by Rayn

Stephanie and Rayn had been friends for only a short time, but the relationship they had was better then most newfound friendships. Even though they first met online, they both felt comfortable talking to each other about things they might not talk about with other friends. Even though Stephanie was 5 years Raynís senior. Rayn still loved the conversations they both had. Everything from love, to life and even sex. Yes Rayn did find Stephanie attractive to the point where she thought about her daily. The fact that Stephanie was taken and straight didnít even stop Rayn from wanting to peruse something with Stephanie. Her train of thought was nothing venture, nothing gained.

Rayn and Stephanie had been talking at length about Rayn coming to her hometown for a while, but work schedules and money was always an issue, until now.

"Guess what, Ma," Rayn said.

"Whatís that," replied Stephanie.

"Iím finally coming to see ya crazy ass," said Rayn.

Stephanie laughed, "Why I gotta be crazy?"

"Come on," replied Rayne. "We both you know you about 5 cards short of a full deck."

"Ha ha ha," said Stephanie. "When are you coming to see me?"

"This weekend if you want me to," said Rayn.

"You serious?" said Stephanie sounding enthusiastic.

"Nah, I just told you that to get you excited. Yea Iím serious." Rayn said jokingly.

"Why you always so damn mean to me?" Stephanie said pouting now.

"You know Iím playing mami. You know I love you, girl."

And that was true. Rayn did love Stephanie, but not the way that she thought. It was beyond friendship love and just on the tip of that other kind of love. You know that kind of love that causes you to think about someone more then youíd care to admit. You try to hide it, but everytime you talk to that person, you canít help but want to just let all of your feelings out. Thatís how Rayn felt, but she didnít want to jeopardize her friendship with Stephanie or the relationship Stephanie had with her man. Besides, although Stephanie was cool with Rayn being openly gay, they never talked about, at length, the fact that Stephanie was somewhat curious about being with another female. Rayn wanted desperately to help Stephanie expereince this side of her curiosity with her. But she thought that would put an uncomfortable cloud ore their friendship. So she kept silent.

After Rayn and Stephanie finished making plans for Raynís visit, Rayn all of a sudden felt a sense of nervousness. This was definitely a first. She never got nervous, not even under extreme circumstances. She wasnít sure if this was a good sign or if she should call Stephanie back the next day and cancel their plans. But she couldnít cancel. Stephanie sounded excited when she told her that she would be coming to see her. She didnít want to disappoint her friend. So that Thursday, Rayn made the 2-day drive from Georgia to San Antonio, Texas.

"Damn itís hot here," Rayn thought to herself while sitting in her hotel room. Even with the air conditioning on, it had to be about 98 degrees. After getting settled in and everything, Rayn decided to call Stephanie and let her know she finally made it into town.

"Guess whoís in San Antonio?"

"Damn you here already," asked Stephanie.

"Shit I can leave if you want me to."

Stephanie laughed, "I didnít mean it like that."

"UMMHMMM, if you say so. So whatís up, you gonna come to my room or what?"

Stephanie let out a cute giggle. No doubt in her mind she was probable thinking about something.

"What you giggling at," asked Rayn.

"Nothing. Yeah Iíll come to you room. What number is it?"

"Room 315 at the Hilton."

"Damn you got that expensive ass room. replied Stephanie.

"Ha, you know how I do it Stephanie," laughed Rayn.

"True," said Stephanie. Iíll be there in about 20 minutes alright."

"Aight, see you in 20."

All of a sudden that nervousness came back to Rayn. She found herself watching the clock like it was the only thing to do. Her palms started to get sweaty and she started to wonder is she made a good decision in coming to see Stephanie. She had no idea why she was so nervous. But she knew she had to contain it before Stephanie came to her room. Time slipped by and what took 20 minutes seemed like 20 hours. Finally as Rayn laid in the bed somewhere between sleep and awake, she heard the softest knock on the door. She thought she was tripping until she heard the same soft knock again. She got off the bed and almost busted her ass on her bags.

