__________by ATrueFemme4U

Girl you can calm down, just cuz I got manners and speak to you
Iím not trying to turn you out to all the things u really wanna do.
I heard u telling your girls that I am sweatin you, trying to get you alone.
If I paid you any attention its cuz you left your closet open and true feelings where shown.
Itís always the same with you str8 chicks.
Trying to get in my pants, always hollerin you just into dick.
Girl youíd get more respect if you just be you.
Cuz trust your home girl probably into the same shit too.
If you feeling the girl2girl love just give in, youíll never be the same.
Cause right now I am tired of playing your mind games.
You know what I am speaking on and what Iím talking about.
You in the closet broads make a gay bitch wanna shout.
You all sweet when itís just the two of us and we are alone.
But when your girls come round, that sweet lil you gets gone.
In her place is that ďI got my shield up, I love my man faÁadeĒ that you like to portray.
Girl I give up, what more can a bitch say.
So, Imma tell you like this.
Stop callin and playing these games, cuz frankly Iím pissed.
If you wanna be with yo man thatís cool.
But Iím tired of your shit, making me look like a fool.
Now you sittin here lookin like you donít understand what Iím sayin.
Girl, itís like this. Grow the fuck up and stop damn playiní.

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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