by Vanessa

_____Chelsea sipped lemonade as she sat on her porch, watching the dark-haired girl step out of a van across the street. She was intrigued by this young beauty. She looked about 18 or 19. Not too bad since Chelsea was only 18 herself. The young girl's parents stepped from the van a few seconds later viewing their new home.
_____Chelsea stood up and leaned against her porch banister staring at the girl. She traced the rim of her glass with her long dark fingernail tip. She admired the smooth dark browness of the girl's skin. She couldn't help think how good it would feel rubbing against her own. The girl was wearing a skimpy black mini skirt showing off her perfect legs. Suddenly, she turned to face Chelsea and smiled.
_____Chelsea felt her heart melt. She suddenly felt happy that she decided to spend the summer at home instead of going to her aunt's. She needed to see this new beauty badly. She had to go meet her. She just had to.
_____The days went by and Chelsea saw no signs of the girl across the street. This annoyed her, but she dared not go over across the street to meet her. Chelsea looked out the window and saw her. She almost jumped with excitement. Chelsea ran to the front door but stopped. She didn't want to make a fool of herself running to meet this girl.
_____She walked slowly down the street following the girl. She was much taller than Chelsea thought. Her strides also very quick. Suddenly, the girl stopped and turned around. Chelsea stopped and stood dead still. She didn't want the girl to know she was following her. Chelsea turned around began to walk away.
_____"Wait!" a voice called from behind Chelsea. Chelsea stopped, but didn't turn around. Chelsea felt a touch on her shoulder. She turned around to face the girl. "Hi, don't you live across the street?" the girl said. Her voice came out soft.
_____"Yea,'" Chelsea said.
_____"Oh, I'm Sherise. I'm new here."
_____"Hi, I'm Chelsea."
_____"That's a beautiful name Chelsea. I love it. I hate movin'. Hard to find friends ya' know? But I got all summer to make new friends. What about you?" Sherise began walking again. Chelsea followed not knowing where they were going.
_____"What about me?" Chelsea asked.
_____"How old are you?"
_____"18, gonna be a senior this year," Chelsea said.
_____"Oh, that's a tough time. I'm 19 and already graduated, so I know what you're goin' through." _____Chelsea looked around her. She hadn't realized where Sherise was leading her. She had been to this area before. It was a wooded area. Pretty much abandoned, but she hadn't been this far out. Chelsea half listened to what Sherise was talking about. She was focusing on every detail of this girl's gorgeous body. From her dark hair that was neatly tied in a bun, to her breasts which she could see her nipples through her tank top. Chelsea realized that Sherise wasn't wearing a bra. She moved her eyes to Sherise's hips, which swayed gently as she walked. Mmmm mmm, Chelsea thought, girl you don't know what a nice thang you are.
_____Sherise stopped walking. Chelsea stopped looking at Sherise's body and looked around where they stopped. There was a shack in front of them. It looked abandoned and dirty. "Wanna go in?" Sherise asked.
_____"Sure," Chelsea said.
_____Sherise opened the door to the shack and stepped in. Chelsea followed her in. The inside of the shack was dirty with dust and cobwebs everywhere. "I found this shack here yesterday, isn't neat?" Sherise asked, "You could do a here."
_____"Like what?" Chelsea asked slyly.
_____"Oh like stuff," Sherise said cooly.
_____Chelsea sat on an old mattress on the floor. Dust flew up as she sat down on it. Sherise sat next to her. Chelsea laid back on the mattress. "I'm so tired," she said yawning.
_____"We could go back if you want," Sherise said softly.
_____"No that's okay." Chelsea said.
_____There was a long silence between them. Chelsea could hear Sherise's steady breathing. Then Chelsea felt something warm touch her left leg. She sat up quickly in surprise. She saw Sherise's hand on her thigh.
_____"Sorry, you had a bug on you," Sherise said.
_____"Oh." Chelsea longed for that touch, but she felt Sherise's hand move away. She couldn't explain how she was feeling, but she loved it. She could already feel the dampness between her legs. Chelsea's nipples began to harden after she thought about Sherise's touch. She really needed to feel Sherise. Chelsea noticed Sherise staring at her legs. "Do I have another bug on me?" Chelsea asked.
