I met Kenji at a CPA convention.  When we met, we talked for what seemed like forever.  We discovered that we were both 35, both Bi-sexual, both Accountants, both looking for some erotic satisfaction.  We also discovered that we lived near each other.

Kenji is beautiful.  Brown skin, the kind that men and women alike stare at because it's so flawless.  She is regally tall, tall like an African Queen.  She's thick every where God intended and just feisty enough that you want to make love to her the first time she debates with you.  The most erotic thing about Kenji is that she is so intellectually stimulating.  She talks circles around most people.  She can speak of world relations and at the same time, tell you just how sexy she thinks your lips are. 

Anyway (damn, thinking of her turns me on)  Kenji and I talked practically everyday.  Often our conversations left us both wet and wishing we were lying next to each other.  Kenji's favorite line is always "tell me what you want".  I told Kenji about my desires, my fantasies, and she, in turn, shared her wants with me.  One night after one of our hot dripping wet conversations, she asked me to meet her downtown at the Omni West Hotel.  It was around 7:00 p.m. on a Thursday night, I'll remember this night forever and always.

I arrived at the Omni at 6:45, early enough to go to the bar to get a glass of wine to calm the butterflies that were doing a slow dance in my stomach.  I walk up to the bar and notice that Kenji is seated across the bar talking with another woman.  Kenji didn't notice me so I quickly stepped back out of sight. 

This woman Kenji is conversing with is gorgeous.  She is as exotic and as beautiful as Kenji is.  She has the most captivating eyes, Her big brown eyes are set far apart on her oval face. Her dreaded hair is fashioned into a twisted knot that has been secured with an ivory hairpin.  As if that wasn't enough, she has large firm perfect breasts.  Did I mention that I have a weakness for large firm breasts, large nipples, and a shaven pussy?

Anyway, as I watch them, I notice Kenji leaning in closer to this woman.  So close, that eventually Kenji's lips are slightly touching this woman's ears. Watching them talk so discreetly and seeing them playfully teasing each other is turning me on.  I feel my clit begin to swell.  After about 5 minutes of watching this tantilizing foreplay, I can't stand it anymore. I walk up to the bar and order that much needed glass of wine.  This time I make sure to get Kenji's attention.

Kenji comes around the bar and kisses me on the cheek.  She whispers, "did you enjoy that"?  I act like I don't know what she's referring to and say "what"? She chuckles and tells me to follow her to the table. Apparently, she wants to introduce me to this person she's been enjoying.

As we walk over to the table, Kenji places her hand on the small of my back and gently rubs her nose to my ear.  I think to myself, she is not going to turn me on after what I just saw.  At the same time, I'm wishing I could leave with her right now.

I can't decide exactly what caused the wetness I feel between my legs. Was it seeing Kenji's sexy ass with her lips on another woman or is it the pleasure of knowing that later her lips will be on me?  I'm sure it's the combination of both.

We get to the table and Kenji introduces me to the mystery woman.  Her name is Alyssa.  Alyssa is Kenji's "oldest and dearest" friend.  Alyssa and I shake hands and I find myself awe struck at her beauty.  She isn't magazine beautiful, but the kind of beautiful that a woman possesses when she takes pride in herself. Every detail of her was perfect.  From her perfectly twisted locs to her freshly manicured fingernails. She spoke with a deep southern accent that reminded me of a damsel in distress.   She had Georgia Peach written all over her and I immediately had a desire to bite into her and taste her juice.  Alyssa was very bright and intellectual, which is another instant turn on for me, so I immediately liked her. She was giving off a vibe that said she was feeling me too. 

The three of us talked about everything from Bin Laden to the upcoming Stone Soul Picnic in DC.  After about two hours of small talk, Alyssa said she had to go. Before I knew it, I asked Alyssa to join us upstairs for a drink.  I knew that if Alyssa was a friend of Kenji's, she was cool with me.  Kenji gave me a disappointing look but I insisted, I wanted Alyssa to join us upstairs. After some convincing and after she made a quick call on her cell, Alyssa agreed to join us upstairs. 

