__________by Blklezpoetess

Here I am ready to have it tapped
Not even scared of the strap
Flying high as a bird
Or haven't u heard
That I'm the one u should fear
Cuz when I come near
All resistance fades away
U should have cum to play
Never short of all night
Moaning until I see the light
Like a river oh soo wet
So good u'll never forget
Over and over I will cum
But wait the job isnít done
It's still not time for sleep
Cuz Latte is now on the creep
So open up and spread 'em wide
And let my fingers slide inside
So tight I can feel u squeeze
Oh you wanna be on your knees
Turn around I will obey
Stroking you deep you are my prey
And when u peak I won't be through
You'll want more and I will too

Ain't no shame in my game
When you are moaning my name
Standing up and getting down
Work it all the way to the ground
Making your hands flutter like your heart
Loving my 12 play right from the start
Groovin' to multiple peaks
Oh u wanna sit down cuz I'm making your knees weak
Like milk, Latte does that body good
Licking you slowly right below your hood
Hmmm that's right take it all
Hold me tight and you won't fall
Let me hear it one more time
At the top of your lungs say it's mine

Copyright © 2001. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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