_____"No. It's just you got--" Sherise started to say but trailed off.
_____"I got what?"
_____"Nice legs," Sherise said softly, "Girl i'd kill for some legs like that."
_____Chelsea could feel Sherise's hand brush against her left thigh again. This sent a rocket sensation through Chelsea's body. She could feel her pussy lips ooze with wetness. Gosh I want her so bad, Chelsea thought. This time Sherise's hand didn't leave Chelsea's thigh. Sherise moved her hand gently up Chelsea's thigh. Chelsea didn't know what to say, but she knew she didn't want to make it stop. She let out a soft moan.
_____Sherise moved her hand higher up Chelsea's thigh until she reached her shorts. Then, she bent over Chelsea and kissed her passionately. She pressed her hips between Chelsea's legs as she kissed and sucked on Chelsea's tongue. Sherise ran her fingers through Chelsea's short black hair. "Mmmm, Ohhhhh," Chelsea moaned as she began to rub herself against Sherise.
_____Sherise stopped kissing Chelsea and began to unbutton Chelsea's blouse. She stared at Chelsea's lacy bra, holding firm smooth brown breasts. "Mmmm, those tits are nice." Chelsea grabbed Sherise's head and held it to her breasts. Then, Sherise unhooked Chelsea's bra to reveal the luscious breasts she had been longing for. She sucked on the dark nipples. Then began to slowly flick her tongue around them.
_____Chelsea arched her back. Her pussy was now flowing with wetness, she wanted to feel every inch of Sherise.
_____Sherise started to kiss her belly and moved down with soft kisses all the way to Chelsea's shorts. She helped Chelsea get out of them. She now had a glimpse of Chelsea's pussy lips that were outlined through her underwear. "We will have to get rid of these," Sherise said pulling off the underwear. Chelsea's wet pussy was shining through the black bristled hair of her mound.
_____Chelsea spread her legs wide inviting Sherise in. Sherise took off her top revealing her large chocolate breasts and quickly took off her skirt. Chelsea was amazed. No underwear. Sherise knelt down over Chelsea's opened legs and touched and Chelsea's clit with her forefinger. "Ohhhh," Chelsea gasped immediately bucking her hips. Sherise rubbed the clit in small circles watching Chelsea's reaction.
. _____"Ohhhh yess...."
_____Sherise opened Chelsea's pussy lips and began lapping up all the girl juices that flowed out. She began flicking her tongue over Chelsea's clit vigorously.
_____"Ohhh ahhhhh...!!!"
_____Sherise stuck her middle finger inside Chelsea's hole.
_____"Ohhh yessss fuck me!! Fuck me!!!!"
_____Sherise began quickly pumping her finger in and out of Chelsea's pussy. Chelsea began bucking harder. Sherise began to lick Chelsea's sweet brown pussy again, she sucked on Chelsea's clit grinding it around in small circles again. Chelsea wrapped her leg around Sherise's neck and started bucking on her head.
_____"Make me cum....ahhhhh...ohhh baby." Sherise then moved her hips between Chelsea's legs again. She began to hump as Chelsea wrapped her legs around her waist.
_____"Ahhhhhh I'm cummin!!" Chelsea squeezed her legs tight around Sherise's waist, letting her pussy juices flow. Sherise could feel Chelsea's orgasm contractions on her pussy.
_____"My turn," Sherise said.
_____Chelsea got up and laid Sherise on her back. She licked her lips and began to kiss Sherise's hard nipples. Chelsea kissed her way down to Sherise's beautiful dark pussy. She opened Sherise's pussy lips and gave one long slow lick from her pussy hole to her clit. When she got to Sherise's clit, her tongue drew soft circles around it. Then, she began sucking vigorously on Sherise's clit.
_____Sherise locked her legs around Chelsea's head and began humping her. Chelsea stuck two fingers in Sherise and pumped hard in and out. She could feel the cum oozing from Sherise's's pussy.
_____Chelsea began to tongue fuck Sherise.
_____"Ahhhh," Sherise screamed. She couldn't contain the pleasure. She arched her back and let the juices of her cum gush into Chelsea's mouth.
_____ Chelsea lapped up all Sherise's cum happily. She crawled untop of Sherise and kissed her. Sherise could taste her own juices in Chelsea's mouth as they kissed. Chelsea pinched Sherise's nipples. Sherise kissed Chelsea's forehead. They both knew that they would have fun together that summer.

Copyright © 1999 Vanessa Inc. All rights Reserved.

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