__________by MSM

Why so much blue
Outside my window
Mixed with the morning's dew
It's because I'm here in my room
Without you
Missing a warm tender touch
A rub, a kiss, and of course, a hug
You're not even here to shrug me off
Nor to smile at me, to taunt
Me the way that you could
Teasing me very pleasingly
Nakedly walking astray
Somewhere here in my room
As we play bride and groom
And after all the adult play
I make you your morning tea
As we reminisce of events
Of how our time was spent
How the two of us are meant
To be...
Inside the room looking out
At bright sunny skies
Or even the raindrops or wintery snow...

The curtain sways from tropical breeze
The wind whispers to me
It's all about you...
I fancy seeing you
Do that dance that you do
The one that stirs my heart
And tip-toes all over me

Color me red
I beg of you
I have this vision of your silhouette
In my window frame
And anticipated adult games...
Are you game

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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