Part II
Lil AJ

_____ A month had passed and Trey hadn't seen Khyri since that day in the shower. She couldn't help feeling bad about what happened but Khyri deserved it...or did she? Well no sense to stress over the fact because what was done is done and there is no going back. Even still, Trey couldn't help wondering about Khyri. No one had come up to Trey mentioning anything about the incident so obviously Khyri didn't tell. Then again why would she? No way in Hell would she let anyone know how she had been played. Fukk it. It didn't matter. Trey had bigger things on her mind. Tomorrow was the final game of the season. After that was the playoffs and Trey needed to be focused. She couldn't let Khyri do what she had done so many other times before...take over her mind. What Trey needed was a long, hot bath. She decided to shoot around for a few more minutes before she left to go home. After shooting only fifty percent from the line she decided she had over worked herself and it was definitely time to go. She headed toward the locker room to change out.
_____ Trey entered the locker room and walked over to the sink. Staring at herself in the mirror, she turned on the taps. She tested the water temperature before bending her head and splashing her face. When Trey was satisfied she wiped her eyes and reached for her towel. It wasn't there. "Are you looking for this?" Oh Hell no. No. No. No. Not now. Trey turned around. Khyri was standing there looking fine as ever, holding the towel up against her breasts. The way Khyri's breasts were they could have held that towel up all by themselves. Trey's mind flashed quickly back to the last time she met Khyri in the locker room. This time was a little less surprising because Khyri was fully clothed. "Yeah I was. Can I have my towel please?" asked Trey reaching for her towel. "No. Not until you tell me why you left me standing in the shower like that." Trey was hoping Khyri didn't ask, but she knew eventually that she would. The fukked up thing was that Trey never prepared and explanation. Fukk it. The truth shall set you free. "Because I was tired of you acting like a bitch and teasing me at every turn so teasing you like that was the perfect way to get you back. I wasn't going to do it at first but...Fukk yo what's done is done." Khyri looked hurt. "I see. Well here's your towel back. I guess I'll see you around. Bye Treyana." She handed Trey the towel and started to walk away. Trey was heated. Nobody calls her by her name. Trey grabbed Khyri by the arm. "Yo what up with that Treyana shit?" Khyri gave Trey a snotty little smirk. "That is your name isn't it?" She shook Trey off her arm and tried to walk away again. Trey grabbed her arm again. "That's the exact same bitch shit I was talking about. Why must you always be such a fukkin' smart ass bitch?" Khyri gave Trey the look of death. "Maybe because you don't notice shit else. How many times did I try to get your attention last semester Trey? You have no idea because you were too fukkin' busy with all your little fans around you. It wasn't until your season started that you even knew I existed." Trey's mind was racing. Last semester? What the fukk was she talking about? "I didn't notice you last semester true but that doesn't give you an excuse to act all fukked up this semester." Khyri's tone changed. It sounded as if she were going to cry. "I tried to get your attention. I left notes in your locker but you never answered me. I couldn't talk to you in the hall when I seen you because you always had people around you." Trey knew she was telling the truth. She was talking about all those hoes that hung around her and her dawgs trying to holla. "Khyri, I'm sorry I never answered. I get five-hundred notes a day from bitches and niggas alike tryna to holla so I just never pay them any mind. Look, can we discuss this somewhere else please?" Khyri nodded. "Aiigh let's go to my crib. I need to take a bath and then we can talk."
_____ The drive to Trey's apartment was silent. Khyri stared out the passenger side the whole time and Trey just kept her eyes on the road. When they finally pulled up in front of the house the silence was broken. "We're here." Said Trey. Khyri looked at Trey and nodded. She reached for the handle to open her door. "Chill. I got that." Said Trey as she turned off the car. She let herself out of the driver's side, closed the door, and walked over to Khyri's side. She opened the door and Khyri stepped out. After closing the car door behind Khyri Trey offered her hand, which Khyri gladly took. They walked up to the door to Trey's apartment and Trey took out her keys. She unlocked the door and held it open for Khyri to enter. Walking in after her, Trey closed the door behind them. "You can make yourself at home while I take my shower. Do you want anything before I go?"
_____ Khyri thought about her answer before she spoke. Fighting the urge to say "Yes. I want you to finish what you started a month ago," she opted for "Just some water."
_____Trey walked into the kitchen with Khyri's eyes glued to her. Trey's cornrows gently swept across the middle of her back as she moved, and when she reached up into the cabinet to get the water glass her tricep flexed. Khyri began to get weak in the knees and wet in the drawls so she sat down. Trey brought the water to her. "Aiigh Ma I'll try not to take so long. You can listen to music or watch TV or whatever while I'm in there. I'll be right back." Khyri nodded. Trey walked toward the bathroom and disappeared.
