____Taj threw her book bag into the backseat, slammed the door shut and cranked up the dark, green Honda Accord for the fourth time before it actually started. She looked in the rear view mirror just in time to see Lyric shaking her head with that annoying little... ‘you never listen to me smirk’ on her face. She was always telling her to ‘get rid of that old hoopty’. But Taj just couldn’t get rid of her was her baby. Her parents had bought it for her a when she graduated college five years earlier. They’d been through a lot together; breakdowns, flat tires, and dead batteries. She'd even named her Candi. Lyric had always complained that Taj loved that thing more than her.
____She and Lyric had been through a lot together too. She’d given her almost as much drama as the car had! They’d met when they took a Freshman Psychology course together at Carey University. Taj couldn’t stop staring at her! She was gorgeous. Smooth chocolate complexion; hazel eyes; short, curly, brown hair and dimples that were clearly visible even when she wasn’t smiling. She was Taj’s ideal woman, the ultimate femme. She enjoyed coming to class a little early just so she could watch Lyric’s long legs and sexy, flat stomach when she walked into class wearing the usual tank top and short tight skirts. The attraction seemed mutual; Taj would catch her staring often, but it was always hard to tell in situations like these. She couldn’t be sure if Lyric was staring because she was attracted, or because she was just curious as to whether or not this blue jeans, T-shirts and Tim’s wearing girl was in fact a lesbian. She could be straight. She probably was. She probably had a boyfriend. Taj had to talk to her, she just had to know.
____When she finally got up the nerve to talk to her it was two months into the semester. They formally introduced themselves at a party for a mutual friend and found out that they had a lot in common. They both came from big families, they loved the same kind of music, they both loved basketball and they even loved the same kind of stupid reality TV shows. They’d spent the entire night talking and afterwards ended up in Taj’s apartment watching Rush Hour on cable.
____Lyric pretended to go to the bathroom while actually taking a little time to check out Taj’s apartment. It was small... real small, but it was homey. Decorated with dozens of posters of athletes and musicians, racks filled with books, a huge stereo and tons of c.d.’s and lots of pictures of her family. When she decided to stop being nosey and finally made it to the bathroom, she used this time to collect herself. She wasn’t too sure what was happening but she was finding it difficult to speak when Taj got really close to her.
____ She was so sexy. Her reddish-brown, shoulder length, locs; cappuccino complexion, big brown eyes and gorgeous smile was intoxicating. Lyric didn’t want to feel this way, she was trying to deny this overwhelming attraction to women and fall for any one of the men that hit on her constantly. She’d dated so many men, gorgeous men that her friends would die to have a chance with. But no matter how hard she tried, she never felt anything more for them than friendship. She never felt the hardening of her nipples and the warmth between her legs when they touched her or kissed her. She was feeling all that with Taj after only hanging out with her for a few hours without even a touch or a kiss.
____“ hey Lyric, you ok in there?”
____“damn... ummm.. yeah..i’ll be right out” she realized she‘d been in there for about ten minutes. She washed her face and tried to get a hold of herself ..she practiced her smile in the mirror and tried to think of something interesting to say when she got back out there.
____She walked out of the bathroom, and joined Taj on the couch. She had so much studying to do but she just couldn’t bring herself to leave. Taj was sitting much closer now than before. So close that Lyric could feel her breath on her neck and it was driving her crazy.
____Taj had had three beers at the party and another one since they’d been back at her apartment. She wasn’t a drinker at all, a few beers was all she could take before she started feeling weird. She wasn’t feeling weird yet but Lyric was starting to look ten times better, which she didn’t think was possible. Her heart was racing, she’d been with lots of women but never made a move on someone she wasn’t sure was gay. What if she offended her and she ran out of the apartment screaming.?
____Lyric reached for her coke on the coffee table and accidentally brushed against Taj’s breast in the process. It felt so good. Suddenly she didn’t care about anything else except kissing her. She was ready now to take the risk of being rejected if in fact Lyric was straight. Before Lyric had the chance to put the soda to her mouth, Taj leaned in and lightly kissed her. Her lips were quivering and Taj wasn’t exactly sure if she was kissing her back until Lyric gently offered her tongue for Taj to suck. Taj pulled it into her mouth and sucked it gently. It took every once of self control she had to not rush this and rip of all of Lyric's clothes.
____Lyric’s first reaction was to pull away and think about this before it went too far. This was her first time kissing someone of the same sex and she wasn’t sure where it was leading and what to do when it got there; all she knew was that this was an incredible feeling. Her nipples were hard, she was soaking wet, her clit was throbbing and her whole body was tingling. Instead of pulling away, she pulled Taj closer and put her arms around her neck. Taj couldn’t believe this was happening, Lyric was the most gorgeous creature she’d seen around Carey in a long time that actually had some class and was into more than manicures, shopping and weave. She was the complete package and she was here with her, kissing her and touching her.
____Taj pulled away from her embrace just enough to be able to caress Lyric’s breast which caused her to moan softly and grind her body into hers. But Taj had had enough of being separated from her by fabric so she pushed her hand under the white tank top until she found her steel hard nipple. She gently touched and tweaked it causing more soft moans from her. It was obvious that they both wanted more, their bodies were on fire. Lyric’s moaning was getting louder and she almost screamed when Taj pulled her top completely off and encircled her nipple with her tongue. She was sucking on it gently when Lyric pulled away.
