_____Carla felt like she was losing her mind. All she could think about was Christina. She met her at a family barbecue two years ago. At first she thought it was just some sort of short-term attraction that would come and go like the rest. It had been two years since Carla had seen Christina. She remembered it like it was yesterday.
Her and Daryl were invited to his side of the families Fourth of July cookout. Carla and Daryl were having problems due to his excessive drinking and getting high, she could barely stand some of his family because that seem to be a favorite past time of theirs. She dreaded going to the cookout, however the kids looked forward to it every year. When they arrived music was playing, and the smells of a great barbeque was tickling her nose as she got out of the car.
_____Daryl said, "look C I donít want anyone all up in our business, so can we just look like we are a happy couple for today please?"
_____She said "you can look happy all you want but our relationship is far from happy and you need to tell your family the truth, I am filing for a divorce at the end of the month. Oh and by the way, I will not lie for you any longer, when your mama calls the house for you, I am telling her the truth, that you stay with your new girlfriend KeishaÖ So deal with that Daryl."
_____" No Carla you deal with the fact that you like pussy and not a real man how bout I tell my mother that?"
_____ "Tell her whatever you like Daryl, Iím alright with me."
_____"Whatever Carla" said Daryl.
_____Carla walked off and went to the backyard where she saw plenty of people gathered. I swear Daryl must have had over 100 relatives here she thought. It was scorching hot that day, and she needed a cold drink. She spotted a chest; hopefully it contained some ice tea in it. She reached down into the chest and at the same time another arm and hand went into the chest and they both had their hands on the same can of ice tea. Carla looked up and to her surprise the most beautiful woman she had ever saw was standing facing her, chest to chest, and breath to breath. Startled and caught off guard she replied
_____"Ah hi Iím Carla, you can have the ice tea if you want it."
_____"Hi yourself Iím Christina, and if my eyes serve me well this is the last one left, you have it, Iíll have a Sprite."
_____Carla could not stop staring. Christina was about 5í5 145lbs and thick in all the right places with a small waistline, and a round behind. Her hair was dreaded, brown and hung neatly on her shoulders. Her skin was the color of coffee with one spoon of cream, and her eyes were deep dark brown, round and commanded your attention!
_____"Are your going to take the ice tea, or are you just going to let my arm fall off," said Christina.
_____Carla laughed nervously. "Lady sings the blues right?"
_____ "Iíve never heard that before," said Christina. "What is it a song or something?"
_____ "Oh no, its just an old movie with Diana Ross, and Billie Dee Williams."
_____Christina was checking Carla out as well, with a wicked smile she said, "Well you and I will just have to watch that movie together someday. Soon, I hope."
_____"Yeah, sure," Carla responded. She took the ice tea, while Christina pulled out a sprite and they both walked to find a space to sit, away from the crowd.
_____"By the way Carla are we cousins or something? You know this is a family event."
_____"Iím married to Daryl Jones but not for long," she mumbled under her breath.
_____"Oh youíre the one who married little Daryl, its finally nice to meet you. "I am his cousin, his dad and my mom are first cousins."
_____Oh damn, thought Carla, I donít do family members; I was hoping she was a friend who just dropped by.
_____They continued to talk for a little bit but it was obvious that there was some sort of attraction between the two. Carla got up to leave, she decided that she didnít feel like a barbeque after all. If she got out of there now, maybe she would not appear so obvious where Christina was concerned. The last thing she needed was some more family drama. "I gotta go Christina it was really nice meeting you."
_____For the first time in years, Carla found a woman she knew could easily steal her heart. All these years she fantasized about women and along comes Christina. Good thing she isnít from around here. That would have made things even more difficult for me.
_____"It was nice meeting you Carla and I hope I get a chance to see you before I leave town, Iíll be here for a few more days."
_____"I donít think so Christina besides I work long hours, and the boys keep me busy."
_____"Oh I understand maybe next time." Christina looked a little hurt. She noticed how fine Carla was. She thought to herself, Now, this is a woman who takes care of herself. She has two kids and she looks like she doesnít have any.
_____Carla was about 5í3 and weighed 135lbs. She was a serious redbone with big brown eyes, which lightened with eyeliner, shoulder length sandy-brown hair, a cute waist, big legs, hips and butt. As she was walking away switching that beautiful body, she looked back and caught Christina watching the whole time with her mouth wide open! Carla thought, Damn I still got it after all these years. That made her feel real good.

