Deep inside a fly house party in Soho, Darlene, my partner of three years and I slowed danced, grinding like new love to that new 'lil Kim joint blaring ghetto style from Sterling's expensive Sonus Faber Amati speakers while other gorgeous sistah's around us made sweet body music of their own. Sterling is this "FINE" model I met at a photo shoot while on assignment in South Beach. I'm a set designer and Sterling really liked my work so we exchanged numbers and soon I was on guest lists to A-list industry parties and her own slamming private parties. According to the grapevine her soirees were grand and live like that, full of beautiful women, fine champagne and beautiful women. I never accepted any of her invitations because, I must confess, I was straight up attracted to Sterling like a real bad habit. She was what my Nana would describe as a tall drink of water, close to 6 feet tall with skin a deep, soft chocolate and long, jet-black, wavy hair down her back. To best describe Sterling, words come to mind like willowy, graceful, sensuous, and gentle with, I suspect, some underlying wild streak mixed in there. All models possess some level of freak as far as I'm concerned. Less exotic looking than Naomi, more American looking than Tyra, she didn't mind the comparisons as she claimed to know them both and said both were, "really cool."

Tonight, she was wearing this unbelievable see-thru number. A very sheer blouse matched her chocolately complexion perfectly, only it was far too easy to notice her naked breasts underneath. Her stiff nipples were tiny, barely there however her large areoles were super-sized. Her tight brown leather pants fit like a second skin. Her figure was sleek and feminine. I'm only human. Despite this mildly innocent crush, I am madly in love with my partner Darlene, and very committed to our relationship. I respectfully resisted any form of temptation by avoiding Sterling and her phat parties. Besides, there is no competition that could come between my lover and me.

Until tonight. Darlene and I reached a certain level in our relationship where we felt we no longer had to shelter each other. Emotional maturity is a state of mind, after all. In fact, there was nothing that could threaten us. Our thing was real tight. (Notice how I try to convince myself of this!)
The Alize punch was crazy. I'm not a drinker but the oversized punch bowl chock full of delectable sliced fruits and a charming ice sculpture of a well endowed African Princess in the center made the entire libation presentation hard to resist. The more Darlene and I drank, the more we danced and the more we danced, the more we drank.

The overall mood was something like the aura one feels during a Me'shell concert. Ever been to a Me'shell concert? Sistah has got to be the high priestess of raw lesbian sensuality as her deep growl purred through the room Everyone was feeding off of each other's sexual energy. It was freaky. The sexy music, the food, (all finger food) which ran the gamut to freshly shucked oysters, grilled sea scallops, giant shrimp cocktail to huge chocolate covered strawberries, freshly dipped chocolate covered black cherries to the almost sinful punch made for a titillating oral gourmet experience. The aroma of scented candles flickering all around blending with sexy incense and damn near half naked women everywhere was over the top. For real.

I excused myself from Darlene to go to the bathroom. Even the bathroom was magnificent with elaborate brass fixtures, real imported Italian tile and a bidet. Checking the mirror, I ran my fingers through my locks and touched up my lips before rushing out. Before I got to the living room, a voice called from behind.

"Excuse me, I think you left something in here." Without thinking I headed back into the bathroom, feeling the wall for the light switch when I heard Sterling's sultry voice from behind me.

"Sky, I thought you'd never come in here. All that punch you were drinking I was wondering when your bladder would give in!"

I laughed to myself nervously thinking of something to say when Sterling closed the door behind us, the lights still off.

"Sterling, what are you doing?"

"What do you mean what am I doing? You know what I'm doing, with your fine self. Girl I wanted you from day one. Stop fronting, you know you want some of this." Okay, so this was the moment I've been trying to avoid all along. My absolute worse fear for the evening had become a reality that quickly.

She immediately took both my hands and planted them solidly to her leather-covered backside. Her cologne was exotic and heavy almost suffocating. Her body heat was searing. I slowly moved my hands from away from that butt.

"Sterling, you know you're something else, " I laughed, calling myself playing it off. "You are very beautiful - I know I don't have to tell you that and I'm flattered by all this, but you know I have someone whom I love very much."

"Relax girl, I'm not trying to break up your happy home. But since my business is hanging all out like this and I'm feeling kind of embarrassed being that I just played myself and all, can I ask just one thing?"

I wasn't prepared for this. I didn't like being caught out there but since I was in the moment, I figured I had to see it thru. Silently, I waited for Sterling's "revelation".

"Can I kiss you? Please? Just one kiss. That's all. Give me that and I promise I'll leave you alone." And while saying this she placed my hands back on that ass moving in closer to me until I felt those nipples burning holes thru my chest and the fire between her thighs trying to burn a hole in between mine.

A kiss. There was no way this was right. I could never blame some spiked punch for my actions but I was weak, girl was I weak. I've harbored this insignificant crush on Sterling for as long as I knew her, and while she was just a pretty face I would never have someone like her as my partner. Girlfriend was too fabulous for me. Fabulous enough to concoct some weak ass line about a kiss that my weak ass fell real hard for. So unfortunately, I chose to indulge myself of a momentary fantasy for only a moment, a harmless moment.

