__________by Karamelkisses

When I first pulled you out that cold place you patiently waited for my next move

I first looked at you, how beautiful and shapely you are
I hesitated to put you in my mouth because I wanted to stare at you and
admire your beauty

But my mouth was thirsty for your juices
I couldn't refuse the urge to put my mouth on you

Your skin so soft and smooth as I began to rub gently
I licked my lips cause they got rather moist from anticipation

So I gently put my lips where they wanted be as you laid wide open calling me in

As my tongue stroked you inner being, barely wanted to come up for air

Hmmm, the taste so delightful had me wanting more
I heard sounds from you, sounds like pleasure and sex-tacy
as the juices poured out from the middle
I realized you needed this as much as I enjoyed giving this

I than wanted to take my time cause I didn't want to get to the core
the climax just yet
So as I proceeded to taste you
lick by lick
lip on lip
finger on clit
I had to wipe my mouth as it ran smoothly down my face

But very quickly I had to get back to you
feel the smoothness and tasteful juice
in my mouth again

So I placed my lips back into that spot that they curved around so gently
as you continued to make them sounds and the juices continued to flow
I realized that you were just as happy that I decided to rescue you from that
cold place and put you right into this warmthness.

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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