_____"We can't keep doing this," Nyla exclaimed.
_____"Doing what," the woman questioned.
With no response, she continued to unbutton Nyla's blouse from a kneeling position. She was very engaged with the task, although she had done it several times before in this very office. It was lunch hour, and Nyla was the only thing on her menu.
_____"I have a wife at home," Nyla confessed.
_____"I know," she replied.
_____"I would never want to do anything to hurt her."
_____"I know."
_____"She's the best thing that ever..."
_____"Shhhh." She grinned and put her finger to Nyla's lips.
_____The warmth of this woman's eyes put her soul at ease. They allowed her to enjoy this guilty pleasure without anguish or the shame of deceit.
_____When every button was undone, an air of thick anticipation filled the room. Everything became still. The beating of their hearts pounded in unison as they gazed longingly at one another, silently exchanging permission. As her mistress began pleasing her upper body with kisses and supple caresses, Nyla wondered what she saw in this woman that made her so feverish.
_____She was so unlike her wife, Teri, whom she truly adored. She couldn't imagine life without her after 10 years of marriage. She was as sweet as they came. So innocent and reserved. But this woman offered something different aside from the loving gestures she and her wife shared. This was sex. It was exciting. Mysterious. This woman appeared out of nowhere one day with promises of agonizing fulfillment, guaranteeing heaven in less than an hour. And she delivered. This was their third session this month. It was never planned, she would just waltz into Nyla's office unannounced. No day in particular, but always at 12 p.m.
_____"I love these," the woman said, suckling vigorously on each hardened nipple. She paused momentarily.
_____"Tell me you like it."
_____Nyla's head fell back into the comfort of her leather office chair. She was weakened by the arrogance of her assumption, but she complied.
_____"I like it."
_____Her sex goddess smiled a devilish grin, and rose to her feet. She climbed the nearby oak desk, throwing anything to the floor that got in her way. She lifted her skirt posing in a doggy style position, exposing her shapely rear end and wet pussy. She never wore panties when she visited. Nyla had never been offered this opportunity in their past sessions, so she quickly took advantage. She manipulated the sugary sweetness that dripped from her like an overturned honey pot. She slid her finger up and down her lover's slit and slowly inserted a finger.
_____"...Mmmmmmm...," she purred, pushing back on to it. "I want it rough."
_____Nyla slid another finger inside. She pumped viciously in and out to keep up with the gyrating motions of her body.
_____"More!" she screamed. Nyla cooperated by sliding in a third. "Right there....Oooo...fuck me!" she cried.
_____Nyla stood from her seat to maneuver towards her suitors breasts. They felt soft and voluptuous. She fondled and pinched at them wildly, never missing a beat on her job at hand. Pounding her lover's insides, for what seemed like mere seconds, Nyla knew that this dam of liquid lust was about to burst. She felt the pulsating contractions at her fingertips, and the energy was shooting through her own body as she probed.
_____Her lover was on the brink of ecstasy, but still managed to be time conscience. She was wet enough to engulf her whole hand by now, but it was already 12:35 p.m. Only twenty-five minutes left. She pawed at Nyla's wrist as they worked in and out of her, stopping her dead in her tracks. She hissed as she removed the soaking fingers from her hole, sliding off the desk only to suck them dry. Her sex was still throbbing and wanting underneath her skirt, but not to be greedy, she dropped to her knees in front of Nyla, still standing. With a quick twist of her fingers, the button on the khakis were undone, zipped down with her teeth. The trousers fell to the floor. To her surprise, she was bare.
_____"You must have been waiting for me," she said in a lusty tone.
_____"Yes," Nyla answered.
_____They fell into position. Nyla in her chair, her mistress buried between her legs. She sucked and licked at her black pearl, while Nyla sat admiring her. The image was too much. Watching her head flail about, all in search of her pleasure. She pushed her tempstress' flowing locks to one side for a better view.
_____The time was ticking. The clock on the wall read 12:47 p.m. Just thirteen minutes, but they both knew that this could be done in half the time. No words were exchanged. None had to be. The sounds of wet satisfaction consumed the small room. 12:50 p.m.
_____"You almost there baby," she asked with a quickly disappearing tongue.
_____"Ummm hmmmm," Nyla replied, gripping the arms on her chair.
_____Nyla felt a heavy current of electricity rush from her pelvis to her chest. It soon made it's way to her throat. Trying to contain the uncontrollable, she belted out a loud shriek. Her breathing intensified along with her swelling clit.
_____"You cumming for me?"
_____", mmm...hmmmmmm!"
_____"I want to taste it. Cum all over my mouth," the woman demanded, continuously dipping her tongue between Nyla's thighs. "Does your wife make your pussy this wet? "
_____"I can't hear you! She give you good head like this baby, huh?"
_____" shiiit...aahhhhh!"
_____Nyla pulled at her lady's hair. She felt that she was being gravitated from her seat. 12:59 p.m. Play time was just about over. She had one minute to pull it together and continue with her day, but right now, she was not too concerned with the idea. She sat exhaling her energy into the open air when her phone began to ring. She snapped back into the world startled and confused with this heavenly figure hovering above her.
_____"I'm going to go now," the woman said adoring her from the view. It was now 1:00 p.m. Nyla had just noticed the time and stood to rustle with her pants and blouse.
_____"No, wait, don't go. I'm gonna take this call..and then...just wait..wait...wait." she pleaded.
_____"Hello?...Yeah..yeah. Sorry I couldn't make it. Maybe we can reschedule for next week."
_____Her mysterious woman picked up the desk ornaments from the floor, and gently replaced them. She removed a piece of paper from the post-it note tray, jotted something down, and left. Nyla, trying so hard to end her phone conversation, didn't even notice. When it had finally come to a close, her lady was long gone. She reached across the desk to pick up the oddly misplaced neon note. It read:
_____I'm sorry I had to leave baby. I have things to set up at the house. It'll be pretty hard to top our little rendezvous today, but I'll see what I can come up with before you get home. I found the perfect maid's uniform. ;)

P.S. I told you this would be fun!

Your loving wife,

The End

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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