Angel Martinez strolled though the campus parking lot. Upon opening the door to her 1996 Black Rodeo she finds a half dozen fresh cut roses on her front seat. How the hell? I've had my keys on me all day. She reaches in her secret compartment. That girl. "Destiny ... Destiny ... Where are you?" She climbs in tossing her book bag to the passenger seat floor, and moves her roses to the seat next to her. She starts up her car to head back to her dorm, when she hears a familiar voice coming through her speakers. **Hello Dear. I hope you enjoyed the flowers. Now we're going to play a little game. First off, follow these directions. Get on I - 26, get off on exit 213, go left about two miles. Meet me at the small Café near the corner. For your riding pleasure I have composed a tape of your favorite slow jams. I love you honey. Destiny.** Angel zooms off to meet her girlfriend of two years.

**Two years prior**

They met sophomore year. It was the first volleyball match of the year. Angel's roommate, Yolonda, dragged her to the match. Yolonda went to see this guy, who went to stare at the team's new star player, Destiny Beeks. Angel finally got tired of Yolonda talking about Keelan all night long. She walked over to Keelan in-between matches and told him that there was a girl in the stands that had been lusting after him for a year. What Yolonda didn't know was that Keelan knew she liked him, he just used Destiny as a decoy to get her attention. After all Destiny was his cousin. He asked where they were sitting. Angel pointed up to the spot where Londa was now missing. He said okay, I'd be up to see her in a few minutes. Angel began to wonder who was this Destiny Beeks that Yolonda was so jealous of. She asked Keelan who she was. He pointed out the 5'10" female now blocking the ball. With her ponytail flopping and the tight shorts fitting her curvaceous ass, Angel stared in grace at the beauty amongst her sight.
"Oh my Lord. She is beautiful. Her body is amazing."
"Well my dear. You would never know that once she's in her street clothes.:
"What do you mean Keelan? Oh by the way my name is Angel."
"Well Angel, wait until after the game, you'll see what I mean."
"Okay I will then. Hey there's Yolonda. Let me go before she sees me speaking to you.
"Aiight later."

Angel hops down courtside opposite the bench. As she passes by the court in her skirt and matching halter-top, Destiny notices her and misses a free spike.
"Yo! Destiny could we bring your mind back to the match and not on some female?"
**Slapping her head** "Oh yeah Barbara. My bad. Damn that girl was cute."
"Get your mind on this match, so we can win okay?"
"All right, all right. Damn take a chill pill!"

Angel makes her way back to her seat.
Damn she was cute. Now if I could not be so damn shy. I wish I could walk up to her. She'll never give me the time of day.
"Umm Excuse me Ms. Yolonda? Mind if I speak with you for a moment?"
"Hey Keelan! Sure," **Londa looks at Angel, who nods for her to go on** "Hey I'll be right back."
"Its cool take your time. I want to move a little bit closer to the floor so I can see the game a little better."
"All right. I won't leave without you. There's only a few more points in this match anyway."
Angel moves down a few rows where she can get a better view of this Destiny Beeks that is now clouding her mind. After a few more points, she has just got to meet this female.

After the game winning kill, Destiny looks over to Angel and winks her eye. After celebrating with her team giving each other high fives, and shaking the hands of the opponents, she runs over to the bench to grab a towel. Damn I got to do this. Or at least get her number so I can call her sometimes. "Hey Barbara? stall Coach for a minute or two. I just have to talk to this girl."
"Okay but you got to hurry. You know how Coach is."
Destiny walks over to Angel.
"Umm Hi. Did you like the match?"
"Huh ... Yeah. Nice hit at the end, I guess. I don't know much about the sport."
"It's called a spike. My names Dest..."
"Destiny. So I have heard."
"Well since you know mine, may I know yours?"
"Well Angel. You stay on campus?"
"As a matter of fact I do. Over at the St. Phillips dorm."
"Really me too. Hey look my coach will be looking for me soon. Mind if I walk you back tonight?"
"Umm no. Should I wait here?"
"Yeah. I'll go change and after coach says her two minutes of that good old blah blah blah, I'll be back. I hate this damn uniform. Be back soon."
Angel could do nothing but gleam at her.

