_____"Turn over," Sharon barely whispered, a slight quiver in her voice.
_____Maggie seemed to consider her request for a moment, before she rolled over onto her stomach. Her emotions, were in turmoil. She didn't want to stop these feelings that were swelling in her body, feelings she had never anticipated and could not ignore. Her intellect argued that she was getting involved in something much deeper than just a friendly massage. In the short time she had been with Sharon she had come to love and respect her, and she felt she could trust her with her life. But this was not what she had envisioned as part of her life. She had promised herself that she would save herself for her husband, believing that she would one day find a man that she could give her heart to. Her search had not been fruitful, every man she met lacked something she felt was vital to a lasting relationship. She now realized that she had really never been as attracted to any man as she was to the woman whose hands were causing such delicious sensations all over her body.
_____She decided to do as Sharon wanted, and just follow the lead of her body. And her body was definitely siding with her emotions in the battle of wills inside her. Relaxing into the pillow beneath her, she sighed as Sharon's hands kneaded the muscles of her back. As Sharon's hands lovingly trailed from her shoulder blades down to the small of her back, and then to the soft mounds of her buttocks, Maggie's hips undulated with a will of their own. Her breath changing from a deep relaxed rhythm to short ragged gasps. She could feel the excitement mounting in Sharon as her own increased.
_____Sharon climbed up beside Maggie on the bed. While continuing to knead the smooth roundness she leaned over and kissed Maggie on the buttocks, and felt a shiver in response. Slowly she worked her way up leaving a trail of kisses on her back and shoulders. She ran her tongue down Maggie's spine, and saw the flesh erupt in bumps as she moved down.
_____ Maggie was overwhelmed by the enormity of the feelings she was experiencing. Several weeks earlier, while laying across Sharon's bed just fooling around Sharon had kissed her lightly, and that had left Maggie tingling, but it was like the difference between a charcoal sketch and a Salvador Dali painting compared to what was happening to her now. Every touch caused the muscles of her stomach to contract, and she shivered as if she were out in the cold, but her face was flushed, and she was anything but cold. She felt Sharon's hands slowing moving down the inside of her thighs, almost touching the wet place that begged for attention, then moving away.
_____Maggie groaned, biting into the pillow to stifle the sound. She heard Sharon draw in a sharp breath, and in a husky voice she, ordered "Turn over." Her face was consumed by desire that must surely have been there before; Maggie wondered how she could have failed to see it. Sharon parted Maggie's legs, and shifted her body so that she was between them. Slowly she lowered herself until she was lying fully on top of Maggie. She brushed her lips lightly over Maggie's and felt, more than heard the soft sigh that escaped her lips. Encouraged by the welcoming signs she could read in Maggie's every sound and facial expression, Sharon kissed her again, more forcefully, playing her tongue against Maggie's lips until she felt them opening to her.
_____Maggie did not realize that her hips were grinding in a circular motion against Sharon until she felt the roughness of her tight jeans rubbing against her skin. She wrapped her leg around Sharon's calf, running her foot up and down her leg, once again feeling the stiffness of her clothing instead of the skin she wanted to feel. Reluctantly, she pulled her mouth away from Sharon, burying her face in the side of her neck. With a husky murmur, she whispered in Sharon's ear, "Take off your clothes, I want to feel your skin next to mine."
_____Sharon laughed softly as she felt eager hands swiftly loosing her belt and tugging on her jeans. In minutes Sharon was as naked as Maggie and again secure in her arms. But this time there was a difference, the teacher had turned into the student and Maggie had now taken over. "My how the table has turned, " Sharon said with a smile, as she gazed into Maggie's brown eyes.
_____Sharon shivered in anticipation, as Maggie lowered her head and greedily devoured her lips. Her mind screamed out silently as she felt those soft lips against here. And then the tip of Maggie's tongue was gently forcing her mouth open and gliding between her teeth. She felt the hardness of her tongue as it probed deeply and they kissed passionately. Maggie's fingers explored Sharon's lush breasts, she lowered her head and kissed the nipples moving back and forth, giving equal time to each breast, first sucking the nipples and then licking them slowly increasing the pace of her fondling to coincide with the rapid breathing of Sharon. Maggie was delighted with the reaction she was getting and licked greedily at the brown aureoles, relishing them like candy.
_____ She let her lips travel down Sharon's succulent torso licking and nibbling the softness that surrounded her, slowly, softly, her tongue trickled droplets of fire that created moans of pleasure from Sharon as she wiggled uncontrollable against Maggie, clenching and unclenching her hands in desire, as a variety of indistinguishable sounds came from her lips. Slowly, seductively Maggie makes a wet trail across her breasts down her stomach. She stops at Sharon's navel wiggling her tongue slowly, tasting of her sweetness as she draws tiny circles in the center before moving downward to the spreading thighs and the silky down of dark hair glistening with wetness.
_____Now the mouth moves still lower, Sharon gasps, as Maggie's tongue darts into her orifice. Maggie's lips seek and find the distended clitoris bringing moans deep from the back of Sharon's throat. Sharon's breathing is heavy and labored as her hips press into the bed, then lift high as Maggie's hand reach underneath and firmly grasp her buttocks while she kisses and nibbles. Maggie savors the sweet wetness. Sharon's muscles tighten as sMaggie pushes her tongue deeper inside, while gently sucking the vulva and clit of her beloved.
_____Sharon's hips are moving like pistons and she throws her legs over Maggie's shoulders, raising her torso so that only her shoulders are touching the bed. Maggie tightens her grip and burrows even deeper inside, flickering her tongue rapidly. Sharon's hands knead her back as she thrusts her throbbing vagina more firmly against Maggie's mouth, her thighs tightening their hold, frantically seeking orgasm. Their hands clutching each other, their bodies wildly gyrating as they soar together until their nerves explode. In mad bursts of ecstasy they convulsed again, and again, pleasure crackling like a wildfire through their blood.
_____They laid in each others arms basking in the after glow of their love making, content and at peace. Sharon kissed Maggie and cuddled tighter, "Oh God, that was incredible," she whispered. "Are you sure this was your first time?' she asked, squeezing Maggie gently. "You, took me to heights I've never reached before. You are some woman Maggie."
_____"You're some woman yourself, sweetheart," Maggie responded wiggling even closer into Sharon's arms. Visions of their next sexual exploit already taking hold of her mind.


Copyright © 2000. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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