by Renee 69

_____It was a hot steamy day and my damn air conditioner went out. To deal with the heat I walked around naked whenever I could. Don't get me wrong. I love nakedness but it was no fun walking around when you have no one to be naked for. To make matters worse I was very horny. I had spent many a night going through the ritual of rubbing my clit until I came over and over again. good it would feel to have someone do all the work for me, but with my lack of a lovelife that isn't about to happen. So I concentrated on getting the air conditioner fixed.
_____I thumbed through the yellow pages and called several places before finding a repair person close by. I asked the company to send someone over as soon as possible for an estimate. This meant having to wear some clothes for awhile. I put on a pair of cut-offs and a t-shirt. I didn't feel like putting on a bra so it would be real easy for whoever came over to see my large, chocolate brown tits . It didn't phase me though. Guys have always tried to get up on me but I decided I was through with them. In a way it was going to be nice to let them see what they couldn't have.
_____The doorbell rang. Much to my surprise the company didn't send a man but a woman. It took me a minute to get over the shock before I let her in. Even out of uniform I could see that this sister had a very nice build. I started wondering if she was into women. No, I decided not to go there. This was strictly business and I couldn't get caught up in getting some loving. At least not that day.
_____ She got right to work. It only took her about 15 minutes before she came back with an estimate of $400 dollars. I knew that was more than I could afford. I asked her if there was a way that she could lower her price to $300. She said that $400 was the lowest that she could go. I told her that I simply did not have the money and could not have it done at this point. So, I was ready to show her out the door until she told me that she had an idea. That instead of money, maybe there was something I could offer her. What? I wondered. What could I have that she would want?
_____Her eyes shifted their focus from my eyes to my nipples. She moved closer to me. I began to feel nervous yet excited at the same time. Before I knew it, girlfriend had her tongue deep down inside of my mouth. I didn't fight her at all . Then she started sucking and licking my earlobe while muttering that she will forget about the money owed to her if I give some titty and pussy. Umm, this should be real easy, I thought to myself. I said, "Yes" and she led me over to the couch.
_____She kissed me slowly as she tweaked my nipples. As she did this I felt my clit getting bone hard. She then pulled the shirt over my head to expose my tits. I felt her mouth take in my left nipple. She began to suck it slowly. Damn this felt good. I began to stroke my aching pussy with each suck. She then moved over to my right tit and began to suck it slow. I then felt her put her freehand on my mound. Oh, I was so wet. I begged her to give my pussy some loving.
_____She then slid my shorts off to expose my neatly shaved bush. She got down on the floor and instructed me to plant my feet on the coffee table. I did this without hesistation. She then instructed me to spread my legs wide. Once again this was not a problem. As I sat I the edge of the couch I felt her tongue lick my clit. Ummm. I began to rock my hips as I tweaked my titties. She licked the crack of my pussy up and down as if she was licking a lollipop. She then placed a couple of fingers deep inside my hole. Oh shit. I knew I was going to loose it now for she had cum right in.
_____She sucked on my clit hard while she slid her fingers in and out of my hole. I began to rock my hips faster as she pumped me long, hard, and deep. I knew it wasn't going to be to long before I exploded. She stopped for a moment to stand up so that she could give me a kiss. Then she sanked down and burried her own face in my hood. Oh god....Oh god...Oh shit....ummmm......ummmm...ummmmm.........ohhhhh....yessssssss.....yessssss. The contractions continued deep in my hole as she greedily lapped every bit of my black berry juice.
_____ I laid on the couch unable to move. She got up and quietly gathered her tools. As she left, I told her that she should get paid for what she had done. She smiled back and total me that when she makes her next house call I could do just that.

Copyright © 1999. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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