____“What’s wrong?”
____“...I’m sorry...I..I’ve never done this before..”
____“Oh God..i’m sorry..I should never have....”
____“ want to...I really want to. I’m just scared.”
____“Don’t be scared...I’ll be gentle.”
____Somehow Taj didn’t have to try very to hard to make Lyric believe that. Her eyes made Lyric believe that she couldn’t be anything but gentle even if she tried.
____“I’ll be right back..” Taj left Lyric sitting on the couch while she disappeared into the other room. After ten minutes she came back, took Lyric’s hand and led her to the bedroom. Lyric was speechless for a few seconds, Taj had lit candles all over the room and Stevie Wonder’s ‘Overjoyed’ was playing softly in the c.d. player.
____“I love this song Taj”
____“Really?..this is one of my favorites. I love Stevie Wonder. Will you dance with me?”
____Taj took Lyric’s hand and led her to the middle of the room. She pulled her close lightly grazing her fingers across her back while they swayed slowly to the music, causing her nipples to stand at attention through her top. Lyric’s head began to spin. What was happening? The slightest touch from Taj sent shivers down her spine.
____It was so romantic , no guy had ever done this for her. Taj led Lyric to the bed, and sat beside her, she noticed that she seemed much more relaxed now. In fact she made the first move this time. She kissed Taj deeply, traced her lips with her tongue then skillfully parted them with it. She opened her mouth and allowed Lyric’s tongue to dance with her own. The kiss deepened as Taj ran her hands over her breasts and softly pinched her nipples.
____“Wait...I want to undress for you”...Lyric stood up and slowly removed her white tank top and short black skirt revealing her half naked body underneath. She was wearing black thong underwear that Taj just wanted to pull off with her teeth. Lyric was a few steps ahead though. She slowly pulled the underwear off and finally stood before Taj completely naked. Taj practically drooled at the beauty before her. Beautiful, full breasts, sexy stomach and her pussy was mostly shaved clean..with a little tuft of curly hair at the top.
____"You like what you see?" Lyric asked seductively.
____"Oh yes," Taj replied. She could hardly wait to please her. She pulled her back onto the bed and continued to kiss her passionately. Taj reached over and pulled one of Lyric's nipples into her mouth. She circled her tongue around the hard nipple and sucked softly. She kissed her way to the next nipple and did the same. Lyric moaned softly as she felt kisses down her flat stomach. Her heart thudded with anticipation as she felt Taj’s soft lips kiss their way down to the wet lips of her pussy. She took in a sharp breath when she felt her warm tongue glide gently between them and circle her swollen clit. Taj moved slowly yet firmly, licking and sucking Lyric’s hard clit. She grabbed her ass forcing her pussy against her face as she plunged her tongue deep inside.
____Lyric was in ecstasy, she bit her lip hard so she wouldn’t make too much noise. Taj looked up when she heard the muffled moaning.
____"Baby...please let me hear you..I want to hear you moan," Taj whispered as she continued sucking her clit ever so gently. "Mmmm, you taste so good," Taj mumbled with her face still buried deep in Lyric's crotch. Watching Taj’s beautiful locs move around between her thighs and feeling her warm mouth suck her juices and tongue flick frantically against her clit, pushed her towards the edge.
____"Uuuuugh I'm gonna cummmm," Lyric screamed.
____"Yeah baby, thats it...I wanna hear you," Taj ordered between licks. With a little force, Taj shoved three fingers inside Lyric's dripping pussy and fucked her hard as she continued to suck away at her throbbing clit. Her body tensed and her pussy sucked in Taj’s fingers as she convulsed in a shattering orgasm. Lyric managed a long moan as her body shook.
____When Taj came up and laid in the bed next to her, Lyric noticed she’d taken off her jersey and her jeans and was wearing a white wife beater and boxers. Lyric also noticed that she had an amazing body. She had a flat chest, but she had a washboard stomach with an incredible six pack. She could see that Taj spent some time in the gym.
____Taj took Lyric’s hand and pulled her so that she was laying on top of her chest, then without warning, she bent her head down and plunged her tongue back inside of her mouth allowing Lyric to taste her own juices. Lyric let out a soft moan of satisfaction.
____ After the kiss, she looked into Taj’s eyes, "That was my first time with a woman," she said shyly.
____"Well I hope it wasn't your last," she smiled.
____"Well...the night is still young," Lyric said with a suggestive smirk. " Now I wanna hear you moan."
____Th screaming and cursing from the man in the car behind her brought Taj back to reality.
“Oh Shit...I’m sorry..” She had no idea how long she had been sitting at the stop light reminiscing about the first time she made love to Lyric. She realized how much she missed those days when they were so much in love and didn’t have a care in the world with the exception of exams, term papers and of course each other.
____She remembered the little argument they had this morning and realized just how petty it was. She also realized how wet she had gotten thinking about that night. She needed her baby so bad!!! She spun “Candi” around and headed back home. She wanted to recreate that special night that was the catalyst of their beautiful relationship and let her wifey know that she would always be the ‘Lyrics’ in the song of her heart.

The End

Copyright © 2002. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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