After I recently moved into a new place, I took a day off of work to wait for the phone company to come install a new line. The told me they’d be there between 1pm and 4pm. At 3 I hopped in the shower for a few minutes trying finish before the tech came and went.

Just as I cut off the water I heard the doorbell ring. I panicked, wrapped a towel around myself and ran down to open the door.

I jerked open the door and there stood almost 6 ft of sexy chocolate Stud, in her summer uniform and sunglasses. She had shoulder length dreadlocks; a tiny diamond stud in her nose and the most self assured grin I have ever seen on anyone.

Seems I forgot to speak after I opened the door and just kind of stood there staring.

“Good afternoon, I am here to install your new line. Is this a good time?”

“Uh, yeah. I’m sorry, come on in. Right this way.” I said as I led her into my bedroom.

“My name is Graham. You have a very nice place here.”

“Since I figure you see a lot of them I value your compliment.” I smiled.

We just kind of stood there awkwardly for a moment then I realized I must have been holding her up.

“Would you like me to wait in the living room while you get dressed?” she asked.

I looked down at the fact I was still only wearing a towel and felt my face get hot.

“You go ahead and get started. I will grab my robe from the bathroom.”

I stayed out of the room for as long as I could till I just had to go get another peek at this sexy woman on her knees working hard in my bedroom.

Just as I was about to round the corner into the room, I ran smack into Graham. My face hit her in the middle of her chest. She smelled soooo good. She grabbed hold of me for a moment to keep from knocking me over and I didn’t want her to let go.

“Oh God, I’m sorry.” She said.

“No, no it was my fault. Did you need something?”

“No, I need to run down stairs to switchbox to trace the line. Is there a back door here?”

“Yeah, let me show you.”

I decided to walk slowly in front of Graham, giving her an opportunity to check me out like I was peeping her. I held my robe tight to my body to show off my curves and thick ass.

We walked thru the laundry room and I opened the back door. I didn’t leave much room for her to slip outside without her having to rub against me.

I saw a smile and a look of disbelief cross her face as she went down the stairs.

I went back to my room and put on some panties and a little bit of fragrance between my breasts before putting the robe back on. I turned on a Sade concert video and sat on the edge of my bed.

A few minutes later Graham returned, trying hard it seemed to ignore me sitting there. As she began pulling wire thru the wall, I caught her mouthing the words to ‘Sweetest taboo’. I got bold.

“So do you belong to anyone?” I asked playing it safe.

“Well, I am my own person, but if you mean am I single – yes I am. And you?”

I could not suppress my grin.

“I am single as well.”

“That’s cool.”

Hmmm. I couldn’t tell if she was pleased at that so I took it up a notch.

“You ever meet anyone on the job?”

“Heh, no but there is a 1st time for everything.” She said with a wink.

That moment, I felt a trickle of wetness between my legs – so glad I put panties on.

Graham seemed to be focusing on her work so I just sat there watching her. I could tell she was good with her hands buy the way she handled her tools.

I wished she were handling me as expertly.

“I should be done in a few minutes and then I will get outta your way.”

“Don’t be silly, you are not in the way. Can I get you something to drink?”

“If it wouldn’t be any trouble.”

“None at all. I have Coke, 7up and water from the fridge.”

“7up would be cool, thank you.”

I took off for the kitchen while she finished setting up and testing the phone line. When I came back to the room she was packing up her tools. She left an invoice and her business card on the nightstand.

I handed her the glass of soda practically drooling watching her lips curl around it as she took a sip. I guess she saw what my eyes were locked on and decided to play it up for me. She brought the glass down and ran her tongue slowly over both beautiful lips. I was a puddle by then.

I stepped to her and took the glass from her hand. Then I grabbed the front of her shirt pulling her down on top of me on the bed.

Graham quickly jerked my robe open and sucked my left nipple in her hot mouth. After all my teasing I was actually getting more than I bargained for. She kissed her way down my stomach to my thighs, gently caressing my calves with her lips.

