_____Oh god let this be over soon 2:14. Fifteen minutes left in my History class. Lord this professor could talk about nothing forever. Damn what is he talking about anyway? I try to force myself to stay awake but he is quickly making my mind wander. Thank god this is my last class of the day, I don't think I can sit through another class today. I am staring down the clock willing it to move faster I look around the class room and notice that I'm not the one with that will this never end? look on my face. But not her she is giving him her full attention. She is hanging on his every word. She is mizz Gina Cohen. Damn she looks so good. She has smooth chocolate skin, she's about an inch shorter than me and she is utterly beautiful, perfection. Ok so I know I'm getting a little bit corny, but this is the girl I have been in love with since freshman English. Here we are Juniors in College and I still haven't gotten up the nerve to ask her out.
_____I met her on a Monday morning, we had freshmen English with professor Davis. She walked into class two minutes late with this confused look on her face. "Excuse me is this English 101?" She looked so beautiful standing there in the door way almost afraid to come in the classroom.
_____"Yes it is dear," said Prof. Davis, "and you are "
_____"I'm Gina Cohen, I'm sorry I'm late but I didn't know which building the class was in"
_____"That's ok, you didn't miss anything. Just go and take a seat and we can get started."
_____She walked over to take a seat and I stopped breathing she sat right next to me. She smelled like sunflowers. Damn she is fine. At 5'6 a little thick but pretty good looking I normally wasn't shy about approaching a girl, but for some reason whenever I went to talk to her my tongue got tied and my mind went blank. "Nicole Warren" Professor Davis said and snapped me out of my daze "uh, here" I looked at professor Davis and from the look on her face that wasn't the first time she called my name. I was embarrassed and I looked over at her to see her shyly smiling at me, and I fell in love. I shyly smiled back thought this is gonna be a great year
_____That was freshman year and were Junior's now and I'm no closer now than I was two years ago. We have 3 classes together and we have been assigned to group projects together and other things, but when I want to talk to her on a personal level I just choke up. She is very nice and funny and smart. Damn girl what are you waiting for? Just walk up to her and ask her out. 2:30 yes! Time to get the hell outta here. I grabbed my books and headed for the door. I was in the hallway waiting for my best friend Shay to get out of class, she's in the same class but she sits all the way in the front so she can "absorb" That's bullshit, her ass is just blind and she don't want to get glasses. "Yo girl, wassap."
_____Shay came out of the class room with a dazed look on her face. "Dayum, that is the most boring class in the world."
_____"Gurl, I heard that, that's why I sit in the back, so he cant see me sleep."
_____She gave me a look "Girl, don't even lie, you sit in the back so you can stare at Gina."
_____ She started laughing at me. "Damn, I still can't believe you haven't asked her out yet."
_____"I'm workin on it."
_____"Ha, workin on it my ass, yo punk ass is scared" I opened my mouth to deny it "and don't tell me you not cause I know you are."
_____Dayum she was always bustin on me about Gina. "come on can we go get something to eat now, that class made me tired and hungry."
_____Shay gave me a look, "And speaking of something to eat . . . " she said to me and jerked her head in the opposite direction. Gina was walking out of the classroom . Oh my god she is beautiful she is about 5'5 caramel skin, beautiful juicy lips that just make you want to suck on them all day. And her ass lawd have mercy. She has a ghetto bootie that just makes you want to squeeze her ass and never let go. She is beautiful. She has on some Capri pants with a tight fitting top that stretches over her tits oh it makes my mouth water. Damn I want her. Oh no Shay caught me staring "Girl, U better close your mouth, it's impolite to have your mouth hanging open when you stare."
_____"Oh shut up. I wasn't staring."
_____"The hell you weren't."
_____"But she is beautiful." I said wistfully as I was hypnotized by her.
_____"Look I can't take this anymore. I'm gonna go over there and talk to her for you."
_____"The hell you are."
_____"if you won't do it I will."
_____"Shay, if you go over there I am going to beat the shit out of you."
_____"Look Nicole, you have been in love with that girl for 2 years now, I have listened to you bitch and moan every time you see her with another girl."
_____"But Shay . . ."
_____"No buts, Nicole, now I'm your best friend and I am going to go over there and talk to her if you don't." She stood her ground and I could see that she was serious. Damn!
_____"ok ok, I'll talk to her, but on one condition."
_____"You have to let me do it in my own way."
_____Shay stood there and considered her friend. "Ok, why don't you write her a letter?"
_____"A letter?" I said dumbly.
_____"yeah a letter look stupid, It's obvious you don't have the guts to go over there and talk to her, so you could write her a letter. Explain to her how you feel and if she's interested it's all good, if she's not at least you know and can move on."
_____"Damn, I didn't think about that A letter, why didn't I think of that?"
_____"Because I'm the one with the brains" She jerked my arm and started walking. "Come on, I'm starvin. Let's get something to eat, and we can work on your letter."
_____"No, I want to write it alone."
_____"Alone? Why? Ok ok ok, you can read it alone but I get to be nosy and read it when you are done writing it."
_____"Hell No, you really think I would let you read it, so you can be bustin on me for the rest of our lives? Hell no, you gonna just have to guess."
_____"Ok, I don't wanna see all that mushy shit anyway."
_____Later that night I was in my dorm room, thinking hard about what I was going to write. I didn't want to sound like a stalker or anything, but I didn't want to sound like a wimp. Damn what do I say? Well half the damn night is over and I'm still lookin at a blank piece of paper and it's lookin right back at me. Maybe I'm trying too hard. It's almost 3 am and I still don't know what to say. So I decide to just write what I feel. I write how she makes me feel. I write with honesty. And when I am done I am so sleepy. Well I hope she likes it, and doesn't decide I'm a lunatic. Damn I hope this works, cause if it doesn't I'm gonna kill Shay.
_____The next day I waited in agony until I would see her. Right before Bio I ran into Shay, "Did you write it?" She asked me excitedly. I opened my huge Bio book and pulled out the letter. She grabbed for it, "Cmon let me read it real quick."
_____"Hell no, this is for Gina and your name is not Gina, so you're not gonna see it."
_____"Damn that's cold, but whatever it says, I hope it works." She looked over my shoulder and her eyes got wide "Are you gonna walk up to her and give it to her? Or are you gonna do it the punk way and leave it on her desk?"
_____"I'm gonna leave it on her desk."
_____She gave me a smirk "I knew it well you betta hurry up, cause she's coming" That got me into action. I hurried in the room and placed the latter on her desk, hurried back to my seat sat down just as she walked into the room. I watched her carefully, I saw the look of surprise on her face when she saw the letter sitting on her desk with her name on it. She picked it up and looked around to see who it was from. She opened it up and started reading it. I watched her closely.