_____Carla had been in a short-term relationship with a female right out of high school. She also had a few flings in college, nothing serious until she hooked up with Rachel. That girl was so much fun, thought Carla. We had everything in common. We liked old black and white movies. The same type of music, Jazz, R/B hell even some country and blues. Rachel was dark and so beautiful 5"8 much taller than Carla and a plus size to boot. She carried it so well, and I loved her confidence and approach towards life.
_____Rachel was out to her parents, family and friends and tried to get Carla to do the same. When she did it was disastrous. Because of her upbringing and family's religious beliefs, Carla ended the relationship. She hooked up with Daryl, who was stationed in Louisiana at the time. She married him to shut her family up. What a mistake. It has been nightmare ever since.
_____Outside of their two kids, which Carla adored, there was really nothing keeping them together. Carla never felt like having sex with Daryl. When she did, she always fantasized about Rachel. Oh how she missed her, if only she had been stronger.
_____One day she decided to tell Daryl that if he wanted to keep up the faÁade to please his mother, fine; however, the sex was off. Thatís what justified Darylís cheating--not to mention the other two children he had with Keisha. His family acted like they didnít know anything about.
_____Anyway that was all water under the bridge. Carla made the decision to move on and stop pretending once in for all. She was definitely filing for a divorce at the end of the month so that she could go on with her life and hopefully find the woman of her dreams. Little did she realize that dream would actualize in a way she would not have imagined.

Fast forwardÖ Two years later!

_____Carla, a social worker for the elderly had been contemplating quitting her job and moving to Texas. She had recently divorced her husband and single handily was raising her youngest son on her own. Her oldest son Devin was in college, and about to graduate in two years. The younger boy Dorian was a freshman in high school. She decided to surf the net and look for jobs in the area of Houston and Dallas. She had always wanted to live in Texas. Her family lived in Louisiana. She was currently residing in Ohio and wanted to shed the seasonal changes that took place there. It took her all but three months to find a job, a place to live in Houston Texas, along with a great school for Dorian.
_____The Condo was a three bedroom with an upstairs but no basement. Canít have everything, thought Carla. They finally got everything unpacked and although Dorian complained about all the work he had done his fair share. They were able to put their new home together in no time. Her and Dorian settled in and since school and work was only a week away she decided it was time to take him shopping for supplies and clothes.
_____"Okay D, letís go shopping for school stuff, I could use some scented candles to wind down."
_____"Cool Mom, just let me grab my Walkman."
_____They drove until they found the mall. Dorian went off to a nearby video store, to check out the latest videos for PS-2 while Carla was in search of scented candles, and aromatherapy, oils. She needed a candle lit bath, and some relaxation after all the moving. She spotted bath and body works, one of her favorite stores. She went in and bought her favorite, coconut shea butter and spray, along with the crŤme-da-la-mint bubble bath. Now, to find a candle store, she thought. Then she remembered seeing a shopping center on the way probably about ten miles back, maybe they have a candle store in there she thought.
_____She strolled the mall, met up with Dorian, bought him some things for school, found a Target and finished purchasing school supplies. Dorian talked her into a new video game, the advance would justify the good grades he was going to make this year, he told her.
_____On their way back to the condo she spotted the shopping center and made a u-turn to the entrance. "Mom you know you just made an illegal turn" said Dorian.
_____Luckily, there were no cops in sight. Sure enough as they rode through the parking lot there was a sign posted Aromatherapy And Things. Dorian asked to stay in the car. "Fine," Carla said, " but I am taking my time!" She walked into the store and immediately smelled all the various scents of orange, lavender and, incense. She spotted the candles. Looking them over carefully she wanted to select the best one for her ritual of candle light bathing, a favorite pastime of hers.
_____Someone tapped her on the shoulder. "Hi Iím the owner Christina can I help you?"
_____Startled, they both responded simultaneously, "Christina!"
_____"Carla, what are you doing in Houston?"
_____"Dorian and I just moved here about two weeks ago, we live four miles up the road in the Comtrail Condoís."
_____ "Youíre kidding! For real, girl I live there, too. Which one do you live in?"
_____"The ones back by the park--8017 west state wing," said Carla.
_____"I live towards the entrance on the far right side 4000 east state wing," replied Christina. "Weíre practically neighbors."
