Renee Clayton

Dear Girl,
_____Have you ever wondered what it would be like to serve as my whore for an evening? Oh come now, it must have crossed your mind at some point or is this yet another desire that lingers at the edge of the confines of your soul. Trying to escape or waiting for me to set it free? Perhaps I'm completely wrong and you find this thought rather distasteful, but you know what, distaste is relative, is it not?
_____At any rate it pays ridiculously well- and even the most virtuous woman somewhere deep down wants to be dirty. You said that it pleases you to be my woman, would you not find it equally as pleasurable to be my whore? Whore, the word makes you cringe but sets you on fire at the same time. How do we stand the contradictions?
_____In my head I can hear you manage to whisper to yourself, "I would love to be your whore, daddy." You better be careful though and hope that you have not misjudged me. How do you know that I am not some sick fuck with a real yearning for inflicting large doses of pain with my pleasure? When it's business and the money hits the table it doesn't matter, right? I'm paying you to endure whatever, surrender to whatever. This would be the beauty of having a whore for a minute. You don't have to worry about respecting her, protecting her or, on the real, even pleasing her, because it is not about her desire at all. But again you get lucky because my desire is so closely linked to yours that not pleasuring you would disappoint me immensely. There are things I can imagine doing to a whore that I would not do to the woman I love.
_____So, I would want it to go something like this. I call you up and tell you that I require your services for a night You ask me what I have in mind. I inform you that I am the only one that will ask questions-you need only name your price and follow my instructions. You have my word that no real harm will come to you. You hesitate, this annoys me. You are a whore, are you not? "Yes, I am a whore."
_____"Then answer me and stop wasting time." (secretly I'm thinking that it is sort of arousing that you seem to be a reluctant whore except that deep down you probably can't wait to show me just how much of a whore you are)
_____"What is your price?"
_____"$500 up front."
_____I will show you the money up front but you will not have it until I am done.
_____"Fine, whatever."
_____Ah I think I detected some annoyance from you. This will be fun indeed. Meet me at this hotel. The door to the suite will be open but lock it behind you. Change into the items on the chair in front of the mirror. Have a seat and wait for me.
_____As I wait anxiously for you in this closet-like space, I could kiss the person that invented two way mirrors.You do exactly as I ask and I watch you discard your whore gear in front of the mirror. You look a little tense but also excited. Your naked beauty makes my breath catch in my throat and I almost don't want you to put anything on. Self control, self pick up the items I have chosen for you to wear and I have no clue whether you like them or not. Lace push-up bra, a deep but spicy burgundy color with a matching thong and an extremely sheer but short robe to give you some level of modesty. As you slip them on though I can tell you love them. You don't fasten the robe as you sit in the chair and admire yourself in the mirror. I am looking you directly in the eyes but you are unaware as you fondle your breasts and eventually ease your hand inside your thong. I guess that's my cue to get out of here;I can't tolerate disobedience this evening.
_____I fumble at the door to give you a chance to correct yourself. You rise to meet me as I walk in and I motion with one finger for you to remain seated. The room is silent and I stand away from you. I can feel that you want to avoid my gaze but you understand that in this moment it would not be wise.
_____"Spread your legs."
_____You comply with just a bit of irritation on your face. I walk to you, towering over you as I stand between your won't look up at me. I gently place one finger underneath your chin and tilt your head up until your eyes meet mine. You did not follow my directions.
_____"What are you talking about? I have these clothes on don't I?"
_____Your tone is disrespectful, I suggest you alter it. Silence...
_____"Why didn't you follow my directions?"
_____"I did."
_____I step back, grabbing the wrist of the hand that was buried deep inside your thong. I feel you try to pull away from me and I squeeze your wrist tighter. Raising your hand to my face, I sniff your fingers and you realize you are caught and cast your eyes downward. Instantly you feel the back of my hand flying across your face and before you can fully register what has happened, you are being slapped again...and again. Then you feel my booted foot between your legs, pressed firmly against your pussy.
_____"Look at me and listen carefully, disobedient whores make me angry. You will submit to me no matter what. I happen to think you would enjoy it more if I didn't have to force you at every turn but play this any way you like. Just remember I win no matter the conditions. Now say you are sorry for defying me."
_____I walk away from you and sit in the corner staring at you. You look very uncomfortable but you deserve it. When I am before you again you are able to stare back at me without flinching. I pull the blindfold out of my shirt pocket.
_____"You have this last opportunity to apologize before you lose what little control you possess."
_____You are now without sight, I am on my knees in front of you, kissing your neck and then biting gently. My fingers are teasing your nipples and I can feel you moan as my teeth dig into your skin. I stop and you are not happy.
_____"Tell me that you are sorry."
