Slanted Beauty

_____"Damn, she's cute Meek."
_____"Yeah but she's like 34 or old enough to be your momma!" Meek busted out in laughter and I couldn't help but laugh as well. I paid her very little attention seeing as how she always ended up dating loser, so to me her judge of character wasn't too good.
_____"I'm going to go talk to her I'll be back"
_____Meek replied " Alright your about to get shut down by Queen Bitch every one tries to holla at her and leaves pissed off! Don't even waste your time."
_____ I don't know why but for some reason when you know other people are always trying to get with someone and they are unsuccessful you are instantly interested in them. So there she sat, legs crossed, dressy boots, tight jeans that had to be about a size 12. Just the way I liked them. I was never one for skinny females.
_____ She had to be around five foot five. She has on a cute pink shirt that was ¾ length on her arms buttoned half way up exposing some of her 38DDD breast. I had to take a step back and lick my lips after running my eyes over every inch of her body. So I proceeded hoping and praying that this wasn't one of those times when a person is really cute from the back and then they turn around and they look twisted and you wonder why you even thought they were attractive in the first place. Now I'm not one to base things solely on appearance but I do feel that I have to be attracted to a person enough to keep me from looking at other people.
_____As for me, I stood 5'9 150 and a classification for me would be a femme, with a twist of tomboy. I was one that really like to dress up, wear short skirts, tight fitting jeans, but a pair of air force ones, a throw back jersey and some jeans were located throughout my closet and often accompanied my body. I am caramel skinned, Simi slanted eyes, and blessed with a set of lips people loved and I loved to lick! I guess I should thank LL Cool J, for making it sexy to lick your lips. So back to Ms. Untouchable, I walked to the bar and had to take a deep breath finally I asked
_____ "Excuse me is any one sitting here?"
_____"Nope you can if you want." So I sat down right next to her, she turned and looked at me and cracked a smile, revealing a butterscotch skin tone, soft full lips that were outlined with MAC lip liner, eyes dark brown with long eye lashes. She was actually attractive from both ends.
_____I decided to put my self out on a limb and ask,
_____"Are you here alone?"
_____ "Nope! I'm here with some friends, they are on a pussy chase so they are on the dance floor." I laughed and she smiled.
_____ "My name is Sammye what's yours?"
_____"Stephanie, is your real name Sammye or just some line?" I couldn't help but laugh at her because she had a bit of attitude but in a funny witty type of way.
_____" Naw, my name is Samantha people just call me Sammye why I don't know." "Do you think it's because you tell people your name is Sammye when they first meet you." She shot me a smirk.
_____I instantly became interested in her because she was nothing like I thought she would be. I was for sure she'd be evil and completely unapproachable but she was the opposite she did have some attitude thought.
_____"So what are you drinking?" I asked, she replied,
_____"Why, would you like to buy me another one?"
_____From her response I took it that a lot of people had been trying to get with her tonight and possibly she was just tired of the whole game routine so I told her the truth.
_____" No actually I can't buy you a drink I don't drink and I was just interested in what a lady like yourself would have in her glass."
_____"SOOooo basically you're broke and can't buy me a drink." Now she was beginning to annoy me but I remained nice hoping that she would follow suit.
_____" No I can't buy you a drink because I am only 20."
_____ "Damn young bucks!"
_____ It's only so much abuse a person can take so I decided to leave. "Alright well have a nice night." She looked shocked and asked
_____" Where are you going?"
_____"Well I figured that since I've been nothing but nice to you and you've been a complete bitch I'll let you have a wonderfully bitchy night alone and I'll go back to having a wonderful night with my friends."
_____ "Please don't leave I didn't mean anything by it I'm sorry."
_____Aww so she does have a heart and some sense. So I sat back down and actually enjoyed my conversation with Stephanie. We chatted about the small things like how old she was--34. If she was single and she was I was always single so the question never came up. Meek called me and announced she was ready to go. So Stephanie and I said our goodbyes she gave me her number and I reciprocated the action.
_____"Man Meek she's actually pretty cool."
