Blakk Rain

I hear a car door slam - I can't help but smile because I've been looking forward to this all day. Give the room a once over - candles, wine chilling, fruit, the other stuff, okay looks like I'm set. Oh, don't forget the music - I remember that she said she likes Kenny Latimore, so I put 2 of his CD's in the disk changer. I'll start off with something mellow, though - let's try Silk. Yeah, that sounds good. Okay, I think we're ready now. I'm extremely nervous but relaxed at the same time. I've never seen her, only heard her angelic voice over the telephone. We met online a few months ago, and one 3 hour conversation led to several more, and here we finally are after some serious planning.

Doorbell - oh my goodness. Okay, don't get nervous now!! I go to the door, and turn around once more to make sure everything is in place. I open the door, and before stands one of God's most beautiful creations. I'm marveled by her smile - even though it is night time, it seems like the sun is shining on us - and those eyes, the biggest and most beautiful brown eyes I’ve ever seen. She's wearing a blue sundress exposing her soft silky skin and those long beautiful legs. It's tight in all the right places revealing that all those work-outs have paid off. Invite her in dummy and stop staring!!

We make our way to the couch sipping the Moscato that I had chilling and we're enjoying the music and each other's conversation. She’s so sexy. Much to my surprise, we're both pretty comfortable even though this is our first meeting. I think the weeks of talking on the phone about any and everything and the notes and cards helped to ease that awkwardness. She puts her wine glass down and moves closer to me. She removes my glass from my hand and sets it aside as well.

She takes my hand and whispers in my ear, "I'm so glad we finally decided to do this."

“Me too, baby, me too,” I reply.

Her lips slowly move down and she kisses my neck. God, it feels so good. I move my free hand up to her face and move her hair out of her face. I've wanted to touch her hair all evening, it's so soft and it smells like wildflowers. I wonder how her lips feel on mine? I guide her mouth to mine and gently kiss her lips. I feel like I'm going to melt, this feels so right. I tease her with my tongue, first outlining her lips with it and finally making it's way inside of her mouth. We must have kissed and held one another for 30 minutes, still fully clothed.
“Hold on, sweetheart, I'll be right back,” I said.

I go to the closet and pull out my mink blanket and lay it on the floor in front of the fireplace. I would have made a fire, but it's the middle of June. On the side of the mantle, I've placed some massage oils.

“Come here,” I say to her.

She sashays over to where I am and sits with her back to me. I find myself just looking at her shoulders, her back, her hair and she turns to me and just smiles. I take some oil in my hand and begin to apply it to her shoulders. Gently, but firmly massaging them. I hear her moan. Man, that turns me on. Her dress straps - don't want to get oil on them. I slowly slide them down to fully reveal her back. She is so incredibly beautiful and sexy. I massage her shoulders and her back and I feel the tension melting away in my hands.
I'm so aroused - I can hardly stand it, but I do.

She turns to me, looks into my eyes with lust, and bites her bottom lip. I know exactly what she's thinking. She wants me just as bad as I want her. She stands up and lets her dress drop. What a work of art - thank you God for this day. The perkiest and roundest breasts I’ve ever been face to face with (yes, I love breasts!), and she's wearing a black lace thong, and it's exposing those firm yet soft cheeks.

She then drops back down to the blanket with me and we engage in a passionate kiss, deeper, slower, and more meaningful than the earlier kisses. Her body feels so warm up against mine. She then looks down and realizes that I'm still fully dressed.

“Oh, we've got to do something about this,” she says.

I lift my arms and she removes my blouse and stares at me. The slyest smile works itself across her face. She reaches behind me and unsnaps my bra freeing my breasts from the confines of the silk material. The smile turns into a hungry scowl as she lowers her lips to my breasts, kissing my nipples ever so softly. I feel myself getting wetter and my clit beginning to pulsate. My eyes have closed, and I'm just enjoying the feeling of her lips on me.

“Stand up, baby,” I hear.