I pulled her in to me as gently as our lips met. At first, we each allowed ourselves, our bodies, our lips to merge and sink in to each other. Her lips were so soft, her kiss calm and sensuous before it became more turbulent and lusty. Our tongues intertwined teasing each other in some oral dance, which caused her to lean into me, hips pivoting into a slow wind, her ass resting restlessly between my palms. It developed into quite a long and lengthy kiss. In all its shame, our lips were locked while our hands traveled all over each other with remarkable speed, as if in a race against time. Maybe it was the punch, or maybe it was just the whole concept of Sterling that made me rip open that sheer blouse of hers allowing my kiss to travel down the luxurious length of her neck and down to her chest, which was heaving steadily. Cupping one her breasts with delicate squeezes of her own hand, I followed her lead, sucking her nipple so hard she groaned. Oh yes, this was feeling too good. She continued to massage both of her delicious breasts, feeding them to my hungry lips, lips that terrorized her with a repressed fire. With her index finger, she guided my chin up to her mouth again, which was now much hotter than before, her tongue seemed to be growing in size at the same rate as my clit. I hadn't noticed that she had pushed her leather pants down around her thighs. I could almost taste her wetness in the air. A heavy rapping on the door concluded this episode before we could.

"I, I really better go." I stammered trying to resume some control over the situation. I know I was late, but fortunately fate had intervened.

"Too bad I couldn't cum!" Sterling replied sarcastically, kissing me on the cheek while pulling her pants up before exiting the bathroom, closing the door behind her. I could hear her key-keying with someone outside, directing them to use the bathroom in her Master bedroom. Only then could I manage my very belated escape.

Darlene wasn't too far away. "What took you so long? I was thinking of going in there after you!" I was glad she didn't.

"Let's go get another drink." I responded, leading her back to the punch bowl. My heart was beating out of control and I wasn't sure if I should have been feeling relief or humiliated by my selfish actions. My mind drowned by the punch, I knew I had to wash away that kiss as quickly as possible and somehow be thankful Sterling and I were interrupted before any further damage was done.
Back at the party.

Sterling announced, "Ladies, you got game?" In her hand was a bottle of Red Alize. Sisters roared their approval as all twenty of them got down on the floor of Sterling's massive living room. Everyone stretched out forming a semi-circle on a huge Persian rug, posing rather seductively on small mountains of mudd-cloth and kinte covered pillows of different shapes and sizes strewn about everywhere. In the center of it all stood Ms. Sterling, the Mistress of Ceremony.

Spin the bottle? Ah hell naw! Darlene and I were not game. We didn't know it was going to be that kind of party. Darlene stood there clutching my hand tightly for security while I awkwardly avoided Sterling's stare. It was deep and highly suggestive stare. Embarrassingly enough, Darlene and I were the only one's who weren't down.

"Come on, Sky. What's up? Play! It's harmless."

All I could do was shake my head no.

"Oh, is it because you two are a couple? It's okay; half of this room is coupled off, Darling. We are all secure and respectful females here. Besides, the bottle is full. You always have the option of taking a shot of Alize instead of someone's lips, that is, if you dare. Come join us." I didn't know about the respectful part.

Suddenly I felt both stupid and lured by Sterling's eyes. Attempting to lead Darlene to the center of the room, I felt her tug me back. I looked at her, gazing deep into her eyes. Darlene was not feeling this but I was plagued by peer pressure and infatuation. I tried to express to her that it would be all right. We were already standing out, making a scene. I didn't want any more of the spotlight. All of those eyes were staring at us as if we were some unevolved old school mentality sapphists. I had to prove them wrong. Darlene, vibing defeat, gave in.

The first few spins and kisses were fairly mild, but things started to heat up pretty quickly. When the bottle pointed to Sterling, the room was enveloped with women yelling heartily. Sterling was unbelievably humble, leaning over very lady like while the spinner; another attractive young lady kissed her long and tenderly. The applause was polite, as Sterling winked at the kisser.

"Come on, Sterling! Spin!" They coached. I hoped and I prayed that the bottle did not point in my direction. My prayers were answered. The damn bottle pointed directly in Darlene's direction. The applause was even louder this time. My head was reeling. Darlene was frozen in place. Before I knew it Sterling had crawled her ass over to Darlene and planted a long, sensuous kiss on my partner and it seemed, if only for a second, that Darlene had kissed her back. She certainly didn't pull away. Not quickly enough for me. The whooping and cheering of the other sistahs did not help the situation along. I was unsure of what to do, of what exactly to feel. Darlene looked at me with a mixture of regret and anger. All I could do was belatedly wipe Sterling's kiss and voodoo from her lips.

"Spin, Darlene." The women coaxed. I avoided Sterling's stare. I know she was waiting for me to return her look. Darlene hesitated; her eyes steady on me, as if asking me what to do. I looked away, embarrassed for us both. There was no way I could blame her for any of this. It was all my damn fault. When she spun, yea, she had the nerve to spin after that, the room full of toasted drama dykes applauded politely. What could provoke this reaction? When I looked down and saw the bottle was pointed at me, I smiled, hesitated for a brief moment before lifting the bottle from the center of the floor, twisting the cap open taking a very long sip. Afterwards I stood up, grabbing Darlene into my arms and kissing her long and deeply. With the bottle in one hand, and Darlene in the other, we casually strolled out of the party, a grand applause could be heard at our backs.
We never went to another of Sterling's parties ever again and I will never, ever touch another bottle of that nasty Alize - and that night, Darlene and I had the best sex we've ever had. Now you figure that one out!


Copyright © 2001. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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