Lady Scorpian

they're open for your eyes
yes take a look
in between these vibrant thighs
watch my fingers slide
juices flow out too much to hide
watch "mybooty" hump
as my fingers pump
deep inside my tunnel of pleasure
my thumb strumming your once hidden treasure
ahhhhh she's showing her face now
jumping and throbbing and going wild
gets so good my knees get weak
almost to where you can no longer peak
but as my fingers slide
i fling open them thighs
and sigh
suck me
don't you wanna suck me
lick me like your lollipop
eat me like i'm candy
come closer baby and watch me cream
put your fingers in it and make me scream
grab my nipples won't you
pull em hard
come on daddi let down your guard
what do you want you ask me
what can you do
suck me and drink me like sweet morning dew
get naked and let me on top of you
imma feed you and get it all ova your face
pump your tongue in it
i'm coming all ova the place
awwwwwww gurl you know
just what to do
come and feed me now
i ain't through with you
in my ear while in a sweet sixty-nine
i swear i hear something
that couldn't be more divine
i lift my head from feasting
to hear you more clear
S U C K M E !!!!
suck me baby
suck it good
that's all i needed as i pull you near
oh hell yea my duty is
well understood
imma suck it
and imma suck it good

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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