_____I slap you hard and's a little different when you can't see it coming.
_____"Tell me!"
_____"I'm sorry"
_____I heard the tremble in your voice. Well good, maybe we have an understanding now. I pull up a chair and sit directly behind you, wrapping my arms around you, my mouth to your ear, my fingers at times stroking your hair. You are an exceptionally beautiful woman, worth much more then I will spend tonight to enjoy your company. What would turn me on most would be to know your every thought on demand no matter how stupid, nasty or potentially offensive. In return, well in return you get my money but perhaps eventually I could be your owner.
_____"How does that sound to you?"
_____I place my hand around your throat with firm pressure... "You need to answer me right now." I will rephrase the question, "would you like to be my property?" I can feel your pulse against my fingers.
_____"Yes, I want you to own me."
_____"Then you better learn how to behave like property real fast before I lose my patience."
_____I remove the blindfold and stand you up in front of the mirror. You can feel me pressed firmly against your ass my arms around your waist. We are a very hot picture in this mirror together. My hand reaches down into your thong, you are dripping wet; my fingers play roughly with your swollen clit. I watch you in the mirror.
_____"Tell me what you want."
_____I stop touching you...I grab you by the back of your neck, turn you around and push you onto your stomach on the bed.
_____"Get on your hands and knees, Now!"
_____I come to the head of the bed and kneel in front of you. I undo my belt, with your mouth only. My tone is saturated with anger and you do not hesitate to busy your mouth. You pull my belt completely out of my pants and just hold it obediently in your mouth. I take it from you and leave you there on your hands and
_____"I want nothing less than your every thought when I ask you a question, do you understand?"
_____"We will start with something really simple like- are you a whore?"
_____Hesitation...silence and then the sound of my belt colliding with your ass.
_____"Answer me!"
_____"Yes I am."
_____"Okay now why the fuck was that so hard, do you like being a whore?"
_____My belt kisses your ass several times in succession.
_____"Tell me everything if you want a chance at belonging to me."
_____"Sometimes I like being a whore because it makes me feel powerful, untouchable and skilled."
_____"At other times I feel dirty and untouchable in a disgusting way."
_____"How do you want to feel as my property?"
_____Hesitation...I push you flat to the bed.
_____"Turn overon your back."
_____I spread your legs wide and lay on top of you. The roughness of my fully clothed body against your bare skin...
_____"Do not turn away, look at me and tell me how you want to feel as my property. Do not make me ask again." My heart is pounding uncontrollably, you are oblivious to how badly I need you to answer this question and then you say, "I want to feel pure, whole and wanted"
_____"And what else?"
_____Through gritted teeth, I repeat,"what else?" you say nothing. I slap you with little control of myself and then I hold your face tightly with one hand.
_____"What else?"
_____"I want to feel loved by you."
_____"You want to be loved by me? Even if it means being obedient, submitting completely?"
_____"What if being loved by me requires that you are no one else's whore but mine?"
_____"I can do that."
_____"What if, what if you learn that the strength of my love is too much?"
_____"Then I will allow it to consume me."
_____Precisely the answer I was waiting for though I doubted that you would be able to produce it or rather that you would be willing to produce it. But it wasn't just an answer from your lips it had all the markings of a response from your soul.
_____Saying nothing, I remove your skimpy clothing,position myself between your legs and part you there with my tongue. Your body is very tense.
_____"Relax, let me please you or better yet tell me what it is you want most right now."
_____You are so frustrating with the refusal to answer thing. You won't answer so that means you get whatever I want you to have.
_____"Get back on your hands and knees, Now! I want your ass high in the air and remember I know how to get it there in case you can't"
_____I put my hand gently on the small of your back and it startles you, I'm stroking your clit slow with one finger and then I push roughly into your aching hole and begin to move in and out of you with force.
_____"Please what?"
_____"Please stop"
_____"Hell no"
_____Harder and deeper, stretching you, I can feel you fighting against my intrusion...
_____"No, please just stop!"
_____Stopping is not an option, "submit to me."
_____"I can't, it's too much."
_____"I will make you."
_____You feel an intense stretching inside you that almost burns as I ease my fist into you. You have lost track of your breathing as you try to quickly accommodate my hand. Just as quickly though, I am moving my fist in a twisting motion in and out of you.
_____"Do you want me to stop?"
_____"Yes, it hurts."
_____"You don't really want me to stop, I believe you are lying."
_____"Please believe me, stop!"
_____"No this is what I want, let me have you. You said you would let my love consume you if it was too much. Or are you really trying to tell me that you are not worthy of being loved by me, is that it? Tell me, are you worthy of my love?"
_____I continue to fuck you mercilessly not expecting you to have the strength to answer...and then you say, in a barely audible whisper, "yes I am worthy." Indeed, you are beautiful girl.
_____So, can we do this?
_____Write me back.



Copyright © 2001. Used by permission of author.. All Rights Reserved.

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