La Poetess

I want to do all those nasty things that lesbians do. That slurping, tongue fucking, pussy eatin, asshole rimmin, muthafuckinme, cunt fisted dyke sex, complete with strap-on and lube for occasional back door entries (cause freaks do it betta.) Forget about that pg-13 lovin, I eat yours you eat mine.... Excuse my french baby, I have nothing but respect for you but, I want you to fuck me. Or I can flip you, your twat plastered to my face or perhaps my face has adhered to your cunt. No matter, just as long as you quench my thirst. I came from it and I have spent my entire life trying to get back in. Oh well, I guess I will just settle for housing my tongue in your hole...

Let's start over. My face is slick with your juices. I wipe my mouth with the back of my hand and swiftly (rudely) flip you (as only a proper semi-stud/fem could) on your stomach, legs spread, ass jacked high in the air. Shamelessly I spread your cheeks and with one longhardslow stroke of my tongue, lick you from clit to asshole. You tremble and cry out, bucking and thrashing against my face, speaking the language of the briefly insane, screaming to me -yesmami-nomore-yesmami-nomore- as you peak and shake and tremble and plead for the pleasure to end (no not yet!) WAIT!...
Sorry Boo Can I start over?

I flip you again. Spread you thick thighs, legs high and wide. You are exhausted but I am relentless (until you say no) I straddle you and spread my hairy lips across yours. They meet in the most intimate of kisses. grinding in steady stroke...two stroke...up stoke...half stoke... down stroke they slurp with slickness and grind in rhythm
I am relentless
Bed coils creaking you moaning me moaning neighbors banging on the walls our yonis communicate in their special yoni language of slurps and clitoral kisses
I am relentless
as you give yourself to me, my hips my pelvis my hands on your breasts, relentless the primitive mind makes me grind you into the tangle of cum stained sheets again.. and again... and one mo' gain the slurping the sliding the grinding the moans the sweating the humping the thrashing the moans my God the moans the moaning oh mama.. oh baby... oh shit... oh yeahahhhhh


Copyright © 2000. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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