Sonya Michele

_____"Honey, breakfast is getting cold. Come on baby, you're going to be late." I yelled to Marcus while pouring Tiffany's milk over her cereal. "Mommy, are you taking me to school this morning?"
_____"No baby, your daddy will be taking you this morning." I said with a sigh of relief. "Mommy, you ain't even right." I snickered replaying my baby girl's words through my mind. I peered out the window while washing dishes to see her, Shadow. She was busy wiping off her Cadillac Escalade EXT. There was something about this woman, which intrigued me. Shadow and her girlfriend April were our neighbors. I watched them every morning each going there own way. Shadow had a way about her, sexy as hell, but with a touch of masculinity that any woman would love to get to know. I watched April look out into the neighborhood to make sure no one was looking as she planted a long, passionate kiss on her sweetheart.
_____I was lost in their world when Marcus surprised me and laid his own little mark of sexiness on my neck. I jumped, he startled me. "Damn baby, where you at?" At that moment he caught my jumpiness and looked out the window. "Oh , I see the neighborhood female lovebirds have sure gotten your attention."
_____"Marcus baby, Tiffany is right at the table."
_____He laughed and played me off jokingly saying, "Now don't you go getting no ideas."
_____"Boy, you crazy, you know I'm lovin on Big Daddy Marcus' long, hard, rod." I laughed as I kissed my baby and husband good-bye. I waved them off and made my way back up the driveway, I couldn't help but look over at Shadow who was still busy wiping off her pride and joy. It was a beautiful morning, kind of muggy for it being so early. Shadow was gleaming, her body glistening from the hot sun. I couldn't believe how she turned me on in a way that I had never experienced.
_____She noticed me standing there. "Hey Mrs. Duncan, how you doin? Beautiful morning, huh?"
_____"Uhm yea." I replied. I was taken aback as she spoke to me. Was I that obvious?
_____"See you got your beautiful family off." She said walking towards me. This woman was beautiful, she had a honey brown complexion. Long brown hair, soft, shining, down off of her neck.. She had dark brown eyes which looked as if they were peering into one's soul. A smile that was infectious, with deep dimples that could make anyone fall in love with her at first sight. "Hey Mrs. Duncan, you aiight?" she asked in her slang type of talk.
_____"Yes, I am quite fine, and you can call me Cher. Can I interest you in a cup of coffee?" I asked not believing that I was inviting this female from around the way into my home. What had come over me?
_____Shadow looked at me with those sexy eyes of hers, and rubbed her six-pack abs and responded. "Well, I ain't too much into coffee, but a nice cold glass of orange juice sure sounds inviting."
_____I watched her as she glanced into the neighborhood and then down to her gold watch which was dangling on her glimmering, tanned arm. Oooh, this girl was damn fine. I thought to myself. She followed me into the house. I closed the door behind us and went into the kitchen. I opened the cupboard and pulled out a long decorated drinking glass, filled it with ice and poured the orange juice. "Hope you like ice in your OJ." I asked as I started a pot of fresh coffee.
_____ "That's fine with me, the colder, the better it goes down. Nice place you have here."
_____ "Yea, it's ok, there is a lot of work to be done, let me show you around." Shadow followed in behind me quietly as we went through the house, I was having doubts, and as the tour of the house made it's way upstairs a sense of guilt came over me as I made my way to the bedroom.
_____ "Damn Cher. You have a very nice bedroom, a real sense of sex up in here. I know Marcus be tearing it up in here." I looked at Shadow in disbelief that she said something like that.
_____ "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have went there with you, we hardly even know one another, my bad, it won't happen again," she said winking at me.
_____ Shadow stood there looking deep into my eyes, and I swear my heart melted right at that moment. There was definitely a chemistry between the two of us.
_____ "Cher, do you feel me? Cause I feel you, I feel your vibes when you look at me from your kitchen window. I saw how you looked at me this morning, you want me, you want me to touch you, you want me just like I want you."
