M. Zora

I believe in waking up soft. Abrasive alarms take years off my life, jerking me summarily out of sound sleep.

I like waking up to soft music, a gradually lightening room and to sex. Often that means sensing the play of my baby’s hand on my warm ass. This morning, as I drifted toward consciousness I felt that sweet touch and turned to nestle my back into the protective softness of her belly. But where the roughness of her warm pubic triangle was expected, I encountered a hard warmth.

Running from my assline, to the small of my back, it was a quiet presence, but by it’s very presence an insistent one, evidence of intentionality, of forethought and of the strong desire of my baby for me. She’d gotten up, gotten strapped and crept back into bed, all unnoticed by slumbering me.

This effort and her prescient understanding of my desires bring me intense joy. For if there is a single thing I’ve missed from my brief years of man-fucking, it is this awakening to a hard-on, greeting the day with the inevitability of penetration, gentle and natural, entering curved from behind.

I don’t open my eyes as she begins to touch my breasts, caress my belly. And as she positions herself to enter me, I am quiet, only curving into a deeper C to present myself for her entry. When I feel her – sweet Jesus – pass into my waiting warmth, I picture hummingbirds and red trumpet flowers, the trunks of elephants, smell honeysuckle riding a hot wave of fresh cut grass. We begin a gentle rock, her face behind my shoulder blades, forehead touching the cool skin of my back as she focuses on the sweet slipping, feels me clenching and releasing around her member. I reach back a hand to feel her hips move, her ass clench as she fucks me awake, alive.

I am so full of her and of love for her, full beyond moans. I imagine a brown baby sleeping in the next room, created of past loving & I come with a mewling cry, no words. I’m held close by her, cradled, until my breath has quieted, my body stilled. In the gray light of our room, the perfect world of our bed, I turn to drink her in. After kisses, my words “thank you baby.”

Her only reply; “good morning.”

The End

Copyright © 2002. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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