The Ad read:
New York Puerto Rican female
5' 7" Medium build, shoulder length hair in search of friendship; perhaps more. I love all types of music salsa, reggae, soca; R&B. Soft fem women only need apply. No men and no games.

_____I had just recently filed for a divorce from my husband and I was in search of a new life - perhaps this was it. I decided to call her and over the next four days we talked for what seemed like a lifetime. We agreed to meet for lunch. I walked through the door a little past 3:00 p.m. I recognized her right away from her description. She was beautiful. A goddess if you will. Her eyes - hazel, her lips- full, and complexion - olive the girl was fine.
_____"Serita," I called.
_____ "Deshon?" She responded. "So nice to finally meet you." We talked like we were old friends and soon the place was about to close lunch had turned into dinner. "I've monopolized enough of your time she said I better let you go."
_____ "If it's not too late I would like to show you something." She agreed. We reached our destination, the Palo Alto duck pond. We walked along the trail as I took pictures of the birds and ducks. I could see Serita was in awe of the natural beauty of mother earth.
_____Her smiled quickly warmed my heart. I could feel my nipples harden we walked to the end of the catwalk just in time to see the sun set over the Pacific ocean. Our eyes then set on one another. My clit was throbbing with extreme heat and passion. I could see her nipples protruding threw her blouse. I wanted to take her in my arms and kiss her but fear kept me at bay.
_____As the wind blew up my skirt I remembered that I had no panties on. The cold air caressed my clit with such an embrace that I began my sojourn ride of climax ion... it came in waves; first suddenly, then with great intensity I began to quiver. Serita asked, "Are you cold?" With a surprised look I answered, "Yes!" I didn't want Serita to know the affect she had on me.
_____We approached the car and prepareed our selves for good-bye. "Can I have a hug goodbye?" I asked.
_____ "Yes," she said. As I placed my arms around her I could feel her breath quicken and her hand found her way on my thigh inching it way up to my hot wet pussy. I pulled away quickly. " I'm sorry," she said.
_____"No, that's okay. You just caught me by surprise." We talked some more and soon parted company. I arrived at home feeling like a child who had a silly schoolgirl crush. I prepared my things for work the next day and quickly showered. I lay on the sofa listening to Charles Martin. As I drifted into abyss and contentment I closed my eyes and there she was...
_____She stood in the door way with just a sheer teddy. How did you know where I lived I asked. She answered I followed you. "How did you get in?"
_____ "SHHhhh," Serita answered as she kissed me long and soft. I quickly opened my eyes thinking this is not a dream she is here for real. Before I could ask another question, she planted another kiss on me this one with a little force. I cupped her breast; they were big and full. I encircled her nipples and I could feel them harden inside my mouth. Serita began to kiss my body all over. She neared my ears and whispered, "I know."
_____ "You know what?"
_____ "It's okay-just relax," she said as she laid me down on the bed.
_____I asked again, "You know what?"
_____Serita smiled and said, "I know you came at the catwalk." She placed her finger inside of me and moved ever so gently. Then she put two fingers in and slowly increased the force.
_____ Now, I was ready. I pleaded with her not to tease me as she knelt down and took complete control. I quickly gave way to the desire and reached an insurmountable amount of pleasure. Still in disbelief the wave came quicker with greater force and as my eyes rolled in the back of my head and my toes curled and the trembles turned into mini convulsions, this hot gush of serenity left my being and I felt weak.
_____Serita then dismounted me and told me to climb on top. She then guided me through an assortment of pleasures. I found myself between her legs for hours licking and eating and drinking her nectar. She started to chant, "Say my name. Say my name. Baby, come on, say it."
_____ "Serita," I called.
_____ "Again," she cried as she tightens her thighs and I feel the tremors start.
_____ "Serita!" I called before I put my tongue all the way inside and then played with her clit. I licked a little faster now and we both had a rhythm going. We were one in our efforts.
_____ "Here I cum. Say it! Say it!"
_____ " Serita! Serita!"
_____We both collapsed with hallucinating gratification . . .


Copyright © 2001. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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