My baby sister was getting married. I am sure the relatives were placing bets on whether or not I was going to wear a dress to the wedding. No chance of that happening but I wanted to make sure I looked so fly no one could trip off me wearing pants.

My boss gave me the address of a woman that could tailor a nice outfit for me. We were painting a house near her shop, so on my lunch break I popped in to meet her and make an appointment for a fitting. I peered thru the front glass and was not prepared for the vision of smooth skin and luscious lips sitting in front of a Singer, hair pulled back in a bun and granny glasses concentrating on the perfect stitch. As I walked in, a bell attached to the door rang alerting her to my presence.

She lifted her head slightly and made eye contact, asking "Could I help you with something?"

I guess I didn't look like her usual customer in my wifebeater, painters overalls and red bandana. I forced a smile and said "Um Hi. Lois Archer told me I could find a good tailor here."

"Well, I like to think of myself as a great tailor but I'll help you anyway. So what is it that you need?"

"My sister is getting married and I am not really into dresses and stuff but I need "

She picked up my sentence, " elegant version of your self?"

"Yeah." I said feeling like this was a good idea.

"What color is the wedding party?" she asked.

"Purple for the men and lavender for the women."

"Ok, step up so I can get your measurements."

I got shy, "Um, I am on my lunch break right now, but I'd like to make an appointment to come back."

"Oh ok, when do you want to come?"

"I get off at 3:30pm. I can run home shower and be here by 4:30pm."

"4:30pm it is. See you then," she said with a wink.

When I was in the shop earlier, the tailor never got out her seat so I never got to appreciate all of her like I did when I returned and saw her sweeping in the middle of the shop. I walked in and the bell once again got her attention. She turned and smiled this knee weakening grin and welcomed me back.

"Thank you. I brought the color samples to keep us honest."

"Good, now take off that jacket and shirt so I can measure you." A rush came over me at the thought I had to stand here in a sports bra on while she took my seams. I tried to play it cool like I wasn't nervous about exposing myself to such a cutie. "I guess you should know my name before I make you take off your clothes, my name is Juliana."

I smiled, "That is a beautiful name. My name is Tye."

"Nice to meet you Tye, now off with the pants as well so I can get your inseam."

Now here I was standing on a foot stool, in a bra and boxers, fighting myself trying not to be aroused by her light touches on my back, shoulders and arms. At one point, she commented on my physique, asking if I was a gym rat. "Painting houses is just about all the workout I need," I laughed. As Juliana measured my wingspan, I could feel her hard nipples through her shirt on my back. I got chills. She seemed to linger in that spot which drove me crazy. "Everything alright back there?" I asked.

Blushing Juliana said, "Oh yeah, I'm done for now."

She kinda just stood there, as I got dressed. I played it up for her, flexing slightly, slowly bringing my pants up, and made lots of eye contact. When I sat down to put my shoes on, Juliana said, "Now we need to choose a design."

"Can I just leave that up to you? I know you probably have a much better eye for what would good on me."

"Ok, I do have an idea of something, come back on Friday after work and I'll fit you."

"Sounds good, see you then!"

When I arrived Friday evening, Juliana immediately had me take off my clothes and handed me a hanger with a silky lavender vest and slacks. She stood there with her hands on her hips, waiting for me to try on the outfit. I was a little less shy about stripping in front of her since our 1st meeting. Once I was dressed, Juliana had me get back up on the footstool. As she began tugging and adjusting the waistband of the pants, she slipped her two fingers in the front and ran them along my stomach slowly. I didn't realize that I was holding my breath while her skin was touching mine. I guess she picked up on my excitement when she said, "Don't forget to let it out honey. I don't need you passing out on my floor."

Embarrassed I said, "I'm sorry, it's just ."

"It's ok, you feel good to me too." Juliana looked up at me, her gaze and smile making my knees weak. Next thing I know, I hear myself asking her to have dinner with me that night. "Tonight? Well you are my last customer today. Sure, I'll have dinner with you."

"Very cool. Let me get my clothes back on and we'll be on our way."

"I think I am going to freshen up since I hadn't planned much beyond take out tonight."

Juliana went into a backroom and closed the door. I quickly got dressed and sat down to wait for her to return. When Juliana walked back in I was stunned. She was only gone for a few minutes but in the time made herself even more appealing to me. It was hard to keep from checking her out as we walked towards downtown. My heart would race each time she'd accidentally bump into me. At one point she gave up and just took my arm. You should've seen the grin on me.

We had a great time eating, drink good wine and getting to know each other better. Funny how much in common a painter and a seamstress have. Towards the end of dinner when we were both feeling full and little tipsy from the wine, Juliana leaned over putting her face very close to mine. Without thinking, I brushed her cheek with mine and whispered to her, "Even though I have been having a great time with you, kissing you would make it perfect."

