In the words of R. Kelly, it was the greatest sex I ever had.

I finally fell in love with the right person. I can’t believe this was happening to me. I met this girl, fell in love, and now I have her sleeping beside me. I love this woman more than anything I ever confessed to loving. She’s the epitome of who I dreamed of falling in love with. She’s like the female version of my Prince Charming. The love she gives unto me is overwhelming. There’s not even a word in the Webster Dictionary to explain the kind of love she gives me.

I met Tay at a mall that I was working at in Houston. She came into the store and was looking around. I was putting some clothes up for display when I noticed her. She was short, brown skinned, neatly dressed, and had a beautiful smile. I had to find a way to introduce myself to her. I went up to her and decided to ask her did she need any help. Need to start somewhere.

“Hi, my name is Alicia. May I help you with anything?” I asked.

She looked up and stared at me for a minute, then smiled. I almost melted right there on the spot.

“Yes indeed Alicia, you may help me. I’m looking for a gift for my mom and I can’t figure out what to get her.”

“Ok then, what kind of clothes does your mother usually wear? Anything particular?”

“To be honest with you Alicia, I didn’t come in here to look for a gift for my mom. I came in here to get a closer look at you. I find you to be beautiful.”

Ok, is she playing with me or is she serious? Damn, she smiled again. I want this girl so bad right now. Play it cool Alicia, I thought.

“Thank you. What is your name by the way?” I asked.

“How rude of me. My name is Talent and yes that is my real name, but I prefer people to call me Tay.”

“Very unique. I like that. Is there anything special that you are talented in?”


“And what would that be?”

“Loving a woman the way she should be loved.”

Oh God! She is too smooth. Keep talking Tay, I said to myself.

“I would love to get to know you better. Can I take you out to dinner sometime soon?”

“Yes, I would like that.”

She gave me that smile that made my heart jump. We exchanged numbers and she left. Ever since then, we would talk on the phone for hours upon hours. The more she talked, the more I got intrigued by her. There was something about her that just drew me into her. Was it her style? Was it because she had the most sensuous soul I ever noticed or because she had the values that I’ve been looking for in a person? Whatever it was, I found myself being in tune with her.

We begin dating 2 months after our first come together. Another thing I loved about Tay was that she wasn’t rushing to have sex with me like most of the studs I have dated. Usually after 4 days of dating, they want to fuck. Not Tay, she wanted to take things slow with me. And I had no problem with that. This gives me more time to get to “know” her. The closest to sex we ever been was when we were in the movie theatre and we were in the back row, kissing like teenagers. Her lips were incredibly soft.

After 2 months of dating, we decided that she should move in with me. We couldn’t stand to sleep alone every night and we wanted to hold each other at night. She moved her things into my house and things started off great. That’s how it always is. I would come home from work and she would have dinner ready for me, massage my feet and shoulders, and we would cuddle. Our first night sleeping in the same bed with each other was sweet. She rubbed my head and whispered the sweetest things in my ear until I fell asleep in her arms. Tay treated me very special and I was falling in love with her. I wondered if she felt the same way.

Well I found out soon enough. I came home from work one night and found my house to be completely lit up with candles and music filled every room in the house. I found Tay standing by the dining room table with dinner on the table. I walked up to her and gave her a kiss.

“Hey baby. What’s the special occasion?”

“Hey love, the special occasion is my love for you. I want this to be a special night for the both of us. Let’s start it by having dinner. I wanna feed you myself.”

It then hit me that tonight was the night we were gonna make love. I sat at the table and she sat across from me and fed me. I was in shock. The last time I’ve been fed like this, I was in diapers. I was taking this all in slowly, but my heart was beating rapidly. She then grabbed my hand and led me to our bathroom. I found that she had the water warm and ready for me. She left me to undress and to bathe for awhile. When I got out, I wrapped a towel around me, went to my room and put some lotion on. Out of no where, Tay appeared with a tray with strawberries, chocolate and a bowl of ice. I was getting juicier by the minute. She sat next to me.

“Alicia, I want you to know that I am in love with you. And that you’re what I need and want in life. I love you Alicia.”

“I love you too Tay.”

With that being said, she leaned in and gave me the most passionate and longest kiss I ever had. I didn’t want it to end. It felt so good to feel her lips on mine. I got so caught up in the kiss I didn’t even noticed that she removed the towel away from me. She told me to lie down on my back. She dipped a strawberry in the chocolate and she let the chocolate drip from my stomach all the way up to my breast.

She placed the strawberry on my lips and it was the sweetest thing I tasted. She bit the other end of the strawberry and kissed me once more. She moved back down to my stomach to lick the chocolate of my stomach. When she got to my breast, she hovered her mouth over my nipple and sucked my nipple into her mouth. I gasp as her tongue contacted with my nipple. She then gently nibbled on my nipples. I felt like I was in another world and it felt so good.

She came up to my neck and started biting and kissing my neck. She then nibbled on my ear. She was making the juices between my legs stream out of my hot, wet, aching pussy. I wanted more from her. She kissed every part of my body and after each kiss she would say, I love you. It made my body shiver. She got a piece of ice and made traces with it all over my body, then went back over the traces with her tongue. I thought I had died and went to Heaven.

She opened my legs and I revealed my wetness. She smiled at me and kissed my inners thighs. She was inches away from my pussy, inhaling the sweet intoxicated scent my pussy was giving out. She gave my clit a soft, feather-like lick. My body jolted when I felt her tongue. She wrapped her lips around my clit and sucked on it hard and was pulling on my clit. She held my waist down when I moved up closer to her mouth.

“Mmmm Tay, baby, that feel so good.” I moaned.

She rotated her tongue around my clit and she sucked on it and my body wanted to explode. She pushed 2 fingers deep inside me and made my back arch. She gave my pussy slow and deep thrusts. I began bucking against her fingers and mouth. She sped up her pace and I couldn’t hold it in any longer.

“Oooh baby, I’m about to cum for you Tay. Mmmm Tay! Oooh Tay!” I screamed.

I felt myself begin to cum and she licked all my juices up. She looked at me and smiled.

“I’m not finish with you yet my love.” She said.

She got another piece of ice and put it inside my pussy. I yelped as the coldness of the ice cooled my hot canal. I felt the ice melting and she licked and sucked my juices and the melted ice. She strummed her finger across my clit as if my clit was an instrument. I felt her tongue come inside my pussy. She darted her tongue in and out of me. My moan became louder the deeper her tongue went. I loved this moment. Nobody has ever made me feel this good ever. And I didn’t want this night to ever end. When I cummed for the last time, she came up to give me that passionate kiss we shared before. I fell asleep in her arms.

When I awoke, I thought to myself, Tay is the one for me. I am deeply in love with this woman. I plan on spending the rest of my life with Tay. After that night, days with her never seemed dull. It only got better. I do have to admit, Tay wasn’t lying about her talent.

The End

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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