I do, and she slowly slides my skirt down unveiling my G-string. Is her mouth watering? No, I must be seeing things. She quickly assures me that I wasn't daydreaming by pulling me to her, pulling my panties down, and kissing my stomach. Now, she's on her knees, and I'm still standing up. Her lips move lower and lower until she reaches my sweet spot. This is pure ecstasy. She has cupped my butt with her hands, and she's moving me where she wants me. I can't explain the feelings I'm having or what's going through my mind, but my body is tingling all over. Her mouth feels so good on me. I'm feeling so light-headed and dizzy - Oh God, I'm going to cum - I've never had an orgasm while I was standing. She hears my cries of pleasure, and grabs my clit with her lips and holds it there while lightly moving her tongue across it. I know my neighbors were wondering what's going on in there because I came so loudly that when I finally realized it, I scared myself! I've never cum so hard in my life. It feels as though every problem I've ever had, all the bad things that have happened to me, all the negativity never existed - all of that left my body during this tremendous orgasm.

Once I'm able to open my eyes, I look down at her, and she's looking at me, I mean really looking at me. She's gazing into my eyes like she's lost something. I drop down in front of her, and she just holds me. I've never been held this way before, so tightly, so lovingly.
“What’s wrong, sweetheart?” I ask her.
“Nothing,” she says. “Everything is so right.”

I look into her beautiful face and kiss her lips.
“My turn,” I whisper softly.
I lay her back gently on the blanket. I admire those beautiful breasts and decide that I must feel them. I softly fondle them and I feel those nipples getting harder. I take the left one in my mouth and slowly, softly suck it. She's moaning and saying my name - that excites me even more. I don't want the right breast to feel left out, so I give it the attention it deserves. I feel her breathing harder and her moaning a little louder. I draw a wet path to paradise with my tongue - I start at her neck, moving slowly between her breasts, down to her belly button, and then to the inside of her thighs. I know she wants me, but I'm going to make her wait a little while. I want to enjoy this. She smells so good, I can't wait to taste her, but I will. I lightly lick the spot where her thigh and vagina meet. I feel her trying to push me to the center, but I resist. I move to the other side and do the same thing. While I'm moving to the other side, I lick my finger, and quickly graze her clit with it. I hear her gasp and moan. Yes, she's ready for me.

Enough teasing. I move my tongue in between her thighs and make circles with it around the outside of her wet, juicy, and beautiful womanhood. Not touching the clit yet. I go at this for about 3 minutes when I can't stand it any longer. I slowly but forcefully lick her clit. Oh, she likes that. She's grabbed the back of my head now. That turns me on - I move my tongue all over that clit, kissing it, pulling it gently with my lips. I'm getting excited, so I hold her legs up so I can get deeper. I move my tongue in and out of her moist opening, making love to her soul with my mouth. She's moaning and whimpering and saying my name. I'm soaking wet, my face and my sweet spot. I put her legs down, move up to her face and whisper in her ear, “Turn over baby.” She does, and I go back to work - licking her from the back. When my tongue moves up to the forbidden land, she looks back at me like what are you doing, and I just wink and continue what I'm doing.

The loud moaning and the way her body is moving tells me that she's enjoying every wet moment of it. Just when she's getting into it, I turn on my back, and lower her down to my face. Her breathing is getting louder and deeper.
“I'm cumming, baby,” I hear her say.
I can't say anything because my mouth is too busy pleasing paradise. I just put her clit in my mouth and kissed it like I was kissing the lips on her other face earlier. The sight, feeling, and sound of woman having an orgasm is priceless - I felt on top of the world. I looked up at her face while she was cumming and it was like she was someplace else. Her body tensed up and jerked a little, her hands gripped my hair (which drives me crazy!), and she rode my face like I was a thoroughbred. She made the sweetest noises, her screams of passion.

When she finally came back down, tears were streaming down her face, and she was looking into my eyes. No words were needed - she fell down beside me and we laid in each other's arms while the sweet sounds of Kenny lullabied us to sleep.

The End

Copyright © 2002. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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