_____Khyri heard the door close and the water turn on. Shit. She knew what was going on in that bathroom. How the top of Trey's hair held the little water droplets as the ends of her cornrows dripped. How the water played over her tall chocolate frame and ran down her back and the crack of her ass. Khyri was getting wetter just thinking about how Trey looked in the shower. She wanted to repeat the incident from the previous month, minus of course the end result, but she decided against it and turned on the stereo.
_____ The wait seemed like an eternity. Finally Trey emerged from the bathroom in a sports bra with a towel wrapped around her waist. The water was still glistening in her hair and the ends of her cornrows were all curled and dripping very slowly. "I'm sorry I took so long but I had to unwind. I practiced really hard today."
_____ Khyri smiled. "Its ok. I was in my thoughts anyway so I didn't really notice."
_____ Trey laughed. "Dayum those must've been some deep ass thoughts 'cuz I was almost a half hour."
_____ Khyri licked her lips. "They were." Khyri stood up and walked over to Trey. "Listen Trey. I'm not going to sit here and act like I don't want you so I don't expect you to act like you don't want me. Why play this stupid game? Finish what you started."
_____ Trey was seriously taken aback. A few minutes ago Khyri was all shy and quiet and now she was just begging to be fukked. She was right though. No sense in pretending that she wanted to talk because what she really wanted was to take Khyri and blow her back out. Fukk her like no one ever had and at the end tell her that she was now hers.
_____ "Yo you are so right. Fukk faking jacks." Trey pulled Khyri to her and kissed her deep. "Follow me." She took Khyri's hand and led her to the kitchen. She slowly undressed her. With every shirt button that became undone Khyri received a kiss on the neck. When they were fully undone and the shirt removed Trey kissed and licked her way to Khyri's navel and began to unbutton her jeans. She slid them off and caressed Khyri's thighs. Khyri's smooth caramel thighs were trembling, begging to be spread apart. Trey obliged after she removed Khyri's thong with her teeth. She lifted Khyri onto the counter. "Wait right here for me."
_____ She then walked over to the refrigerator and opened the freezer. She took out a cherry Popsicle and unwrapped it. Walking back over to Khyri, Trey licked and sukked the Popsicle. She smiled as she ran the cherry ice over Khyri's lips. She licked the juice off of Khyri's lips and ran her cold tongue down Khyri's body. When she reached between Khyri's thighs she let her head spread them apart and her tongue spread apart Khyri's pussy lips. Trey slid the freezing ice up into Khyri. Khyri gasped but let Trey continue. Trey licked Khyri's clit as she fukked her deep with the rapidly melting Popsicle. When the Popsicle was melted, Trey removed the stick and replaced it with her tongue. Khyri moaned as Trey's hot tongue now warmed her insides.
_____ Trey scooped Khyri off the counter and carried her to the living room. She layed Khyri face down on the carpet and removed her towel. "Don't turn around. You just do what I tell you." Khyri nodded. "Get on all fours." Khyri obeyed. Trey licked Khyri from her ass to her clit making sure she was soaking wet. When she had Khyri the way she wanted her she raised up onto her knees and moved behind her. "Back up."
_____ As Khyri backed up Trey moved forward and pushed her strap deep inside Khyri's dripping pussy. "Oh my God!! Trey!!"
_____ Trey gave her a sharp slap on her ass. "The only thing I want to hear from you is my name and a whole lot of moaning." Trey gripped Khyri's hips and continued to fukk her. With every thrust Trey went deeper and harder. Khyri couldn't help but moan. She had never had anyone fukk her like this. Trey reached one hand under Khyri and began to play with her clit as she fukked her deeper and harder. "What's my name?" Trey demanded.
_____ "TREY!!"
_____ Trey slapped her ass. "My real name girl, don't play with me."
_____ "TREYANA!!" Trey went deeper.
_____ "Who do you belong to?" Trey said as she pulled Khyri in to fukk her deeper.
_____ "You!!"
_____ Trey laughed. "I'm glad you know that shit. You wanna cum for your baby?"
_____ Khyri couldn't help screaming. "YES BABY YES!!!"
_____ Trey increased her speed and her depth until Khyri was screaming her name over and over. When Khyri began to shake Trey pulled out. "I wanna drink you. Cum for me hard." Trey slid her tongue inside Khyri once again and tongue-fukked her as deep as she could. She continued to play with her clit massaging it faster and faster.
_____ Khyri couldn't take it any longer. "Trey baby...I'm about to...cum for you."
_____ Trey worked her tongue faster until she felt Khyri's juice flow down her throat.
_____ Khyri screamed. "TREYANA!!!"
_____ Trey drank all Khyri had released and licked her insides for whatever didn't spill out. She turned Khyri onto her back and kissed her deep and slow. She looked into Khyri's eyes. "Is that what you wanted?" Khyri smiled. "Exactly what I wanted plus more." Trey kissed her again. "So now that you're my lady you know you have to sit in the front row at all my games right?"
_____ Khyri laughed. "Yes baby I know."


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