_____Not paying me much attention she threw a low moan my way and rolled her eyes. Don't you just love having friends that keep it real even when you know they are wrong. We got to the house and I jumped out of my clothes into the shower and into my pajamas.
_____"I'm about to go over Sharon's house"
_____I knew this basically met my roommate was going to go over some chick that was diggin her to get some ass and would be out for the rest of the night. So I sat on the sofa resting because regardless of what people say the club makes you tired!
_____**Ring** Ring**
_____ "Sammye!"
_____"So what are you doing?"
_____ "Laying down watching television."
_____"Are you up for some company?"
_____"Sure why not. Do you know where Howard College is?"
_____She said yes and I proceeded to tell her how to get to my apartment. I cleaned up a bit and made the place presentable.
_____**Knock** **Knock** damn even her knock was sexy.
_____"Hey come on in, would you like something to drink?"
_____ "Is that your favorite word?"
_____"Nope!" we fell out in laughter.
_____I put in a DVD Brown Sugar was the one we agreed on. I laid back on the sofa and she sat at the other end.
_____ "Are you comfortable"
_____She asked, being the flirt that I am I replied,
_____ " Not as comfortable as I would be if you were down here with me."
_____She smiled and said,
_____ " Your reputation really is what you are."
_____This threw me for a loop because I couldn't even think of the a reputation I had so I had to ask, "And what is that?"
_____"That you are a flirt," she said with a smile.
_____"Guilty as charged" I replied.
_____She got on her knees and crawled between my legs to meet my lips with a soft kiss. I suddenly felt her hands sliding up my shirt to cup my breast and rub my nipples. I reached for her tongue and took it into my mouth and we embraced for a nice long passionate kiss. We switched places and began to unbutton her blouse and move my hands across her breast. She began to moan and grind the air. I finally unhooked her bra releasing her 38DDD's to my pleasure. I took one into my mouth and began to suck her nipple hard.
_____ She let out a soft moan "Suck it baby" So I did what the lady asked for.
_____ I moved down her body with my tongue until I reached her pants she lifted up and helped me take them off. I went back up to kiss her soft lips again and I whispered in her ear.
_____" What do you want me to do to you?"
_____She replied, "Give me the orgasm I've been searching 34 years for."
_____I turned the DVD player off and turned the CD player on to Janet Jackson's "would you mind" She straddled me and decided to give me the most erotic lap dance I have ever seen let alone experienced. I swear to you if I were a guy I would've cum all over her and my clothes. Thank God I'm a female and so she couldn't see what she was totally doing to me, although the wetness sliding down my leg was beginning to be too much.
_____She nodded her head and I laid her on the floor and started with a kiss on her forehead to her ear, slowly outlining her ear with my tongue which brought about a low moan filled "Sammye" Aww she's saying my name.
_____ I licked down her neck and took some time on each side until I felt satisfied enough to move on…."MMMHHHH" she began grinding my body so I knew she was ready for the full pleasures that the night had to offer her.
_____So I slowly traced down her nipple to her stomach and stopped to lick inside of her belly button.
_____"Oh my GOD!" she screamed out in pleasure.
_____ I proceeded to her inner thighs planting little kisses along with the long strokes of my tongue. She began to grind the air harder and I realized she wasn't going to be able to take much more of my abuse so I took my tongue to the tip of her clit and licked slowly to the crack of her ass, she screamed,
_____" Oh my God, What are you doing to me?"
_____I smiled to my self and proceeded back to the front and back again making her body shiver.
_____Smelling her aroma made me want to taste her so bad, I stuck my tongue inside of her pussy and tasted the sweetest taste. It was then I realized why I loved women n all over again. She bucked wildly and screamed, "Yes Yes Right there ooooooo don't move!"
_____Slowly I felt her pussy walls contracting and pulling my tongue in deeper and deeper until a gush of warmness pushed my tongue back out.
_____"OOOOOOOOoooooo Baby I'm cumin!!!!" she screamed.
_____I looked up and our eyes met one another. She looked sweaty and exhausted her body still feeling the after affects began to shake.
_____ _____I laid between her legs and asked, "Still searching?"
_____She smiled and said, "It just ended."

The End

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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