On the elevator ride to Room 112, with Alyssa on one side and Kenji on the other, my mind was racing, imagining what we could get into.  The possibilities seemed endless.

When the elevator door opened, Kenji walked out first and Alyssa smiled at me and let me go in front of her.  I imagined her looking at my ass, hopefully wanting to experience the pleasure of me.

We walk into Kenji's suite, where roses and champagne await us.  Kenji immediately pours us all champagne and dim the lights.  We all sit down, I sit on the sofa and Alyssa sits in a chair.  Kenji sits on the arm of Alyssa's chair and begins to whisper in her ear.

After a couple of glasses of champagne, I am a little annoyed, yet turned on, by the amount of attention Kenji's seems to be giving Alyssa.  Even more frustrating, is the lack of interest either of them is showing in me right now. I get up and turn the radio on.  I find some slow jams and start dancing around the room.

I guess I must have been lost in my thoughts because I closed my eyes.  The champagne has me buzzing and I was feeling the sound of Heatwave coming through the radio.  I sing along. "Mindblowing, decisions...causes head on, collisions"...  I laugh to myself, this song is too appropriate.

When I open my eyes, Alyssa is dancing along with me, standing directly front of me.  She says, "I love this song".  I tell her that I love it too and we dance. 

Alyssa is wearing this black silk dress with 8 buttons down the front.  Yes, 8 buttons!!! I know because I counted every damn one of them, more than once.  That damn dress is fitting her like a hand fits a glove. She must sense that I'm feeling her because she starts unbuttoning her dress.  She unbuttons that black dress right down to her belly.  Her breasts are so perfect. They don't bounce they just rhythm with the music.  Her nipples are so large, they appear to beckon my lips to them.  I notice she has a gold belly ring and I tell her how much I like it.  I make a mental note to lick that ring later.

Meanwhile, Kenji is sitting on the arm of the chair swaying to the music, watching Alyssa and I.  She catches my eye and winks at me.  She nods her head towards Alyssa, which I take as an approval to go ahead and enjoy myself.

As Alyssa dances, she moves closer to me. Watching her body move is mesmerizing me.  She tells me that she is very attracted to me and that she thinks I'm beautiful.  I tell her thank you and she says "let's enjoy this".  Alyssa and I are now so close we're practically touching.  I notice her nipple is just dying to come out of that bra, she notices me looking at her body and says, "would you like to taste me"? 

Stunned by her question and confused by the situation I look toward Kenji for answers.  Kenji smiles at me and mouths "go ahead".  Kenji goes over to the bed, pulls back the sheets and climbs into the king size bed fully dressed.

Meanwhile Alyssa is unbuttoning the rest of her dress.  When she drops her dress to the floor, she's wearing the sexiest pair of black panties.  I notice her legs were firm, toned and begging to be wrapped around my neck.  She reaches for me, grabs my hand and places it on her stomach.  Immediately, my clit jumps and my juices began to flow heavy.  Alyssa takes my hand and slowly guides it down into her panties.  Once inside her panties, she moves my hand in between her shaven pussy lips, over her large throbbing clit, and deep inside her pussy.  The thought of my tongue on that bare pussy has my heart racing with anticipation.

She moans and pulls my hand out of her panties.  She sticks my finger inside my mouth and I suck on my fingers like a baby does her mothers nipple.  The taste of Alyssa's sweet pussy juice on my finger only adds to the mounting heat inside me.  Alyssa takes my finger out of my mouth and places it in her mouth. She begins this slow sucking motion that is driving me wild.

Alyssa and I began kissing.  Slowly at first. Delicate kisses, pecks on the lips with a little tongue.  I feel her hard tongue inside my mouth and my pussy begins to ache.  Alyssa starts to undress me, she lifts my shirt over my head and unsnaps my bra.  She takes a step back to admire my breasts, which by now have become swollen with desire.  My nipples are so hard they hurt.  Alyssa pulls me toward the bed where Kenji is.