_____They talked while Carla decided on the right type of candle and some other incenses and oils. With Christina's help, she gathered up her purchases and carried them over to the counter. Christina said, "I canít believe my cousin let you get away, let me get these for you as sort of a welcoming gift to our town. A house warming gift."
_____There goes that wicked smile, thought Carla. "I canít let you do that Christina besides you have a business to run and I am a paying customer so please ring me out."
_____"Oh come on, Carla. I am doing well, very well thank you. I would love to do this and more for you if youíd let me."
_____Now, was that an invitation? "Okay Christina how about picking one thing, and Iíll take that for free provided that you let me cook dinner for you." Damn did I invite her to my home for dinner; okay itíll just be dinner, good conversation and nothing more.
_____"You got a deal," replied Christina. I hope she cooks as good as she looks. Damn she is so fine what are the odds of seeing her here after two years thought Christina. To think that she moved to Houston, and in the same condo complex that I am living in, really what are the odds?
_____They decided to get together Saturday at 6pm. Carla was a nervous wreck; she couldnít decide whether or not to make lasagna or the broiled salmon, with rice pilaf. It was a good thing that Dorian made friends so easily, and had decided to stay at Keith's house. Keith was a nice friend for Dorian thought Carla. It just so happened Keith invited Dorian to stay with him for the weekend. I hope that wonít spell trouble. I will make the lasagna, Iím not sure if she likes fish or not.

_____Christina rang the doorbell at 6:00pm on the dot. Carla opened the door and had to pick her mouth up off the floor. Christina was standing there with a brown toned clingy shirt, and a pair of fitted jeans. Her face was beautiful and she smelled so damn good. " Hi, Christina. Come in make yourself comfortable."
_____"Nice place," replied Christina. "I like what youíve done with it, are you a decorator or something?"
_____"Oh no, Iím not. I just have an eye for what goes well together," said Carla.
_____" Indeed you do," replied Christina. She stood there staring at Carla, wanting so badly to take her and hold her in her arms, kiss her passionately on her lips, and eventually make love with her. This woman is a true woman in every since of the word thought Christina, she is fine as hell, the food is smelling so good, the crib is beautiful and inviting--I feel at home already. And look at her standing over there with that red cling-on dress covering it up with an apron. "So Carla, is there anything I can help you with?"
_____"Oh no. Everything will be ready in just a few minutes, please make yourself at home." The table was set, and if Carla figured right, maybe that bottle in the bag was some red chardonnay perhaps .
_____"I hope you like lasagna," said Carla.
_____"Lasagna, girl you kidding me thatís my favorite dish and donít tell me that you made it from scratch?"
_____"Itís the only way I make it, noodles and all. I am a pretty good cook. Not that Iím tooting my own horn; its just something I love to do."
_____"Great, Carla, cause I brought over a chardonnay. Red--I hope you like it!"
_____"Red Chardonay is my favorite and it goes well with the lasagna."
_____"Cool just show me where the wine glasses and the cork screw is located. Iíll meet you at the table."
_____"Sure look over there to the right of the stove in the third cabinet."
_____While Carla was transporting the lasagna to the table, Christina did the honors of opening and pouring the wine. "Letís make a toast," said Christina. "To fate." replied Christina. _____"Yeah, fate," smiled Carla.
_____They ate their meal, while talking about their past. Carla talked about Daryl, and their split the kids, her new job and reasoning for wanting to be in Houston. Christina spoke about her and her ex-boyfriend split, how she started her new business and future aspirations. "Can I be blunt with you Carla? I donít know if you know this, but I am totally into women. That's why I broke it off with my ex. He knew this when we got married, but we both took a chance anyway hoping that it was just a phase." _____"Only it wasnít huh, Christina," Carla interrupted. "Thatís similar to what happened to me. My folks kept condemning me to hell for being with Rachel, my ex. I just know this, I am going to live for me and Iím not feeling no man. Not now, not ever."
_____"Me neither," replied Christina. "What about Dorian? Does he know that you prefer the company of woman? How does he feel about that?"
_____"Yes he knows, he heard his father and I arguing over it one night. Dorian was very hurt and he asked me about it, I told him the truth. He later told me that he loved me no matter what and that it was my life."
_____"Thatís cool Carla, I think the only thing that saved me grief was the fact that Kevin and I never had children. I have been in quite a few relationships with women."
_____"What happened?"
_____"Just havenít found the right one, and I know sheís out there."
"Christina, I have to let you know that I sort of feel awkward about you and I being here together, considering the fact that Daryl is your cousin."