With no words, Juliana drew back slightly and sucked my bottom lip between both of hers in a sweet fantastic kiss. That kiss swirled into many others till we became concerned about making a scene in the restaurant. I paid the check and we set off back to her shop. When we arrived at the door, I took her hand and kissed it and said goodnight. My heart was pounding as I walked away knowing I would much rather have gone in with her.

The next day, I got a call from Juliana letting me know she was done with my order and when did I want to pick it up. Not a word about the impromptu make out session we had just the night before. Taking her cue, I told her I'd be there just before closing. The door was locked when I got to the shop, so I knocked. Juliana came to open the door for me wearing this sexy little black dress and heels, I was floored. She took my hand after she locked the door and led me to a room in the back of her shop. It was a bedroom! The room had candles set all about, mellow tunes and sweet incense burning. Juliana pulled me close and told me how badly she wanted me to stay the night before. I confessed that I thought the same thing as I walked away.

Aching to feel her lips again, I took her face in my hands, and kissed her deep. She stepped back and grabbed the front of my pants, pulling me over to her bed. She sat down and laid back as I leaned over her continuing our passionate kiss. (Teddy P. singing Love TKO in the background) I laid down on top of Juliana and slid my knee between her legs. She began to grind down hard as our tongues twirled and hands roamed. She unbuttoned my shirt as I pulled her blouse and bra off, attacking her nipples. I sucked and flicked her hardening nips sending jolts through to her pink. I kissed my way down to her belly, stopping for a moment to bury my nose against her bush thru her panties, inhaling her sweet essence before pushing aside her thong, gently kissing the inside of her thighs, preparing her for how good my mouth was going to feel.

Juliana spread her legs, writhing with anticipation of what was to come next. I parted her pretty pussy lips with the tips of my fingers, ran my tongue along her slit and flicked her clit a few times with an upstroke that made her purr. I continued to caress her stiffness with the tip of my tongue as I slid two fingers deep into her wetness and began a slow pump. Juliana arched her back, inviting me to explore her even deeper. Her pussy was so tight I thought she was going to break my fingers with her rhythmic squeezing. With my lips and tongue sucking and lashing at her clit, I got up on my knees and curved my three fingers upward, stroking deep finding Juliana's G-spot. She bolts up on her hands and looks me in the eye like she cannot believe how she feels. Juliana whispers, "Ohhh Shit! If I knew you felt like this, no way you would've left me last night!"

That just made me change my leverage and fuck her at a slightly different angle. That change made her buck her hips hard into my already strong and steady stride. It was obvious to me that she could take a fourth finger so in went my pinky. Then I asked Juliana, "Did you know you are almost taking my whole hand?"

She closed her eyes and thrusted her hips wildly while saying, "Damn it's so close I'm not ready fuck, fuck." Then suddenly she grabbed my wrist, holding me inside her as I felt her walls tightly gripping during her screaming climax.

I laid down next to her and closed my eyes for a moment when Juliana rolled over on top of me and began pulling off my clothes. "I have wanted to do this since the day you walked into my shop." Juliana said.

"Is that right?"

"Yes, and trying to take your measurements without grabbing your ass was ooooooh!"

"So you are making up for lost time?" I asked.

"You could say that," Juliana said as she pulled my boxers off and felt how wet I was. She looked at me with such desire as she climbed up my body and began kissing me from my neck to my chest down my stomach between my thighs. She softly kissed my pussy, gliding her tongue between my lips finding my awakening clit. It quickly grew stiff under her deliberate caresses. She wiggled her tongue up and around every nerve ending she could find down there as I glazed her cheeks like a donut.

I sat up and watched Juliana licking and slurping me with such excitement her own body shuddered. I motioned for her to move her hips around till we were in the 69 position She continued smothering herself in my stuff as I slipped three fingers in her deep. She slammed her hips down hard, wanting to feel the intensity of pleasing me as I pleased her. We mutually grinded each others faces till neither could take anymore.

The next morning as I got dressed I asked Juliana if she would be my date to my sisters wedding that afternoon.

"I'd love to come with you," Juliana answered.

"Cool, now whenever folks ask who made me look so sharp, I'll just point at you. Bring some business cards," I said.

During the wedding, I kept having flashes of sweat and skin shared between us the night before. I got totally captured by the image when I felt a squeeze on my thigh from Juliana. I was startled for a moment but that was replaced by sweet desire when she flashed that smile of hers my way letting me know she couldn't stop thinking about it either. At the reception, we ate, talked to family and danced close having such a great time. During a particular slow dance, Juliana whispered in my ear, "I have had fun here with you today but, I keep wishing we were back at my shop in the backroom."

Over her shoulder I scoped on the other side of the garden, a pool house hidden by a veranda. I danced us carefully in that direction, taking Juliana's hand leading her inside.


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