"Thanks for bringing me here. Yolonda, I'll see you back in the room."
"Are you sure? I mean you know it's not safe to walk around here alone."
"I won't be alone, Destiny is going to walk with me."
"Oh ... be careful I heard she was .. well you know ... kinda funny ..."
"Oh you mean gay? Or is it a lesbian? Or even worse Bi?"
"Yeah you know a carpet muncher."
"Does that bother you? Cause if so, I need to know right now."
"I mean I wouldn't mind, but I wouldn't feel right being around a girl that likes other girls. I mean what if I ever saw her looking at me while I was changing. Or worse yet, what if she wanted me. Eww!"
"You know something Londa. I thought you had an open mind. I need to school you on a few things first. You have no problems changing in front of me. Not to mention I hate the term carpet muncher..."
"But you're not like that are you?"
"Well if you took the time to know me well, then you would know that I prefer the term lesbian to dyke or to the worse of them all carpet licker a.k.a. muncher. Secondly, just because I'm gay doesn't make me any less of a person before you found out. Thirdly, not every gay woman wants every woman that crosses her path. I know I don't. Lastly, learn the facts before you start judging folks."
**A small crowd that has gathered applauds her, including Destiny.**
"Well umm, I'm sorry Angel. I didn't mean to offend you. I am very sorry. I was just raised to believe that it was wrong. I'll open my mind to more realistic situations."
"Well any questions you have you can come and ask me. They will be answered. Now I'll see you back in the room"
"Okay good night."

"Very well spoken Angel. I guess you answered my first question. Are you familiar with this stuff?"
"Oh Destiny. Where did you come from?"
Angel is now staring the khaki dressed down Destiny in the chest. Damn a big change from the uniform. "Please don't remind me. I see the way you are looking at me. I hate the uniform, but I have to dress like everyone else on my team. So please if it's all right with you can we not mention it? Are you cold? You look a little chilly, want my jacket?"
"Naw, I'm alright. You gonna teach me about volleyball right. I mean if I'm going to come to more games I should know more about it right?"
"Well first off they are not games they are matches. And yes I will. Not to sound too forward, but I think I can really get to know you. Well I would like to. You cost me a point and a kill, so I think you owe me."
"Oh I owe you huh. Well here let me repay you."
Angel stops in the middle of the street and kisses her.
"Sorry I've never done that befo...."
Destiny kisses her back.
"Well now that makes two of us."
They walk back to the dorm talking more about volleyball.
"Well Ms. Destiny, I guess this is goodnight. So where is your room."
"Room 602."
"Ah right above mine. I'm in 502."
"Oh yeah. So you can tap on your ceiling and I'll come right down."
Destiny shoots her a killer smile.
"I'll remember that. Good night cutie, I'll see you tomorrow?"
"Most def, lets go to breakfast. I'll be here at 7 am."
"Umm Destiny, I don't get up until 7:30."
"Not tomorrow you don't, I'll bang until you get up or someone gets you up."
"Okay ... okay. See you tomorrow."
Destiny leans in for a goodnight kiss. Angel places a finger on her lips. "It was a one time thing. Good night."
She walks inside and closes the door.
Damn I have got to make her mine if it's the last thing I do.

Weeks went by and Destiny kept right on trying. Every home match Angel was there. And for the away matches she was there in spirit. They talked on the phone, if they weren't together. Soon enough they became inseparable. After many tries to get her to say yes to become her girl Destiny got tired of it.
"Angel, girl you know I love you with all my heart but why won't you say yes? I mean everyone already assumes that we are a couple. So why not? You hold my hand, you kiss me. We have yet to make love, but I would like to be a couple when we do."
"Who said we are going to even do it at all?"
"Damn you know that was a low blow. Fuck it. I'm going to practice. Later!" Destiny storms off.
Baby you have got to be patient. Good things come to those who wait. Your birthday is in two days. That's the day baby, that's the day thought Angel as she watches her woman storm off in the direction of the gym.