_____"I know. I thought about that too."
_____They continued to talk while they cleaned up after dinner and sat down by the fireplace. "Christina I need to level with you, I find you unbelievably attractive, since the day I saw you I have thought about you every single day."
_____"Me too, I donít mean to sound corny, but it is as if Iíve known you all my life. I canít explain it. There is definitely a connection going on between you and me. I know that Daryl is my cousin, but I also cannot deny this feeling that I have for you"
_____"I am not too concerned with what others think. I just make it a note not to involve myself with family members. It could get messy."
_____"Youíre right Carla, it could, but what are we going to do?"
_____"It was over between Daryl and I years before the divorce was even final. Letís play it by ear and take it real slow. Iíd be lying if I told you that I didnít want you."
_____With that they both finished their wine. Gazing into the fire, they went silent for a moment. Carla got up to go and get the rest of the wine when Christina grabbed her hand and pulled her to the floor next to her. They gazed into each otherís eyes, without hesitation Carla put her hands up to Christinaís face, " I want to kiss you so bad, I just donít know, tell me itís okay or is it too soon?
_____"Kiss me. Soon hasnít come soon enough." They held each otherís faces as they kissed, exchanging tongues and breathing each other in and out. Carla hadnít made love to a woman in over 19 years; her body was on fire.
_____Christina was feeling the same way. She knew it was risky, but only fate could have brought Carla here. They must have read one anotherís thoughts. While kissing her neck and shoulders, Christina unzipped Carla's dress. Carla was unable to resist--she was definitely ripe for the picking. She knew that Christina had her by the way her juices began to flow. Pulling Christina close, Carla started unzipping her jeans. Before long they were both naked with the light flickering from the fireplace making them both look sensational.
_____Christina put Carlaís finger in her mouth and began to suck gently. Carla moaned, she was totally turned on. Her mouth sought Christinaís deep dark brown and erect nipples. Carla sucked from one breast to the other, slowly and gently while caressing Christinaís back.
_____Christina grabbed Carlaís face and they kissed hungrily. After paying attention to Carla's throbbing nipples, Christina kissed her way down to her navel and stomach. She spread Carlaís legs and kissed between each of her thighs, slowly one from the other.
_____ Carla who was about to burst at this time, and not one for begging, pleaded, "Please touch me down there."
_____"Your wish is my command." Christina stuck three fingers inside of Carla. Christina was so hot and wet she almost came right then, but she gathered her senses and finished what she started with Carla. She flicked her tongue against Carlaís clit--up and down, back and forth, she sucked and slid her tongue all around and inside of Carlaís pussy. Damn! Not only does she smell good, she has got the sweetest pussy I have ever tasted.
_____When Carla grabbed Christinaís head, she knew Carla was about to cum. She picked up the pace and Carla was bucking and moaning like she was losing her mind. Carla came with a shuddering rush that had to have lasted about three minutes.
_____Carla pulled Christina up to her, kissed her passionately and told her "now itsí my turn to have you." Christina was all, but too eager to fulfill Carlaís demand. She was on the verge of cumming herself. Carla kissed her up and down and nibbled on her ear lobes, which drove her crazy. She nibbled up and down her neck, finally finding her way back to those beautiful brown nipples. As she was making her way downtown, she stuck two then three, then four fingers inside of Christinaís throbbing hole. Oh yeah, thought Carla, she is wet and juicy just like I like it.
_____At this point Christina felt she would burst and nothing would be able to stop the floodgates from opening. Carla went in and out of Christinaís love nest while kissing her navel and slowly moving towards her jewel. Christina sat up and begged, "Please give it to me baby I am losing my mind here." Carla knew then that she still had it. She loved to tease a woman on the brink of an orgasm and watch them beg and moan; it made her wet all over again. She stuck her hot wet tongue on Christina's clit. Christina shuddered saying, "If this is like I think itís going to be, you and I are going to be together for a long time."
_____Carla continued to tease Christinaís clit with her tongue while moving slowing in and out. As Christina was on the brink, Carla replaced her tongue with her lips and with the right amount of pressure sucked as Christina bucked screamed and shook.
_____When it was all over, Christina pulled Carla towards her. Both of them had tears in their eyes. "Where have you been all this time? I have been waiting on you, needing you, wanting you and only you. Please Carla, Please let it be us for a very, very long time."
_____Carla replied, "it already is, Christina. It already is."

The End

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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