my nipples while holding them up to her mouth as she grinded her re-swelling clit into my wet, swollen one. Her body felt like mink next to my skin. Tricia slipped two fingers into my pussy while her tongue made shapes into my skin like tattoos along the length of my body. I rode her fingers from the anticipation of what's to come as I could feel her mouth get closer and closer to my center. I can feel her tongue slipping in slowly, tasting me a little at a time, causing me to flinch. Her muscle moves slow and deliberate, making me push myself on her harder. She goes in a little more a little more retreats some advances retreats advances advances more retreats retreats again and with the force of a gale wind, Tricia slams her thick dick-like tongue into me hard and fast causing my body to cave in and submit. She rests my ass on a pillow that lay beside us and my legs on her shoulders. She pushed my legs back slightly so that she has all access status; I'm all her's now. Her tongue wiped my pussy in strokes, some light and teasing with others deep and penetrating. She made me crazy. I never knew what to expect from her a fast quick swipe, a long and strong deep wash, a slow and sexy finger insertion, a tongue-grind to the clit or even her long, thick tongue deep in my asshole. She varied her every move while I lay open at her mercy. Tricia moaned with pleasure as she devoured me. So much in fact that I don't even paid attention to my reactions but trust me, I wasn't buggin' about it. She tongued my perineum ferociously until I was on the very edge and sensing my impeding orgasm, she stopped abruptly.

Using her hand to massage my pussy, she climbed back up my torso to continue licking and sucking my nipples. She sucked on me like a malnourished baby while her thumb massaged my clit and two fingers sensuously pumped my cunt. Really aroused now, she hovers over me on her knees so that she can use her free hand to rub her own clit. She masturbates both of us simultaneously as I can no longer take it. I wan to cum, but she asks me to refrain. She kisses me, mesmerizing me with her tongue and I calm down, once again. She mounts me, carefully placing our wet, swollen clits in direct contact. Tricia's arm is in perfect position to re-insert those two fingers back into my juicy snatch and she does. With one hand I reach around her to get my thumb wet from her dripping pussy so that I can feel her ride it with her ass. Feeling my thumb make it's presence, she pushes back on it s-l-o-w-l-y so that her ass swallows it whole. I use my free hand to massage and squeeze her breasts. Our clits grind into one another's building an electric friction. We grind each other hard, swelling each other's clit even more more more until I explode spilling what feels like gushes of hot molten lava between my thighs. My insistent breast-squeezing and words of passion only lovers know send her over as I feel Tricia dig her cunt into mine like she was trying to get inside of me. My thumb was being held captive in her throbbing asshole as I could feel her orgasm spilling all over me, mixing our cum. She collapsed on top of me with both of us breathing heavily. We kissed like old lovers, but the great thing was that we were new lovers with so much to explore. Tricia moved down my body for my tongue-bath. Being the attentive lover that she is, she returned the favor by saving some of our mixed juices for a long, sensuous kiss, followed by her whispering, "I know that's your favorite part." Damn, she's so good.

After our session, we knew we had to start getting dressed for the party. We got up, took a real shower this time, washing away all of our evidence and began dressing just in time for Marc to return so he could get dressed as well.

Later throughout the entire night, we made eyes at one another, teasing each other thinking about our time ahead and how our morning commute to work would be looked forward to, for a change. At midnight, I kissed Marc and ran off babbling about having to pee really bad from all the alcohol. I met Tricia in one of the washrooms, the one in the bedroom was the least likely to be used. I lit a joint to so others would think we were just smoking one for the new year. Instead, we kissed long and hard, grinded strong and hard and finger-fucked each other all over again.

Happy Fuckin' New Year. My resolution will be to have perfect attendance at work from now on. The commute just got better.


Copyright © 2000. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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