"What the hell is wrong with me?." She thought. Again the soft knocks came. She finally made it to her door and opened it. In front her stood the most gorgeous woman she had ever seen. Stephanie was about 5í3 with beautiful bronze skin and the sexiest smile that any woman could possess. Rayn was dumbfounded. She didnít know what to say. She didnít know what to do. She just stood there looking dumb.

Stephanie must have saw the stupid ass look on Raynís face because she started laughing and asked her if she was alright.

"Yeah, Iím straight. Just a little tired." She was lying her ass off. She was just to nervous to say or do anything.

"So whatís up man? Why you acting like you just saw a ghost or something," Stephanie said while laughing at Rayn.

"Damn why you gotta laugh at me?"

"Cause you have the cutest look on your face," replied Stephanie.

"Whatever man."Rayn said jokingly.

When she was finally able to break free from the trance that Stephanie had put her in. Rayn managed to walk over to Stephanie and give her a hug. One of those sweet, nice to finally see you hugs. But in her mind, all Rayn could think about what it would be like to hold Stephanie in a more sensual type of embrace. Stephanieís skin was soft to the touch and this drove Rayn crazy. She wanted so much to tell Stephanie how she really felt about her. And she wanted even more for Stephanie to reciprocate those feelings. But she knew that would never happen. Stephanie was happy with her man and Rayn respected that.

After making small talk about the drive and other things. Stephanie decided to take Rayn out to eat and then shopping. Thatís one thing they both loved to do. Shop. It seems like there were out for hours and hours. Talking about everything and buying any and everything that they saw. Rayn was happy in the presence of Stephanie and she was finally able to understand what it was about her that made Rayn want her so much. Not only was so beautiful. But she was smart and she was energetic and she was sexy without even trying to be. In a nutshell, she was everything that Rayn needed and wanted in her life.

Before Rayn and Stephanie realized it. It was 11 oí clock. The day seemed to have just slip by so quickly. Rayn didnít want to let Stephanie go. She wanted to experience more of her. Even though Rayn would be staying in San Antonio for about 4 days. She wanted Stephanie to be here with her the whole 4 days. But she knew she had to get home to her man. But I guess Stephanie wasnít too worried about her man.

"Letís go to the club," Stephanie suggested.

"Would that be cool with ya man? Iím not tryin to have him come looking for you," replied Rayn.

"Oh, heís out with his boys so he wouldnít mind. So you wanna go or not," asked Stephanie.

"Aight, Iím down with that," said Rayn.

Stephanie must have long decided that we were going to the club long before she suggested it because she already had clothes in her car. While she went to her car to get her bag, Stephanie smiled a coy smile a Rayn. Not sure how to take the smile, Rayn just smiled back at her.
While getting dressed to go, Rayn happened to notice they way Stephanie was sexy from head to toe. She didnít mean to look. It just happened. Stephanie had no problem with getting dressed in front of Rayn. But Rayn felt like a voyuer for watching her friend gets dressed. She felt ashamed yet somewhat intrigued. This woman was truly blessed in every aspect of the word. Stephanie wore this black skirt with slits up to her thighs on both sides with a cute black halter-top exposing her cute figure. Rayn wore black hip huggers and a red half shirt. She was feeling and looking sexy as hell.
When they got to the club, it was already jumping off. Rayn and Stephanie got there are the exact right time. It was 12 oí clock on the dot. Ladies get in free at 12. But only the first 20. Drinks were free too, so both Rayn and Stephanie knew it was gonna be on. After settling down and feeling the crowd both Ray and Stephanie decided to get on the floor and dance. "Get Busy" by Sean Paul was playing and that was Raynís joint. Not realizing what she was doing, Rayn pulled Stephanie a little closer to her and started dancing the way lovers dance. Of course this got a lot of attention from the people around them. Well the men gave them their attention at least. Sometimes when Rayn goes to the club, the music takes over her body and she canít but to grab the person who is closer to her, and Stephanie happened to be the person closes to her. Stephanie didnít seem to mind Rayn pulling her a little closer. In fact she welcomed it and the two of them danced until the song when
As soon as they got off the dance floor, men were flocking to them left and right trying to spit game and get numbers. But neither Rayn nor Stephanie were falling for that. So they politely declined every offer. Rayn offered to by Stephanie and drink and Stephanie accepted.

