__________by Dyvacat

We met & became friends
Dated and became closer
So now the time has come to introduce myself as your Lover
You've never seen me this way before
A Freak that wants to enter your very soul
Caressing you with slow kisses that reach your most tender spots
Licking, nibbling, and tasting each and every drop.
I bet you didn't know how much I love the taste of pu*sy
As I tickle your clit with my tongue, causing you to quiver & shiver~ but
won't let you cum
See I enjoy giving you all the pleasure you so richly deserve
We waited this long, so you I MUST serve
Burying my face between your thighs....
Me squeezing your ass as you grind
I feel your clit getting harder between my lips, and your sweet juices
running down all over my chin
You feed me your love, as I f**k you with my tongue
My sheer intention is to make you Sprung
You love how well my tongue finds that hidden place
Right under the hood of your clit, as I rise to see your face
Sheer satisfaction overtakes you now
So I bury my face deeper as I open your legs wide
Licking, sucking, and nibbling your clit
Sticking my tongue in and out of your pu*sy over and over again
Your hands find my head, and you hold it tightly
Your rhythm is smooth, while my tongue is moving wildly
You scream and cum at the sheer pleasure you received
You kiss me seductively and whisper.....
Now let me introduce you to Me

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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