by InsatiableK

How was your day chere? My boss pissed me off today. I'm sorry to hear
that, how about I make it better? I pull your shoes and leggings off and
start massaging your feet. Ummh, that feels good. As your muscles relax,
I move up your leg, kneading and soothing as I rub. Your eyes are closed
and your lips are fixed in a smile. I stop one I've massaged your knees.
Your smile suddenly turns into a frown. Ohh and it was getting good! Ahh
but it will get much better. Stay right here. You take your jacket and
shirt off -leaving on your camisole and skirt. I bring the apples and
Sprite, in the chilled wine glasses, and we switch places. I pull you
closer to me as I feed you the apples. Erykah fills the room with "Stay"
as I hand you your Sprite.

This is so relaxing and the candles are a nice touch, thanks bay. You
kiss me softly and I lick your lips, your mouth opens as our tongues
greet each other. Just as I'm about to suck your tongue I feel something
cold on my chest. Oh! Look what I 've done, I've spilled my drink. The
liquid is glistening on the curve of your breast so I taste the
sweetness of the sprite and you, licking your breasts and your neck,
while rubbing your thighs. Hmh! Ha, ha , no not yet, my love. So I lift
you and pull you towards the bathroom. Oooh more candles, yes my sweet,
I just want to see the glow of the candles on your skin. I slowly
undress you and help you into the steaming water. I lay our head on a
pillow and start massaging your shoulders, from there I rub your arms
and then I decide that it s time to get you all clean. I lather the
sponge up, gently lift your head and wash your neck and back. Rubbing in
a circular motion I bring the sponge to the front of your body paying
special attention to your valleys. Oooh, don t stop. Aww not here. I
rinse you off and wrap you in a towel.

As we reach the bedroom, I tell you to close your eyes. I towel you off
teasing you of course getting you more excited. No peeking, I lay you on
your stomach and start massaging your back and legs. Once all of your
muscles are relaxed. I reach over for an ice cube. I put it in my mouth
and everywhere my hands have touched my mouth and the ice follow. As the
water hits your spine I hear you moan softly. I take another ice cube
and trace the outline of your buttocks as my tongue travels the length
of your legs. Once the ice has melted I decide to let you wait just a
little longer for your pleasure. I take each of your toes and suck them
gently. When I feel you trying to turn over I quickly move the length of
my body over yours and lick the trails of my hand between your legs to
feel the warmth of your love and tease your button. I dip one of my
fingers on the outskirts of your crevice and rub it there. Oooh, I want
So I slide my fingers in while teasing your clit and my tongue
journeys from your butt to your back. Your hips start to move and I lick
your back. Your hips start to move and I lick your ears and neck,
needing to taste them. Suddenly I stop, wanting and needing to know if
you are enjoying this as much as I am. Please, you say breathlessly. I
don't want you to come yet.
Turn over. You moan, but I don't want you to
stop. So I kiss you deeply, put my fingers back in you and start to move
them in a circular motion. Oh bay that feels so good, don't stop!

I continue to please you, alternating my mouth with yours and your
nipples. I feel your muscles tighten and your legs start to shake. I
stop again. No my love not yet. I move my hand and get out of the bed. I
want you to stay here, don't move. I'll be right back. i go and get a
Jell-O pudding cup and bring it back. Would you like some pudding? A
smile comes to your face. I dip a finger in the pudding and place it
near your mouth.....

"K, I really love all of this, but now it is time for me to return
the seduction," I purr. Your eyes widen in surprise. "Well, well what do
u have in mind, Chere?"
u ask smiling. " I can show u better than I can
tell u, Insatiable One," I whisper as I slide my moist tongue inside
your ear. I take u by the hands and stand u in front of the bed. Then I
remove your clothing piece by piece all the while staring at u actively.

Your beautiful brown eyes fill me with passion as I play in my
head exactly what I plan to do to u. As I strip u bare, I give u a
once-- make that a twice-over --and gently lay u in the same spot where
I once was. I straddle u and begin kissing u passionately and tenderly
all the while stroking your lovely face and running my fingers through
your silky shoulder-length hair.

Our tongues meet and my button becomes enlarged. "See what u do to
me, bay?" I ask coyly. I kiss and lick your neck and then move down to
your ample breasts to lick and suck each nipple. As I kiss and lick your
smooth flesh, you run you fingers through my locs. "OOHH bay, that feels
u whisper. "It gets better," I say assuredly.

I move over your stomach and lick and kiss each spot tenderly. I
love the touch, look and taste of your honey-golden skin. I have never
touched anyone who was so soft. I lose myself in the moment, all the
while straddling, humping and caressing your body. "So soft, so
beautiful," I whisper breathlessly, getting more turned on but eager to
give u as much pleasure as u have just given me. "Are u ready, my dear?"
I ask as I notice the glistening moistness between your legs. "I was
born ready, Chere!"

We both laugh hysterically. After the laughter subsides, I slide
slowly down your body, all the while gazing into your eyes. Your gaze
meets mine as u contemplate the sensations u are about to undertake.
"Fasten your seat belt," I tease. You smile that gorgeous smile of yours
and I think to myself, "I am really going to blow your mind lady..." I
part your shapely legs and kiss and lick your inner thighs. "Let's see
how insatiable u really are," I teased. I lower my head and nuzzled your
soft hair. "The smell of u drives me wild," I say. I slowly lick and
encircle your button with my tongue and u gasp in ecstacy. I, too, am
moist and hot but I want to focus on u. As I begin to suck your clit,
you spread your legs wider to allow me full access.

"Your pleasure just turns me on more, ya know?" You hit the bed
several times, unable to speak and I smile to myself. Your hips gyrate
and your breathing quickens. You playfully start to move away from me
and I pull u back. "Get back here, woman. I'm not through with u
yet........" The finale is soon to come.

Copyright © 1997. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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