"What do you want," asked Rayn.

"Anything wet," replied Stephanie.

For some reason that bought an instant smile upon Raynís face. "If only you knew," thought Rayn.

"Two Long Island Ice Teaís," Rayn told the bartender.

Of course the bartender asked for IDís but that was cool. Stephanie may be 25, but she doesnít look a day over 20.

The two of the sat and enjoyed there drinks. The skirt that Stephanie was wearing made Rayn melt. It exposed her thighs when she crossed her legs and that drove Rayn crazy. Stephanie was so sexy and it made Rayn want to peruse her even more. But she knew she could not cross that boundary. She had to contain herself. And as hard as it was, she promised herself she would not think about Stephanie in that way.

After Stephanie finished her drink, half of Raynís and a Smirnoff, she started feeling a little buzzed. She grabbed Raynís hand. Rayn followed her to the dance floor and help her as close as she could while Floertyís Say Yes boomed out of the speakers. Rayn couldnít help but rub her hands up and down Stephanieís small frame. She was hypnotized by the way her body swayed back and forth. She was fascinated at the way that Stephanie touched her and the way Stephanie allowed Rayn to explore her body with her hands. Before long the call for the last danced had arrived, but Rayn and Stephanie were in their own world and didnít hear the call. They didnít realize the club was closing until people started leaving.

"Letís get outta here," pleaded Stephanie.

"Where do you want to go," asked Rayn.

"Letís go back to your room. Can we do that?"

"We can do anything you want baby girl," replied Rayn.

"Okay, letís do that," Stephanie said.

About thirty minutes later Stephanie and Rayn were back in her hotel room. Stephanie was lying on the bed watching Rayn while she changed her clothes. She knew Stephanieís eyes were on her, but it didnít bother her one bit. She liked the fact that Stephanie was watching her. It excited her.
"Do you need anything?",Rayn asked Stephanie.

"No. My feet just hurt," she replied.

Rayn climbed on the bed and removed Stephanieís shoes and started to massage her feet. Stephanie made a sweet moan that sounded almost orgasmic. Rayn massage her Stephanie for about an hour. She loved every minute of it. She liked touching Stephanie. Even if it were just as friendly massage. She enjoyed feeling her skin against her. She wished that she could just kiss her. Just once feel her lips on herís. But Rayn didnít push that wish. She made a promise to herself and she made a pact not to break it. No matter how sexy Stephanie looked. Rayn had self-control. At least she thought she did.

"I gotta pee," Stephanie said.

"Aight," replied Rayn. "You know where the bathroom is"

Rayn sat on the edge of the bed staring at the wall, while Stephanie used the bathroom; Rayn wondered what she was thinking and what she was feeling. She wanted to ask her how she felt about her, but she didnít want to make her feel uncomfortable. Rayn was too busy in her own world to acknowledge Stephanieís presence right in front of her. Stephanie said her name over and over.

"Rayn." said Stephanie.

Rayn jumped when she finally realized that Stephanie was standing right in front of her.

"Whereís your mind at?" asked Stephanie.

"Nowhere," replied Rayn.

"Are you lying to me," teased Stephanie while smiling down at Rayn.

"Yeah Iím lying to you." Rayn said.

"Talk to me then," said Stephanie.

Rayn couldnít help but look up at the beautiful woman. She looked into her eyes and thought to herself, nothing ventured, nothing gained. She broke down and told Stephanie everything that she felt for her. She told her that she wanted her in more then a friendship manner. She said that she respects the fact that she had a man and was in a relationship, but that didnít stop her thoughts from being of her. Stephanie blushed.

Rayn wasnít sure if she did the right thing by telling her everything. Stephanie was her best friend and she didnít want to lose that friendship.

