Nykki Graham

_____I had just broken up with my girlfriend, Candace, of 6 months. So you know a sista was a little bit on the depressed side. But my homeboy Chris hooked a sista up. He always has the tightest party on weekends. I know this party is gonna be different than all the other parties he threw.

_____ "Nykki child, what is bothering you honey? You've been sitting there looking so damn sad?" Chris said in his gayly flamboyant voice.

_____ "I'm just wondering why shit had to go down like it did with me and Candace."

_____"Well honeychild, I knew the shit was gonna happen. I told you that you needed to get rid of the heffa. But don't worry about it ma, cause Chris is gonna hook your ass up tonight."

_____ I smiled because Chris knows I'm down for anything and definitely if a fine honey was involved.

_____Later on that night, Chris had to pick up a few friends at a junior college in town. I sat in the car as he went to go get them. Looking out of the car window, I saw the most gorgeous honey. Babygirl was about 5'6, light skin, thick in the thighs, and had a tight little body. The things I can do with that body, I thought. I was getting wet at the sight of her. She was with 2 other females .One of them was a stud, Quilla, and the other was Quilla's girlfriend, named Jazzy. So being the friendly and charming stud that I am, I got out of the car and introduced myself to them.

_____"Hey, my name is Nykki. How are you all doing tonight?"

_____Quilla and Jazzy responded first. Before I could say anything to the girl who I had my eyes on, Chris interrupted.

_____"Ya'll heffas come on, so we can get this party started." I lifted my seat back and let all 3 of them get in the backseat.

_____Then I heard a sweet voice say, "My name is Reggie by the way," she said with a smile and her hand out.

_____"Nice to meet you Reggie."

_____Damn, I've never been so shy or giddy around a female before. This girl is just some kind of awesome, I thought.

_____"Get your country ass in the car Reggie!" Chris said.

_____Reggie responded, "Damn nicca, can't I say hey to the girl."

_____Chris looked over at me and winked. Like he knew something I didn't. Had me concerned for about a minute.

_____Things were jumping off at the party. There had to be about 40 people there. And Chris had me deejaying the party. I was enjoying myself but I had that look on my face, like why am I even here. I looked off in the crowd and saw Reggie staring at me. We made eye contact and she winked at me. I gave her a smile and went on with my business. Chris came up to my little booth and wanted to get all nosey and starting shit.

_____"Nykki, what do you think about Reggie?"

_____"She's fine as hell and cool, but I would really like to get to know her better, you know."

_____"Hmm, well I talked to Reggie a minute ago and she's digging you."

_____It seems like when he said that, my world lit up and he saw it on my face.

_____"Nykki, damn, you just glowing now. Looking all lonely and sad, now a bitch is all happy. You need to chill out fa real, I'm gonna send you a case of beer so u can buzz out alright."

_____"That's cool."

_____Reggie then came to my booth and sat down next to me.

_____"The party is really hyped, you having fun?"

_____"Yeah, I'm having a good time. How about you?"

_____"I'm having a lot of fun. But I noticed you don't smile a lot and you do have a sexy smile. What's bothering you boo?"

_____"Me and my girlfriend broke up today."

_____"I'm really sorry to hear about that. She gave something up that seems really special."

_____I know that wasn't a flirtish statement she just said. Baby girl is brave. And it is turning me on.

_____"Well Ms. Deejay, I have 2 requests."

_____"And what would that be?"

_____"I wanna hear my favorite song and I want you to dance with me."

_____"I can do that. What's your song?"

_____"Oh Na Na by Lil Jon."

_____"Alright, I'll hit you up in a minute, and I'll be down there to dance with you."

_____"Don't keep me waiting boo."

_____Then she kissed me and went back into the crowd. My eyes never left her body as she walked away from me. I put her song on and came up behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist. The way how she grinded her ass on me made me even hornier and was driving me crazy. She turned around and kissed me ever so passionately. She then whispered in my ear following by a nibble on my ear.

_____"Nykki, do you want to fuck me?"

_____Without even hesitating, I said yes. I told her to meet up with me after the party. She complied. Damn I wish this party would just end and why Chris had me to deejay tonight, damn, I thought.

_____It was bout 3 in the morning and the party has died. I was packing up the equipment quickly so I can go take of business. I felt a hand going up my back slowly and heard Reggie.

_____"Baby I want you right now. Are you staying over Chris's tonight?"

_____"Yeah, I can't drive. I've been drinking."

_____"Well then leave the stuff here. You can get it in the morning that is if you're still not busy."

_____I looked at her smiled devilishly and kissed her. I don't wanna seem like a hoe or nothing, but this girl had me wanting her so damn bad and I was gonna get that piece of ass tonight. And oh what a good piece of ass it is. I grabbed her hand and we went into another room.

_____We was standing by the bed kissing and taking each other clothes off. We both was finally naked and was about to get what we both been waiting so anxiously for. She pushed me on the bed and got on top of me. Putting her knee between my legs, she felt how wet I was and smiled. She knew she had me then. Reggie then explored my body with her tongue. Moans were escaping my mouth as she sucked and licked my hard nipples. Reggie was driving me wild. But I wanted to take control.

_____I laid her on her back and kissed her neck and made my way down to her firm breasts. I started to tease her left breast with my tongue and caressed her right breast with my hand. I heard soft moans crept out of her. The sounds she made were driving me up the wall. I was surely gonna make Reggie cum all night long. I then kissed trails down her stomach and tickled her navel with my tongue ring.

_____"MMM Nykki baby, you feel so damn good!"

_____I came back up to give her a kiss and said, "You haven't felt nothing yet ma."

_____I then guided my hand down to her wet and throbbing pussy and ran my fingers up and down her slit. Putting my fingers deep inside her, she let out a loud moan and began to ride my fingers. While she was riding my fingers wildly, I gave her breasts some more attention. Tasting so delicious, how could I not suck on them?

_____I wanted this moment to last, but I had to taste her sweet juices. I went down between her legs and since I love to tease, I kissed the inside of her thighs. Reggie put her hands on my head and was pushing me towards the sweet treasure I was dying to taste. Can't taking it no more, I placed my tongue on her clit and circled her hood. Savoring her taste, I began to flick my tongue across her clit, making her moans louder the faster and fiercer I went. Reggie began bucking to my mouth and was in sync with the rhythm of my tongue.

_____Oooh shit Nykki……….damn you feel so damn good……don't stop ma….mmmmmm damn!!

_____I stunned her by putting my tongue deep inside her. I felt chills come up on her and her legs tightening up. I was gonna tongue fuck the hell out of her and wanted to catch her juices.

_____Mmmm shit I'm about to cum Nykki……oooh damn mami!!

_____Holding on to the headboard of the bed, she clenched on and exploded her juices in my mouth. I licked all of her juices savoring her sweet taste. I came up and gave her kiss and let her taste her own juices. Her body still trembling, I held her close in my arms and fell asleep. Needless to say, at the break of dawn, we were at it again and again. That afternoon I thanked Chris for hooking me up with Reggie, because I now have a girl I believe I'm gonna be with for a long time and I'm so satisfied.

The End

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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