A woman that has not love is a woman who doesn't know the wealth and riches love can give. A desire to be touched, kissed, caressed, and to receive sexual pleasures unknown are apart of love. I am a 42 year old, lesbian woman that seems to have the worst luck with women. I desire a woman with the same qualities and perspectives that have. A woman of fire, that is pure, and very confident. Someone to bring out my sexual desires or help me fulfill my erotic fantasy's. I have been single now for one and a half years. The only sex I am receiving is from myself, and I must confess at this point is becoming very boring.
_____I am a security guard working on the late shift for this popular company. I have been at this job for a year now and I need a career change. I get tired of being a flash light cop, so I have been called. Anyway, as I was sitting behind my desk I see this young woman approaching my front door. I didn't want to be bothered at all, but I knew it had important because it was UPS. As the woman swings open the door, I felt a chill run through my body for I had a closer view of hers. She could be defined as a perfect ten.
_____"Excuse me officer, I have a package for Mrs. Das Simmons."
_____"Please wait one minute while I page her for you."
_____As I was looking on my call rooster for the employee's name, my peripheral vision caught a glimpse of her full red lips. They were as ripe as a plum in the full blossom of spring. All her curves were in the right places, with no side affects. Once I paged Mrs. Simmons, I took a glance at the rest of her features. She had on these dusty brown shorts that defined every inch, every outline of her pussy. At that moment I could taste her in my mouth, a taste as sweet as a fine wine. Her breast were slightly peaking out her shirt, starring directly at me. The harder I starred I felt my tongue wrapping around my lips for the thirst of pussy. I got up the nerve to talk to her before Mrs. Simmons arrived. We talked about our jobs and the comparisons of pay. I wanted to talk about sex, for it was weighing heavily on my mind. I knew I didn't have the courage to say anything to her. Besides what could she do for me she had to be around 24 to 25 years old.
_____Mrs. Simmons, finally arrived to the front desk and signed for the package. I was starring at this woman as if she was a star or something. Why was I tripping over her? Was I just horny or just having lustful thoughts? Shit who am I trying to kid, I was both horny and in lust. I was hotter than two cats in heat. Mrs. Simmons was walking away and so was the UPS woman. I knew at that moment the chances of me seeing her again were slim to none.
_____The time past quickly and I was bored to deaf. I picked up one of my novels from my bag and went to reading. I had my head knee deep in "Masturbating 2". When I read these books, the characters in the stories were the only sex partners I had. I looked at my watch and it was 4:15 A.M. and long overdue for me to do my rounds of the building. Just as I was standing up to go and check the building I heard a noise come from the front door. The front door swung open and scared the living shit out of me. The doors were suppose to locked. I grabbed my flashlight, that being my only weapon and looked as far as m eyes could see. It was her, the UPS woman walking toward me. Before I knew it she was standing directly in front of me. I was speechless for about a minute, before I had the opportunity to tell her the building was closed, she moved closer to me with her lips slightly touching mines. As I looked at her, she looked at me. She slowly opened her beautiful lips and begin speaking to me.
_____"You need to be satisfied?"
_____I groaned slightly because she was reading my mind. She moved even closer to me and placed her knee between my legs, pressing firmly against my pussy.
_____"You get wet just from hearing my voice?" before I could respond, she said, " I know you do?
_____I didn't answer , it was like the cat had my tongue. This must be a dream, I pinched myself to wake up, but nothing happen. I could feel my nails digging deep into my skin. I finally just said fuck it and told her, "Yes". I am not getting any younger, so the hell with it. I received a eye full because she quickly ripped opened her shirt. Buttons were flying here and there. Her breast fell pointing directly at me. My body begin to shake uncontrollable. She then grabbed my hair and pulled me down to the floor, like a withered flower I feel down with know resistance. She walked over me and begin dropping her clothes piece by piece. I closed my eyes, then I opened them to find her completely naked. She was grabbing her breast and founding them. It was a good thing I was laying down, for my knees weaken at the site of her touching herself.