Stephanie still stood in front of Rayn. She didnít look phased by what Rayn had just told her. In fact she looked a little dazed. Probably from the alcohol. Rayn thought all was good. Tomorrow sheíll wake up and not remember a thing that Rayn told her. Stephanie looked like she was in her own world when all of a sudden she bent over and kissed Rayn directly on the lips. Rayn was paralyzed and shocked. But she liked that feeling. She wanted Stephanie to kiss her again. And before she knew it, Stephanie kissed her again, more passionate then the one before. Their tongues touched and Rayn tasted the alcohol on Stephanieís breath. She didnít mind. Stephanie had the softest lips and the most intoxicating scent Rayn had ever inhaled. Rayn started rubbing her hands up Stephanieís thighs. She silently thanked God that she wore this skirt with the slits on the sides. Raynís fingers caressed Stephanieís skin. They kissed harder. Stephanie played with Raynís tongue as they kissed. This made Rayn want to grab her and lay her on the bed. But she had to control herself.

Rayn broke off the kiss from Stephanieís lips. Stephanie was shocked and looked like she had her feelings hurt. But that wasnít Raynís intention. And she let her know that by continuing to creep her hands up Stephanieís thighs. But before she could go up to high, she stopped and looked at Stephanie as if she was getting permission to continue exploring her thighs. Stephanie simple replied by nodding her head softly. Rayn moved her hands higher. Momentarily pausing to watch Stephanie lick her lips and stare at her. Rayn continued up Stephanieís legs. Finally reaching he thong, she slowly pulled them off. This made Stephanie let out a sweet yet sensual moan.

Rayn stood up and kissed Stephanie again. She kissed her deep. She kissed her hard. She kissed her and her hands once again roamed her body. Rayn slowly began to undress Stephanie. Piece by piece she uncovered Stephanieís beautiful flesh. Rayn laid her down and kissed her yet again. This kiss was softer and even more passionate then the one before. She wanted Stephanie more then she had wanted any other woman she had been with. She wanted to let Stephanie know exactly what she felt for her. Emotionally and physically. Rayn wanted desperately to kiss Stephanie from head to toe. Even more she wanted to taste her more then anything. But she had to make sure that this is what Stephanie wanted. Once again, she broke off the kiss.

"Stephanie, are you sure you want to do this," Rayn asked afraid that this question might make Stephanie realize what they were doing. But she had to make sure. She didnít want her to have any regrets about anything.

"Yes, I want to do this. Iíve wanted you to do this for a long time now." replied Stephanie.

That was music to Raynís ear. She kissed Stephanie again. Her hands roamed Stephanieís body. She wanted to make the night last, so she took her time. She kissed every part of her body. She kissed and licked her breasts and paid close attention to her nipples. Stephanie arched her back. She moaned a sweet song and expressed her pleasure. Rayn took each of Stephanieís nipples inside her mouth. First both of them then individually. Rayn loved the way her nipples felt inside of her mouth. She loved sucking and slightly biting them. She loved watching Stephanieís reaction. But she knew Stephanie wanted more. So she gave her more. She slid down to her stomach and teased her navel with the tip of her tongue. Stephanie put her hands on Raynís shoulders. Rayn knew what she wanted, but she would have to wait to get that. Rayn wanted to pay attention to Stephanieís whole body. Not just certain parts. She licked her stomach and once again teased her navel. She knew this was driving Stephanie crazy because she started fidgeting. Rayn went lower. Then lower. She was where Stephanie wanted her to be.

She wanted to make sure this is exactly what Stephanie wanted.

She asked her, "Is this what you want?"

Stephanie moaned, "Yes, this is what I want. This is what I want."

Rayn licked her lips and started devouring Stephanie. She was dripping wet and Rayn loved it. She knew from the first time she saw her that Stephanie would probably taste sweet as hell. And she was right. Rayn teased her with the tip of her tongue. Licking her clit in soft circles over and over.

She felt Stephanie digging her nails in to her shoulders. Rayn composed herself and continued the sensual torture she was giving to her. Rayn licked Stephanie from the top of her clit to the bottom. She teased her with her tongue ring and made her even wetter. Stephanie wanted Raynís tongue inside of her, but Rayn wasnít ready for that just yet. She wanted Stephanie to feel her all the way through.

"Please Rayn, please stop teasing me," Stephanie begged.

