__________by Nala

_____I did as you asked and gave you your space. And now my heart aches and needs to be replaced. You lied and deceived me to no avail. But I guess in time I will prevail. I still love you and I still care. But I don't have the time to cry anymore. Maybe one day you will realize; how much you were idolized. This isn't goodbye or farewell. I've just got to on and not continue to dwell.
_____You said you loved me and that you wouldn't cheat. But since you've gotten caught you seem so weak. How could you do this to me. I was the only one there for you when you were in deep. I cry as I write this to you my love. I feel like the white dove that continues to fly. Do you ever think I'll find it in my rainbow sky?
_____I will continue to write you but I won't call. Because you see, no matter what I am a woman of my word. I've never lied to you or deceived at all. Maybe one day...you'll remember this all. The love you were given was free. You think maybe that's why it's happened to me?
_____I will close now; because I can't see the paper. And I'll seal this with a kiss. You were my princess charming and the love you gave me I will truly miss.

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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