_____I reached out to feel her, but she quickly grabbed my hands and held them in hers. She the freed one of her hands and ripped my shirt open. Then she snatched my pants and panties off simultaneous. She reached down for my pants and retrieved my had cuffs. She handcuffed one hand to the leg of the desk, leaving the other free. I couldn't believe I was ass out in this big glass lobby.
_____At this point there were know words said, but if you could feel the vibe my body was giving off to her touch, I was speaking a hundred words a minute. She begin sucking and licking from the top of my body to the flame growing hotter within. She stared with my clit, teasing, then pulling, and sucking. I moaned to the pleasure she was giving me. The silence ended when she stopped eating my pussy and had the audacity to ask me if I want more. I answered quickly, "Yes".
_____Without notice she flipped me over, raising my ass in the air. She begin running one finger along the edge of my asshole, going up and down slowly. I lifted my ass higher in the air unconsciously wanting more. I groaned and moaned to every stroke. She started to slap my ass, while she stroked up and down my ass. I heard her moan as she hit my ass each time. For the slaps became harder, so I reached for my clothes to press my face down into to scream. The thought of the emotions she was making come from my body must have turned her on.
_____I was concentrating more on the slaps, I didn't even realize she had slipped her tongue in my ass. I gave a shout for joy. She was playing my body like her favorite instrument, not missing a single note. Spontaneous I wasn't but at that moment I was. I raised my head and cried out for more. I had become so relaxed and vulnerable to this woman I didn't realized she was fucking me in my ass with her finger. My body was enjoying the light she was shinning on me. I felt my sexual fears leave and my emotions release. Her fingers sliding in and out, my ass squeezed, then relaxes, as my ass widens with every thrust. Her touch was soft, like a fine fabric, the tightest wave of silk, and the finest velvet. Could she be bring out the freak in me. I know they say everyone has one but out of all my sexual experiences I never exposed mines.
_____I had never been fucked in the ass but it felt so damn good. I turned and asked her to give me more. I guess she felt I was trying to take control so she turned me on my back and laid me on top of her. My back was to her chest and I could feel her heart beating one the same channel as mines. She moved close to my ear and whispered a silent moan. She begin sucking on my neck, that being my weak spot, I grabbed my breast and moaned deeply.
_____"Close your eyes" she whispers in my ear.
_____I was getting frustrated for my pussy was over heating for the desire to feel her inside me. I decided to play her game and close my eyes. Before I could breathe through my quivering lips, I felt my pussy spread open and she penetrated me with two fingers. She was inside me so quickly my body almost buckles as she was pushing upward in me. Our bodies were moving in one harmony faster and faster. My pussy was open like a hungry animal and violently moist. As I came closer and closer to reaching my orgasm, I could feel her riding my ass harder and harder. I screamed as I was exploding. I released so hard my body shock like a earthquake. I could feel my pussy overflowing like a volcano. I screamed so loud I could have shattered every glass in the building. Climbing on top of me she begin to lick each sweet droplet that poured from within my fiery depths.
_____Once the nectar stop flowing from my pussy, she started to put on her clothes. I felt so sleazy for I didn't even know her name. I never knew the depths of sex until I meet her. Maybe I shouldn't limit myself from love due to age. I wanted to fuck again and again. She made me feel like a damn school girl. As I closed my eyes to take all that has happen in, I heard her calling my name repeatedly. When I opened my eyes there were four employees standing over me.
_____"Officer Chappell, what the hell are you doing?"
_____I looked at my surrounding and I had one hand handcuffed to the desk and the other in my pussy. I was laying there completely ass out in front of strangers. l begin to laugh because I was masturbating the whole time. I felt so damn good I just laid there in my own sexual bliss. I smelled a scent with gardenia, violets, and pungent sex.
_____Well that morning I walked out the building embarrassed and with out a job. I felt it was completely worth it. That was the best fuck I've had in a year in a half. So what I had sex with myself, I learned something very important. You don't need anyone to give you satisfaction, I was my own erotic fantasy all along.

Copyright © 2000. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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