_____Gina was surprised to see the letter sitting on her desk. At first she thought it was for someone else but her name was on it. She had some time before class started so she read it. Immediately she recognized Nicole's handwriting. From grading papers after school for Professor Meade she pretty much knew what the people's handwriting in the class looked like. She always liked Nicole but she never had the guts to approach her. It seemed to her like every time hers and Nicole's eyes would meet, Nicole would look away or just leave. Whenever she would say hi, Nicole would mutter something under her breath and get away as soon as possible. Gina thought Nicole really didn't like her. So that's why she was shocked to receive that letter from her. The letter read . _______________Gina, __________I know you are probably wondering why I am writing this letter to you, to
__________tell you the truth I'm wondering myself. But It was something I felt I had
__________to do. This may surprise you and I don't want to scare you or anything but I
__________just have to tell you that I am in love with you. I have been since freshmen
__________English. When you sat next to me in class and I was in heaven. You are the
__________most beautiful girl I have ever laid eyed on. When I get near you I can't
__________breathe right my mind goes blank and I just freeze up. My heart pounds when
__________you walk past me or if your hand accidentally touches mine. When we have
__________projects together in class I look forward to just being around you, just to
__________be near you is enough to make me happy. I don't want you to think I'm some
__________kind of nut or anything but I really do love you and I know you don't feel
__________the same way but It was something I had to let you know. Thank You for
__________taking the time to read this I really appreciate it. If you would like to
__________talk to me after class I'll be happy to if I don't die of embarrassment
__________first :)


Oh my god. She is in love with me? Gina was in total shock. Well the letter explained why she acted the way she did around her. Damn, I had no idea. She wanted to look over at Nicole so much, she tried to fight it, but she couldn't. She looked over and caught Nicole looking at her with this dopey look on her face. And smiled.

_____Oh my god she caught me, I thought. I wanted to know what Gina was thinking, but I was so embarrassed. As soon as Gina started reading, I had second thoughts. But it was too late. When I snapped out of my daze, Gina was staring right at me. Oh no, she thinks I'm stupid, she thinks I'm a nut. My heart started beating really loud, I was sure Gina could hear it. I put her head down and prayed for class to be over soon.
_____As soon as class was over I raced for the door. I didn't even wait for Shay, "Nicole! Wait a second, can I talk to you for a second?"
oh no! How the hell did she catch me so quick? "Um, hi."
_____"Hi, can we talk?" Damn, I was dying. I just wanted to get away. "um sure, cmon lets go to over here." I led her over to an empty bench on the side of the building. "ummmm, I uhhhh."
_____"Shhh" she put her finger to my lips I shivered, and fought off the urge to stick out my tongue and suck her finger into my mouth "Let me talk" I just nodded. "Now, I guess I you know I am surprised. You never gave me any hint that this is how you felt." She held up the letter. "Why didn't you tell me?" I opened my mouth to explain and again she put her finger to my lips "Shh, tell me later" and she did the unthinkable she kissed me! She replaced her finger with her lips oh those lips! And she kissed me, I was in shock! But I got over it quick and kissed her back, with all the passion and all the love I felt for her. Damn she's a good kisser. I kissed her gently and deeply.
_____ I caressed her face looked into her eyes and I told her what was in my heart. "I love you" I whispered, I searched her face and waited in agony for her response."
_____I love you too." she whispered back.
_____Whooo hot damn! I smiled and kissed her but this time with pure passion. Cause, damn she is fine!

_____Shay looked at Nicole and Gina kissing and knew what they were going to be doing on later. She had a grin on her face. Yeah, Nikki is gonna hit that. She thought. She was very happy for her friend, Nikki deserves a nice girl. But she couldn't help feeling a little jealous. It's nice having being in love with someone and having them love you back "Damn, am I ever gonna have anything like that?"


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