That made Rayn tease her even more. Just hearing Stephanie beg like that made Rayn want to continue with the sweet show.
"Rayn, please. Please. I need to feel you inside of me."

That was what Rayn had been waiting on. She spread Stephanie wider and dove deep inside her wetness. Stephanie screamed sexy sounds and began to moan. Rayn made sure to hit Stephanieís spots. No matter how long it would take, she would not stop until Stephanie was thoroughly satisfied. Rayn licked her deep and licked her shallow. Stephanie wrapped her thighs around Raynís neck. Rayn slid her tongue deeper inside. Stephanie screamed louder. Her moans filled the room and it made Rayn want to give her more. She licked Stephanie deeper. Stephanie began to shake and curse at Rayn for making her feel so good. Rayn loved the way she was making Stephanie feel. She loved hearing the way she said her name over and over. She loved the taste of her inside her mouth even more; she loved the fact that it was she that made Stephanie feel like that.

"Do you want me stop," asked Rayn.

"No please donít," begged Stephanie.

But Rayn wanted to please Stephanie in ways other then orally. So before Stephanie could climax again. Rayn slid her tongue out of her. Stephanie begged her not too but Rayn wanted her to experience what she had to offer from every aspect.

Rayn kissed her stomach and teased her navel once again. Stephanieís moans become soft whispers. Rayn continued on the same path upwards as she had done going down. Teasing and kissing and licking each nipple until they once again became hard and erect Stephanie kissed Rayn and tasted her own sweetness on Raynís tongue. Stephanie tried to take over by telling Rayn to lie on her back. But Rayn wasnít about to let that happen. But she did let Stephanie take what little clothes she had off.

The room was stuffy and the smell of sweet sex was in the air. Stephanie and Rayn still had the keys to each otherís fantasies. Rayn was on top of Stephanie kissing her lips yet letter her hands roam freely all over Stephanieís body. Stephanie allowed her body to once again open up to Rayn. She slowly worked her finger across Stephanieís slit and into the wetness of her pussy. She slides one finger inside, then two, then spreading her open for one more. Stephanie moaned and cursed once again.

"God, that feels so damn good. Please donít stop. Please donít," begged Stephanie.

With that being said, Rayn slid her fingers deeper inside of Stephanie. Stretching her open for one more. Now filling Stephanie up with four fingers, Rayn works her deep yet gentle. Making sure not to cause too much pain.

"Am I hurting you baby," asked Rayn.

"Just a little, but donít stop," moaned Stephanie.

"I donít want to hurt you , mami."

"Please donít stop baby," Stephanie begged yet again.

Rayn could feel the slick walls of Stephanieís pussy start to tighten. She knew her climax was coming so she went deeper. Stephanie rotated her hips to help better her orgasm. She could feel jolts of tingling sensations crawling up and down her spine. She raised her hips up and down as Rayn slid in and out over and over.

"Oh shit, Rayn. Iím about to come," screamed Stephanie.

"Come for me baby," Rayn replied while sliding deeper into Stephanie.

Now rayn was the one begging. She wanted so bad to make Stephanie once again tremble with waves of an orgasm.

"Please come for me, Stephanie," pleaded Rayn. It almost sounded as if she was about to break down into tears. No sooner then that, Rayn felt Stephanieís sweet juices explode onto her hand. She felt it dripping from the tips of her fingers to the center of her arm. Stephanieís body shook as the orgasm ripped through her body once again.

Stephanie lay there. Her body was still shaking from the aftershocks of her mind-tingling orgasm. Rayn wanted to further please her but she wasnít sure if Stephanie could take anymore. She later answered that question by kissing Rayn with a slow rhythm.

Rayn asked Stephanie, "Do you trust me?."

Stephanie looked Rayn directly in the eyes and said yes.