Dropping to her knees and placing my legs on her shoulders, Graham rubbed her face against my throbbing pussy inhaling my scent through my panties. She buried her nose in me in circles causing me to grind her face till I could no longer take this ‘foreplay’. I demanded she remove my panties and she obliged me quickly. No more than a second had gone by when I felt the hot wet pressure of this obviously talented tongue entertaining my clit. As she licked and sucked me fiercely, she slipped her middle finger in for me to squeeze. I was dripping by then.

Graham added another finger since I wasn’t shy about loving the 1st. I grabbed at the back of her head as she found her rhythm in her licks and finger strokes. I had no choice but to work my hips in an upward grind and enjoy the ride.

She licked and sucked at the heart of me till I could no longer hold back my climax. Before I could even settle down, Graham was up putting back on her tool belt.

“If you have any trouble with the line, I left my number on the nightstand with the invoice. I can see myself out.”

With that, she was gone.

I lay there for a few minutes trying to figger out if what just happened was a dream. From the steam rising from between my legs and my panties on the floor, I knew it wasn’t.

In a daze, I threw on a t-shirt and shorts and began making dinner. I had a hard time not thinking about how good Graham had felt and how much I wanted more.

About an hour later my doorbell rang. I ran down the stairs and looked thru the peep. It was Graham! Oh my God! I gathered my self, trying not to look so excited that she returned.

“Who is it?”, I asked as if I didn’t already know.

“Um, I hope you don’t mind – it’s Graham”

I slowly opened the door to find Graham standing there in street clothes smelling sooo good. I let her in and led her to the kitchen where she took a seat. I turned my back to her continuing to cook.

“So what brings you by?” I coyly asked.

By the time the question crossed my lips, Graham was behind me, pressing her hips against my ass. I could feel concentrated thickness nestled between my butt cheeks.

“All I have been able to think about since you left was what it would be like to feel all of you. Skin to skin all over me. I shudder at the idea.”

“Why do you think I came back? You caught me off guard my 1st time here. I was trying real hard to be good. And you just wouldn’t let me.”

“Well, you do not have to be good this time…” I whispered.

Graham spun me around and picked me up on to the sink. I wiggled out of my daisies at her request and placed my legs around her neck as she kneeled in a chair before me.

I thought I would just die when I felt the 1st touch of the tip of Graham’s tongue. It was hot and determined.

“Oh baby…no fair. Mmm you gonna make me come so fast. I want to enjoy you for a while.”

Graham looked up at me smiling slightly as I felt two of her fingers ease deep in my dripping slit. This made me to catch my breath and bite my lip. I also felt the need to gap my legs just a lil bit more to show her I was ready for action.

She began fluttering her tongue around the outside of my pussy lips and massaging the inside of my thighs.

My body was on autopilot in its response to her talents. I began to work my hips in a circular motion, desperately trying to compliment Graham’s rhythm.

I probably could have stayed that way forever until I remembered that bulge she was packing for me. I grabbed Graham’s face in my hands and looked her in the eye.

“I want you to fuck me so bad I can hardly stand it.” I said.

Without a word Graham picked me up and carried me down the hall to my bedroom, laying me on the bed. She removed her shirt and bra letting, me see some skin for the first time. She was beautiful. Her skin looked smooth and creamy like melted chocolate. Her locks framed her face gently and her sexy smile glowed towards me.

Once she got out of her pants, she laid down next to me in her boxers and caressed me all over. I couldn’t keep my hands from wandering down between her legs and pulling out her 10 inches of rubber I couldn’t wait to ride.

Graham was kissing me gently before I grabbed hold of her toy with both hands and gave a little tug which made her burst out laughing at me.
“Whoa now sweetness. I can take a hint.” Graham chuckled as she rolled over on her back, her feet dangling off the side of the bed.