_____ Shadow moved closer towards me, running her finger down the side of my face. Oh, how I wanted her. I was feeling so weak at that moment. We looked at one another when she gently pulled my face close to hers, I could feel her warm breath on my lips. I closed my eyes and let myself go. She kissed me on the lips slowly sliding her tongue deep into my mouth. It was a warm, sensuous kiss, just like the kiss I had witnessed earlier except this time I was on the receiving end. Shadow's hands were caressing my body and I wanted to surrender in her arms, but something about this encounter frightened me, and she sensed it. "Cher, let it go, trust me, I only want to make love to you, rescue you from that lil fantasy you have." She had my head spinning, my body was wanting her touch and the moistness between my legs was becoming unbearable.
_____ Shadow began taking off her clothes. Her body was a chiseled masterpiece. Athletic, brown skin glistening from the heat. I didn't think it was possible to fall in love with another woman's body, but she was beautiful all over. I began to undress myself when she stopped me.
_____ "No, let me." At that precise moment I just stood there as she gently took off my long, cotton button down shirt, she look surprised noticing that I had nothing on underneath but a black thong, she stood back and gazed at my body I could see in her eyes that she was just as astonished with my body as I was with hers. Deep chocolate skin, breast that were full, nipples, round, hard, and erect.
_____ I saw her take a deep breath, and before she began, she looked deep into my eyes, pulled me close to her naked body. She began kissing my neck, sucking, tonguing all the way down to my breast, she sucked long and hard on each nipple, I was lost in her mouth, there was a Love Jones forming in my soul, I wanted her, my body was gyrating out of control, I became weak at the knees, Shadow sensed this and laid me down on the bed, all the while continuing to pull at my nipples with her mouth, it was a turn on how she pulled them hard but seductively with her teeth. I felt her hand reach down between my legs. "Cher, you are soaking wet." I moaned loudly wanting her so damn bad. She caressed my clit with her two fingers. I was feeling oh so good. Shadow slowly inserted one finger into my pussy and stroked in and out, she was driving me crazy finger fucking me into a frenzy. "Oh Shadow, take me. I want your mouth on my pussy, come on girl." I heard her snicker, like a little kid, making her mother angry.
_____ She then began pulling my wet thong off with her teeth, licking each leg as she finally took the last stitch of clothing off of my body, she looked at my lost soul which was all into her, and she slowly placed her face onto my wet mound of loneliness, this woman was rescuing me, and I wanted it. She inhaled me as only a woman could and then I felt her tongue, I could drown in her mouth, she flicked at my clit with such a desire that only she could conquer, I then felt her tongue inside me while her mouth was still massaging my clitoris, I was in another place, this was ecstasy, I was grinding against her mouth, fucking her back, and she was bucking hard against my leg, I felt her wetness, she was moaning, and fucking my leg just as hungrily as I was grinding my pussy on her face. We were in a motion that was like a wild river running out of control. Her motions were becoming faster, my heart was racing, I was feeling lost in a sexual fantasy ride, I wanted to come.
_____ "Cher, your pussy is so breathtaking, cum into my mouth, let it go, I want to feel you explode."
_____ I grabbed her hair and bucked into her mouth, and let go, I heard myself screaming and moaning out of control, my body was shaking.
_____ "Shadow, you are working this pussy, Shadow I am cumming, baby girl, fuck me, I am loving this shit," and with that I came, it was an intense orgasm, I felt my juices flow into her mouth. I felt the contractions in my pussy. Shadow's lovemaking took over my body. My body was gyrating from the orgasms, I don't ever remember feeling like this, I never came this hard.
_____ I don't know what had just came over me. We both laid there totally exasperated for a moment. Shadow got up quietly and put on her clothes, she looked down on me and gently kissed me on the mouth, I smelled my fragrance on her breath and calmly fell in love with the scent of me on another woman. She said nothing to me, just looked at me with that look of hers, she alone had just fulfilled one of my most private and intimate fantasies.
_____ That evening as I was busy washing dinners after dinner I peered out the window just as I had done earlier that morning. Shadow and April were busy planting flowers in their front lawn. They were engrossed in one another playfully fighting with each other, I saw Shadow gently caress April's back and kiss her gently on the neck, I felt a warm rush go through my body. I smiled within myself.
_____ "Girl, stay out of those lovebirds's business, you know good and well you can't handle that type of loving. You know Marcus here, got what you need." He said hugging me from behind.
_____ "Oh, you do, do you?" I said to him as I turned and gave him a deep kiss.


Copyright © 2002. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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