__________by Senia Moore

My baby is ripe and fully sweet.
She got me tossing and turning, ripping up the sheets.
She got me saying, “ooh baby come and lick me.”
My baby loves to touch my spots and ride me.
She got it goin on, her skin is just like strawberry’s.
She got me hot, pussy taste like a bowl of cherries.
My baby’s got back, she got a phatty, I’m feeling it.
She got me dripping on the rug, and yelling, “you tha shit.”
She got me wishing to reach through the phone, to give her the best
tonguing girly has ever known.
My baby is fly, got me askin, “can I have whats up in those jeans, baby can I have whats up in those jeans?”
Strawberry, strawberry, I got what you need.
Its all about that love and baby I need to feed.
Im telling yall the truth baby got me seeing stars from an imaginary roof.
My baby is sweet like a piece of water melon.
Got me tryna slip the cookies, im feelin like a felon.
So mama can I love you forever, cause we in a zone?
I wanna marry you, and then take your strawberry ass home.

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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