After I removed her boxers, I readily climbed atop her and straddled her 10 inch.

As I squatted over her, I reached back between my thighs and slipped the head into my steamy hot wetness. With one dip of my hips, I instantly took more than half of her.

I heard Graham whisper, “Yeah, baby.” as she watched my eyes roll back in my head and bite hard on my bottom lip.

“Oh Daddi, I want it all. Fill me up please!” I moaned.

Graham bounced her hips off the bed and bucked upward delivering every inch.

“Oh oh oh ahhhhh, shit. You feel so fucking good to me!” I called out.

We fell into an instant rhythm of poke and pull with Graham banging into my g-spot with each and every stroke. I rode her steady as I stared deeply into her eyes and pinched my nipples in alternating fashion.

Suddenly, I felt the need to have Graham on top of me when I came.

She flipped me over without even exiting me and showed me what she was working with. I wrapped my legs around her as she dipped in and out of me like she was playing with a hoola-hoop. She had her whole body pressed tightly to mine, nothing between us but a thin layer of sweat.

I could feel the pressure of my climax building rapidly, but I didn’t want this to end. As if Graham could read my thoughts, she stopped cold on an inward dip buried in me as deep as she could get. It seemed there was not a part of our bodies that wasn’t touching. The room was silent other than our panting.

Then just as suddenly as she stopped moving, Graham started a slow build, pumping me in a gentle rhythm that got more and more intense with every stroke. When she would push into me, her pelvis would smack against my stiff clit poking thru my pussy lips.

At this point it was impossible to contain my ferocious orgasm desperate to get loose.

I moaned, “Ohhh shit! Baby, baby I’m going to cum for you… Mmm fuck!”

“Give it to me then, let me hear it baby.” Graham whispered.

I bucked, humped and screamed, then shuddered to a halt. My arms and legs were clasped tightly around Graham. I couldn’t move so she peeled me off of her and laid down next to me. I turned towards her and cuddled up close.

The scent of her cologne mingled with our sweat and my juices was intoxicating.

We lay there for a few minutes until I caught my wind. I had so much desire for this woman. I wanted to please her as well as she pleased me.

I unfastened her harness and dropped it to the floor. Then I got on top of Graham slipping my knee between her legs instantly feeling how wet she got from sexing me. I removed my knee and reached down to get some of her sticky wetness on my fingers. Her clit was stiff as I slicked it with her juices and caressed it in circles. I heard a low moan escape from Graham.

I was just getting started. I sucked her left nipple between my lips and flicked it with the tip of my tongue. She put her arms above her head and closed her eyes, which told me she was open and felt safe with me.

I kissed and sucked her breasts while I gently fingered her pussy.

I made my way down her chest, kissing her stomach easing myself onto the floor. I encouraged Graham to spread her legs for me as I parted her pussylips with my thumbs and leaned in with the tip of my tongue.

I licked her slowly up and around her clit, at times digging my tongue into her deeply. Wanting to give her more, I slid two fingers into her as I sucked and flicked her swollen clit. I could feel her walls contract with every action.

Graham began to wind her hips as I licked her with deliberate strokes.

The fact that she had two fistfulls of bedspread let me know she was about to pop. I slowly and deeply pumped my fingers into her as I wrapped my lips around her clit and sucked it like a babies bottle.

“Oh yeah baby, just like that, just like that…ohh ohh ohhh!!” Graham moaned as she climaxed.

I stopped my finger action but continued to suck her clit, which drove her wild. After her orgasm peaked and subsided, Graham sat up looking down on me still kneeling between her legs with the biggest smile I have ever seen.

“Wow. I would’ve never thought such a princess would have skills.”

“Princess? Is that what you thought of me all this time?”

“Nothing wrong with claiming your crown. It’s just nice that you can dish it out as well as you take it.”

“I see. Well, I’m up for taking some more if you are still in the giving mood.”

“For you? Anytime…”

The End

Copyright © 2002. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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