I notice that Kenji is not wearing any clothes, her familiar body is simply glowing with her own sweat. Kenji is lying on her back, legs spread, her fingers massaging her shaven pussy.  Kenji doesn't seem to notice Alyssa and I when we climb into bed with her. She is in the throws of satisfying herself.

Alyssa lies me down on my back, pulls my skirt down, then she leans over me, kisses my forehead, my nose, my chin and my neck.  She then runs her tongue in between my breast giving each of my nipples a delicate suck and a gentle bite.  Alyssa then grabs the edge of my panties with her teeth and pulls them off.  Nature has taken over my body, my legs are spread wide for Alyssa.

She runs her tongue down my pussy. She stops momentarily at my clit.  She flicks it with her tongue then grabs it between her teeth, pulling it so hard I wanted to cum.  She repeats this flicking and yanking and just as a moan escapes my mouth, she comes back up to my face.  Alyssa kisses me and tells me how much she loves the taste of my bald pussy.  We kiss passionately, as I squeeze her nipples, she moans. She runs her hand down to my pussy and almost brings me to climax by flicking my clit with her finger, over and over again. 

Alyssa tells me to turn over on my stomach.  I'm so caught up in the bliss that I turn over, my eyes closed.  Alyssa tells me to get up on my knees. Without question, I follow her commands.  I get on my knees and feel her tongue running slowly down my back.  Her tongue is hot and every so often she stops to bite my back.  I'm about to cum from all this ecstasy.  I feel her hard nipples on my back and I start moving my hips.  I feel her tongue between my ass cheeks as she licks her way, she plunges her tongue deep inside my ass.

Suddenly I hear Kenji moaning in my ear. I open my eyes and see her sliding underneath me.  She positions herself so that her face is directly underneath mine. All the while, I can feel Alyssa licking me from behind, sliding her tongue from my pussy to my ass. It feels so good while she's eating my pussy that when she starts eating my ass out, I'm sure I won't be able to hold off my orgasm.

While kissing Kenji and getting the best ass eating and pussy licking I've ever had, I cum all over Alyssa's face.  When I am finally spent and certain that my orgasm is complete, I fall to my stomach and roll over to my back.  I pull Kenji down on my face. I stick out my tongue and Kenji balances herself over my tongue. Kenji is lowering and raising her pussy over my tongue.  Every time she comes down on my tongue I grab her clit and suck on it.  I know she likes it rough, so I suck hard on it.  Every time Kenji raises up I pull so hard on her clit that she groans from the pain of it.  I know Kenji likes me to make her clit hurt so good.  She told me once that when I bite her clit, her orgasm is more intense.

Alyssa gets up and stands in front of Kenji.  Kenji sticks her finger in Alyssa's pussy and begins to finger fuck her while I attack Kenji's hard clit. Alyssa begins to moan "harder, fuck me harder, Kenji".  We are all going at it now. I'm pulling and sucking on Kenji's clit and Kenji is fingering Alyssa's dripping wet pussy.

Kenji comes down to my face, I wrap my arms around her thighs, hold her down on me and begin to slowly lick her pussy.  I stick my tongue deep in her wet pussy, fucking her cunt with my tongue.  She cums and I taste her juices all over my tongue. 

I release my hold on Kenji's thighs.  She rolls over onto the bed and we pull Alyssa down onto the bed with us.  Alyssa readily spreads her legs. I get a view of this pussy that I've been wanting to taste all night. Alyssa has the biggest clit I've ever seen.  Her clit is so enormous that it looks like a small dick.  I immediately begin feeling that clit because I want to see it grow.  Alyssa is moaning and squirming and begging me to taste it.  She's saying over and over again, "eat me Cee".  I want nothing more than to put my lips on that clit but Kenji motions for me to sit back and watch.