"Close your eyes and relax for me," Rayn instructed her. Stephanie closed her eyes and relaxed the best that should could. She was nervous at the fact that Rayn asked her if she trusted him. But she did trust her. I mean after all, she did just give her body to her. Rayn left Stephanie lying on the bed covered with sweat. She liked seeing Stephanie so vulnerable. It turned her on even more. It seems as if Rayn made Stephanie lay there for a small eternity.
Stephanie was nervous but somewhat relaxed. Rayn returned to the bed with a silk scarf and something else that she was sure Stephanie would not object to feel. She slowly covered Stephanieís eyes with the scarf and began to kiss her lips slowly.

"What are you doing," asked Stephanie. Rayn didnít reply. She just secured the scarf around her eyes and continued to kiss her body.

"If at any time you want me to stop, let me know," said Rayn.

"What do you plan on doing to me," asked Stephanie.

Rayn still didnít respond. She rather Stephanie felt first hand what Rayn was about to do to her. She could tell that Stephanie was anticipating something. But she could also tell that she was not sure how to react to what was about to happen.

Not speaking much to her, Rayn once again began to take control over Stephanieís body. Rayn whispered into Stephanieís ear. "Just relax and tell me if you want me to stop." Stephanie just nodded her head. And in less then one second Rayn slipped the tip of a thick strap-on inside Stephanie. She gasped with pleasure and began to breathe heavily.

"Do you want me to stop," asked Rayn.

Stephanie was so deep into the feeling of Rayn being inside her that she was unable to speak. There was nothing but the movement of Rayn inside of Stephanie as the both of them climbed their way into ecstacy. Stephanie made the sweetest sounds that Rayn had ever heard. She slid in and out of her with slow expertise. Stephanie was so wet that Rayn slipped out of her a few times.

Rayn felt her nails dig into her back. That made Rayn slide deeper into her. She made sure to touch all Stephanieís walls. She called out Raynís name over and over. And each time she called out her name the harder Rayn would thrust inside of her.

"Am I hurting you," asked Rayn.

"No baby you feel perfect," replied Stephanie.

"Do you want me to take the blindfold off," asked Rayn.

"Please. I just want to look at you," begged Stephanie.

Rayn stopped making love to Stephanie long enough to remove the blindfold from her eyes. Stephanie immediately looked directly into Raynís eyes. Rayn layed her head on Stephanieís shoulder and began to make love to her. She worked Stephanie deep, pulled out to the tip and worked her shallow. Stephanie wrapped her legs around Raynís body and felt her slip even deeper inside of her. This time a grimace of pain came across Stephanieís face.

"Am I too deep," asked Rayn with concern in her voice.

A soft "no" was the only thing that came from Stephanie. She was enjoying this. She enjoyed Rayn mastering her body the way that she had. She felt as if Rayn and Stephanie fit perfectly into one another.

"Rayn." Stephanie spoke no more above a whisper.

"Yes, baby." Rayn replied.

"Iím about to come baby. Iím so close." Stephanie was ready to once again explode from yet another orgasm. But Rayn wasnít ready for her to experience that piece of heaven she had already felt on two previous occasions.

"Rayn," Stephanie said once again.

"I know baby. I know." And with that, Rayn slowly slipped out of Stephanie.

"Can you do something for me," Rayn asked Stephanie with a serious look on her face.

"Anything baby, anything," pleaded Stephanie.

"Get on your hands and knees for me," Rayn begged Stephanie.

Without and argument, Stephanie got on her hands and knees. Rayn slowly positioned herself so she can enter into Stephanie from behind. Because Stephanie was wet with sweat and other juices, Rayn slid inside of Stephanie with ease and expertise.

"Damn you are so wet," said Rayn.

"You feel so good Rayn, please donít stop."

Stephanie was begged for Rayn to make love to her deeper and harder. She wanted to feel everything Rayn had to offer her. She wanted to feel what she had been thinking about and imagining for so long. Deep down inside, over the course of their friendship, Stephanie too had imagined what I would be like to be with Rayn the same way that Rayn wondered what I would be like to experience Stephanie in the most intimate way.

Rayn grabbed Stephanieís ass and plunged deeper inside of her. Giving her a fierce combination of pleasure and pain without much hesitation. Stephanie began to moan louder and louder. She was so close to losing her self-control. But she didnít care. She was riding a wave of ecstasy and she didnít want to stop just yet.

