_____ Mia hated to fight with Angela. She felt like she was much too mature to deal with these twenty-something females. Being 35, and having the body of a 20 years old, she felt any woman would be proud to have her on their arm. Mia laid down on the bed. Her robe opened to reveal her long chocolate muscular legs. She pouted as she heard Angela cut on the shower. Mia decided to watch television. She wasn't going to give in to apologizing just to get some pussy. Mia hadn't made love to Angela in a week and now they had to get in an argument. Mia was so horny she couldn't concentrate on watching television.

_____ She glanced over at the bathroom and notice that Angela had left the door opened. She could see the outline of Angela's voluptuous body. She felt her clit harden. She imagined the water rolling down Angela's chocolate skin. She imagined sucking the water off those beautiful round nipples. Mia's juices were flowing now. Her clit was so desperately begging to be touch. Mia turned off the television and removed her robe. She was determined to get some sleep despite her urges.

_____ Angela sat on the edge of the bed. She rubbed baby oil on her legs, arms and breasts. Then glanced over at Mia. She knew she wasn't sleep. They would get into these fights and Mia would try to play miss "I don't care," but she knew she could get her attention. Angela laid down and started to caress her breast. She felt the heat building, so she slowly began to massage her clit. She moaned softly. She knew a lover would finish this for her. She just had to be patient.

_____Mia knew Angela was playing with that sweet pussy. God she wanted to please her so badly. Then it came to her. She turned over and straddled Angela. "This is what you want, isn't baby?'
_____Angela was squirming in Mia embrace. "Yes baby I want you."
_____Mia grinned and then went straight to the point. She placed her index finger in Angela's swollen pussy. Angela moaned loudly. Mia was so please at her reaction she decided to place two fingers in her sweet little pussy. Angela thrust her pelvic muscles so she could cover Mia's fingers with her love juices. "Oh baby you are so wet. I want to taste you now." Mia dove into Angela's pussy like she was eating soul food. Angela was in heaven. Mia always knew how to please her. She knew she would explode soon. Mia continued to play sweet music with Angela's love muscle. Then she did what always drove Angela crazy. She shoved a finger in her ass.
_____ Angela screamed. "Ooh yes baby fuck my ass I'm going to cum so good for you." At that moment Mia knew she was about to explode, so she stopped. Angela was so in shock she could barely speak. "B-baby why you stop?" Mia looked at her intensely. "Apologize to me" Angela was so drunk with desire she didn't know what to do. "Say it Angela!"
_____"I'm sorry Mia" Mia was delighted at her weakness. "Now beg me to make you cum."
_____Angela began to squirm. "Please baby make me cum please I'm begging you"
_____Mia immediately went back to satisfying Angela. Before long Angela exploded and her body went limp.

_____ Then suddenly the alarm went off. Mia had dreamt the whole thing. "Damn I knew that was to good to be true."


Copyright © 2000. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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