Kenji spreads Alyssa's pussy lips, takes her index finger and massages her clit.  Alyssa's clit begins to grow.  Kenji takes a long slow lick of that big ass clit and Alyssa moans in desire.  Kenji motions for me to get on the other side of the bed.  I get on the other side of the bed and we both begin sucking on Alyssa's clit. One after the other we take turns biting and licking her clit.  First Kenji takes a long slow lick from the top of Alyssa's glistening mound, then I take my tongue and starting at her ass, lick my way from top to bottom, stopping at the top to bite on that clit. This is driving Alyssa wild, she's moaning and pinching her nipples, running her tongue over her lips and begging us to make her cum.

While I'm enjoying licking Alyssa's clit, Kenji puts one finger in my pussy and with her thumb she rubs the rim of my ass.  I'm so hot, I'm about to cum again. I'm watching the ecstasy on Alyssa's face and her clit is getting bigger with every stroke of my tongue. I'm enjoying the feel of Kenji's finger up my ass and the pressure she is putting on my clit is about to make me bust again.

Kenji stops and tells me to finish the job I started. Kenji gets off the bed, pulls up a chair and places it beside the bed.  Meanwhile, Alyssa is moaning, begging for one of us to fuck her.

I tell Alyssa to lie on her back because I want to watch her masturbate. She's so close to cumming that she tells me no.  She said she wants me to fuck her with my tongue.  I tell her that I will but first I want to watch her. She begins to masturbate, I get off the bed, walk over to Kenji and sit on her lap facing her.  We kiss and she spreads her legs just enough that her clit touches mine.  We grind each other so hard that her clit and my clit touch and brings us both to orgasm. 

I get up from the chair, walk over to the bed.  I take Alyssa's hand and rub it in my pussy, I want her to feel how wet I am.  She moans.  I kiss her on the lips and then stick my tongue in her mouth.  She kisses me and I feel how hard her tongue is.  She grabs my nipples and runs her tongue over them.  She grabs my head and brings my ears to her lips, and runs her tongue in my ear.  She tells me, "I want you to fuck me".  I lay her down, get on top of her and rub my pussy on hers.  The feel of her bald wet pussy against my bald wet pussy is just so hot that my pussy juice began flowing again.  Alyssa is moaning "taste it".

I slide down her stomach leaving traces of my wet pussy all over her body.  I get to that gold belly ring and I pause briefly to lick it.  I look up at Alyssa who is begging me to eat her.  She's wiggling side to side because she is ready to cum all over my tongue.  I gently spread her pussy lips with my thumb and forefinger and gently begin to lick her big clit slowly.  She grabs my head and grinds her pussy all over my face.  I know she's close to coming, but I want her to feel my tongue inside her first.

I eat her pussy hard and by the look on her face, she likes it rough too!  She pushes my face deeper into her pussy.  She is soaking wet, her clit is throbbing and huge.  She is moaning and squirming and I'm licking her clit, rough and fast.  She lets my head go and tells me to spank it.  I say, "mmm, I'd love to".

I sit back, spread her legs, open her pussy lips wide, and I spank her clit, softly at first.  She lets out a deep groan and orders me to "lick it now".  I follow her command and lick her hard fat clit.  By now her clit is so swollen and red that I think she is going to explode.  Alyssa yells "spank it again baby".  I spank it harder and lick it after I spank it.  Her pussy is red from me spanking it.  As I grab her clit in my mouth to suck away the pain from the spanking, I hear her moan, "I'm cumming".  I begin to lick faster and harder but Alyssa grabs my head and pulls me away from her pussy.  She says, "spank it real hard baby". I smack her clit really hard and Alyssa begins to shoot cum all over the place.  She cums so hard that her cum shoots in my face.  By the time she's done, I've cum again just from watching her get off.  I've never been with a squirter before.

We collapse onto the bed, Kenji joins us, we talk a bit and drink more champagne.  After about an hour or so, Alyssa says she has to go.  She gets up, gets dressed and kisses Kenji goodbye.  I was about to get up when she comes over to me and places a piece of paper in my hand. She kisses me on the lips and says, "please call me".  She leaves.

Kenji cuddles up next to me and says "you can scratch that fantasy off your list, now tell me what else you want".

The End

Copyright © 2002. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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