Destiny doesn't speak to Angel for the next two days. Which she doesn't mind because it gives her a chance to get her surprise party together. All the guests were present all that was missing was the birthday girl. Barbara was supposed to be bringing her. When the doorknob jiggled everyone quieted down.
"Well Destiny, I'm going to get the paper with the set up on it that I wanted to talk to you about." She flicks on the light. "SURPRISE!!!!!"
"Oh my gosh. How in the hell?"
"Hey baby. This is what I've been waiting on. Happy Birthday! I love you girl," Angel kisses Destiny to prove her love. "Now lets party."
They danced until some wee hours later. "All right y'all party is over. I gotta clean up before they come to check. And you Ms. Birthday girl, Sorry to make you clean but I got your gift upstairs, and if you want it you better clean up."

Destiny, Angel, Yolonda and Keelan cleaned until the room was spotless. Yolonda and Keelan headed in the direction of his room.
"Angel, you are so perfect. Thank you for this. I honestly thought you had forgotten."
"Baby, now how could I forget. When you wrote it in every calendar in this room, not to mention my notebooks, and my door as well. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself."
"Okay now where's my gift."
"You got to ask the question first."
"What question?"
"Forget it. The answer it yes."
"Yes? ... yes what?"
"Yes I'll be your girl."
Destiny picks up the 5'6 Angel and swings her around.
"Baby you joking right? Oh my gosh. I love you girl."
As they kiss, Angel begins to unbutton Destiny's shirt.
"Umm baby what are you doing?"
"What you think? Lay down!"
Destiny is worried to find out what her girl can do.
"Is this the other part of my gift?" She asked as Angel disappears into the bathroom. She returns wearing nothing but a see through nightie. Destiny's mouth drops in awe of the beauty before her. They had never gone any further than kissing. So to see her Angel in all her glory, was truly a gift in itself.
"Baby you are so beautiful." Angel blushes.
"I wanted tonight to be real special." Angel finishes undressing her baby until she was wearing nothing but her boxers. Placing her mouth over Destiny's they kissed. Climbing into the bed with her, Angel laid down beside her.
"Baby can I make love to you?"
"Baby girl you can do anything to me as you please."
Angel kissed all the way down Destiny's body. Stopping at her nipple on the way up. Se sucks gently on them listening to the rhythm of Destiny's breath. Slowly she flicks her tongue over her hardened nipples. She makes a trail from one to the other.
"Mmmm, you like that baby?"
Angel moves down to her belly button. She starts to suck on it as she fondles her breasts. "Mmm turn over." Angel pours some of the warmed oil onto her back. Massaging it in, she slides one hand down between her legs to find that Destiny is now dripping wet. Angel licks her fingertips and places her own wet pussy onto the back of Destiny's leg. "Baby you feel that?"
"Yeah baby. Is that what I do to you?"
"Yeah baby. All those nights I dreamed of this, having to finish the job myself, wasn't any fun. I wanted to cum with you."
"Well baby I'm here now and I am not going any where." Angel moves to lick herself off Destiny's legs. She leans up and over Destiny so she can taste her from her own mouth.
"Mmm baby you taste so good."
"I know, turn over I want to show you something." Destiny turns over and sits halfway up in the bed. Angel pulls a 7-inch vibrator out from under the mattress, and begins to masturbate. Destiny cannot believe her eyes. Watching Angel is turning her on so badly, she begins to do it too. Within a few minutes they both cum together.
"Angel baby I want you to make me cum" Angel crawls up between her lovers legs.
"Baby your lips are so beautiful. The way they glisten in the candlelight. Mmm let me clean you up some."
She spreads her lips apart with her fingers and slides her tongue across the opening. Destiny bucks. "Ooh mami." Angel's pace begins to quicken. Destiny knees tighten around her neck. "Oh Mami" Her hands clasp at the base of Angel's neck, thrusting her hips up and pushing Angel's tongue deeper into her hole of sweet nectar. Destiny's cries become louder and louder as Angel steady's the quick pace of a flickering tongue against her throbbing clit. Angel presses her tongue against her as hard as she can. Destiny cries out once more as a stream of nectar drips onto Angel's chin and throat. Quickly Angel sucked up the juices from her queen. Throughout the night they repeated this sequence switching every hour.