"Oh Rayn, that feel so fuckin good. You are so damn deep."

"You like that mami? You want me to go deeper," asked Rayn.

"God yes, go deeper, Please go deeper," begged Stephanie.

Rayn fucked Stephanie mercilessly. She worked Stephanie from every angle. From every position. Stephanie was close again. She could feel the walls of her pussy getting tighter and tighter. She begged for me and more. And Rayn gave her what she wanted and what she needed. Rayn soon began to feel the effects of her own orgasm spreading throughout her body. She could feel the same tingling sensation that Stephanie felt before. Yet she knew she had to ignore that feeling and concentrate on Stephanie and her pleasure.

Rayn called out Stephanieís name over and over. She was beginning to feel things that she had never felt with any other female. She was on her own high and she didnít want to come down.

Stephanie was so close that she could feel the makings on a tremendous orgasm rip through her body. She tried to fight it but the feeling was taking control over her body completely.

"Rayn, I canít take it anymore. I need to come," begged Stephanie.

"Stephanie, I wanna come with you baby. Can I come with you," asked Rayn.

Stephanie and Rayn both shared a mind shattering orgasm that crashed through the both of them like waves on a beach. Both exhausted and spent from hours of love making, Stephanie laid in the arms of her friend, and for that night only, the arms of her lover.

It seems as if days had gone by since Rayn first saw Stephanieís beautiful smile as she opened her door. But in fact it had only been a few hours. Rayn didnít want this to end. She didnít want to let go of the feelings that Stephanie gave to her. She didnít want to go on knowing that she might not ever be able to hold her in her arms like this every again.

Before the sun came up Rayn watched Stephanie sleep. She watched how her hair fell over her eyes. She listened to the sweet snore that escaped her. She was so beautiful lying there. But now Rayn wasnít too sure how Stephanie would react to what the two of them had just shared. Of course Rayn loved what they did. But she was also afraid of what was in the future for their friendship. Rayn walked over to the window. Watching the sun come, Rayn didnít notice that Stephanie was awake and watching her. Stephanie covered herself with the sheet from the bed and walked over to Rayn.

"Are you okay, baby?"

Rayn jumped when Stephanie spoke to her.

"Iím sorry," Stephanie apologized. "I didnít mean to scare you."

Rayn laughed, "its aight. How did you sleep?" she asked.

"Perfectly. I haven't slept that well in a long time," she smiled.

"Iím glad I could have been some assistance," Rayn laughed.

Rayn all of a sudden remembered what she had been thinking about before Stephanie scared her. And it was written all over her face.

"Rayn, whatís wrong. Talk to me"

"Stephanie, I just donít want you to regret what we did last night."

"I wouldnít regret something like that. Iíve actually been curious to know what it would be like to be with you in everyway possible," replied Stephanie.
The two of them shared a sweet kiss. It wasnít a friendship kiss. It was one of those kisses that two lovers share. A kiss that said I love you, but in a way that couldnít be completely fulfilled. And they both understood why, and Rayn had no problem with it. She knew that if circumstances were different, then she would be able to hold Stephanie like this every night for as long as she allowed her to. And Stephanie knew what Rayn felt for her. Physically and mentally. And she was satisfied with the night that the two of them shared.
Instead of leaving three days later as planned, Rayn decided the best thing for the both of them was for her to do was leave. Not because she wanted to leave, but because they knew that if she stayed around too long that feelings would become stronger. They made love one last time before Rayn packed all of her things

Stephanie cried as Rayn pulled out of the parking lot of the hotel. She really didnít want her to leave. But she knew it was best. She was falling in love with Rayn and at that time, she knew she could not give Rayn the love the she deserved. When Rayn was gone from Stephanieís sight, she sat in her car and cried harder.

Driving home Rayn replayed the night and morning over and overin her head. And each thought that passed through her mind made her body want Stephanie more and more. Before she realized it, Rayn felt herself crying about not being able to love Stephanie that way she wanted to love her. But she was thankful that for just one time only Stephanie was able to submit to Rayn, with no regret.

The End

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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