**Present time.**

Okay Destiny, where are you? I'm here, you are not. The tape was sweet, but where are you?
"Excuse me are you Ms. Martinez?"
"Yes, I am."
"I was told to give you this."
The man hands Angel a card. It reads ... **Angel my dear. I love you deeply. This you know. I took your truck during your last class. You have a full tank of gas. So now I need your fine ass to drive to Mail Boxes Etc., taped in this envelope is a key. It opens Box #71931. Inside this box you will find clue #3. See you soon. Love your Destiny**

Damn that girl. She's sweet. No doubt I love her to death, but damn, the runaround? Ugh! Wait until I catch her. Angel zooms off towards Mail Boxes Etc. For the next three hours Angel drives around town picking up clues. Finally she gets one the reads ... **Hello my dear. This is the final clue. I will not tell you where to go. For this is the clue you should know. I honestly believe our meeting was fate, not will. You saw me make a spike, and a kill. In this place there is a table you will find. Nearby, you will see me full body and mind. Destiny**
The gym, Destiny you have dragged me all over town, only to return to campus. I'm all out of gas. This had better be good!
Upon entering the gym Angel looks around searching for a clue as to where Destiny may be. She opens the door to see the gym pitch black. Though she knows her way around she waits. Destiny has something up her sleeve, I know it **Announcer mic squeals, woman clears her throat**
"Angel Martinez, welcome to the rest of your life. At center court there's a table **spotlight shines on the center court and a table** and a being in the corner **spotlight shines on a dark figure in the corner** and you of course **third and final spotlight shines on her**. Now as these lights combine I bring you three together. **Spotlights move to be joined at center court along with the dark figure.** Now a pleasant evening has been planned, dark being I now command you to remove your hood. **Hood and cloak are removed to reveal Destiny** take your queen's hand. Dance with her, woo her, and love her as only you can. I now bring together an Angel with her Destiny. **Mic clicks off, as Case's 'Think of You' begins to play**.

"Destiny, first off I'm pissed you had me drive all over town. Do you know how stupid I looked going to get all those damn notes, then to turn around and go to this place and that pla........" Destiny covers her mouth with kisses.
"Sweetie I love you, and there is no denying it. You are the one for me there is no one else. You have made my life complete and there is no one else for me."
Angel reaches out her arms to Destiny. Who in turn takes a hand and turns her around. "Dance with me, my sweetheart." They dance for a short while. "Angel dear, have a seat. I have something to say." Destiny drops to her knee. "My queen, my sweet nubian queen. For the last two years, your love has amazed me, to extents never known. I never thought love would ever hit me so hard. I went and got something done today, while you were in class. **Destiny removes her shirt to reveal a tattoo on her left shoulder blade that reads **Angel's Destiny in a cloud with silver lining and a halo over the A in Angel.** Angel I knew from that first day you walked into the gym that an angel was watching over me. My guardian angel brought you to be. Us, baby its not fate its DESTINY. I love you forever. Angel, with this ring **Destiny removes the silver tray top from the table** and in the middle was a half caret diamond ring. I ask you to be mine. Be my wife, be my partner. You are already my soul mate, now I want to make it official. Will you marry me?"
"Oh Destiny, what to say?"
"Baby just say what's in your heart." Destiny reaches up to wipe a tear from Angel's face.
"She said YES!! Y'all hear me, she said YES!!"
Lights flicker on in the gym to reveal a large crowd. Most of them were trying to hold back their own tears.
"Angel dear one more thing ... Happy Two Year Anniversary. Now lets party. I've got your gift back in my room."
Destiny winks at the love of her life as she slides the ring onto her finger and kisses her future wife. Together they dance the night away. That night the consummate their love and celebrate their engagement.


Copyright © 2000. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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