**This story was published previously in Gay Black Female magazine of Los Angeles, Issue No. 68 (December 1997): 37.**

by Stephani Booker

_____"Why you being so quiet?"
_____"To tell you the truth, I'm laying up here with one hand holding the phone and the other down my panties. I am so horny right now. I hope you don't mind."
_____"Naw, that's all right. It's not like I haven't been thinking about you that way while we're supposed to be having a heavy conversation. It's been so long for me, you know."
_____"It's been a long time since I've even wanted to be with anybody like I want to be with you. I think about you so much, and I try to tell myself 'Quit calling her so much! You're running up your phone bill and probably getting on her nerves!' Even though we haven't met, I feel like I miss you. Damn, I wish you was right here!"
_____"Girl, I feel the same way, too. We just have to wait for my vacation time to come up. It's only a couple of weeks away."
_____"That just seems so far away, though. My loneliness and my horniness needs to be satisfied now!"
_____"Well, we've both been doing a good job of satisfying the loneliness, since we've been talking on the phone almost every day. As for the horniess . . .Well, you got your hands on your stuff and . . .you know, it's really funny, but just before you called I was getting ready to go to bed and play with my toy."
_____"Your toy? What does your toy look like?"
_____"It's seven inches long and an inch thick. It's black, hard and plastic, and it's curved at the end. It takes two "C" batteries."
_____"Umph, I'm scared of that. I have a toy, too, but it doesn't go inside like yours sounds like it does. It's a plug-in with a big knob on the end that I rub against my special spot."
_____"Well, I use my toy both outside and inside. Damn, the more we keep talking about it, the more I want to play with it."
_____"Hmmm . . .You think you could play with your toy with me on the phone here?"
_____"You want me too?"
_____"Yeah, I think I want to hear you get off. Could you do that for me? I hope that don't sound too freaky."
_____"Girl, you talking to the original Super Freak. Hold on."


_____"You hear that?"
_____"Yeah, I can hear it buzzing all over the phone. Tell me what you're doing with it now."
_____"I'm holding the tip of it against my clit. Now I'm rubbing it around and around. . .Now I'm pressing it hard against my clit . . . mmmmm."
_____"Ooh, you are making me so wet. Keep on making noises like that."
_____"mmmmm . . . ooh . . . aw . . Oh!"
_____"You know what I want to do to you right now?"
_____"Oooooh . . . what?"
_____"I want to take my tongue and lick your nipples . . ."
_____" . . . and then go down from your breasts to your belly and stick my tongue in your belly button and go round and round."
_____"Aaah, aaah . . . oooohh . . ."
_____"Then I'm gonna go lower and brush my lips against your pussy hair."
_____"Oh. . .oh. . .OH!"
_____"You coming?"
_____"Uh. . .almost. . .there."
_____"You sound so good with that moaning. Keep going."
_____"Keep. . . mmmm. . .talking to me."
_____"All right. . .I'm gonna spread you open and lick your clit. . .How do you want me to lick it?"
_____"Awww . . .suck it . . .hard. . .ooh"
_____"I'm gonna wrap my lips around it and suck it real hard. . ."
_____"THAT'S IT. . .OH!. . .OH!. . .grrrrr. . .OH!"
_____"Oh yes, damn you so sound so good!"
_____"Ooh. . .oh. . .aaah. . .mmmm. . .whewww . . .I am laying here, with my legs wide open, just covered with sweat. . .oh yeah."
_____"How about another one?"
_____"Girl, I'm about to pass out now. What about you? Can't I hear you come?"
_____"Honey, listening to you was good enough for me ... for now. It's so late, and we've been on the phone so long."
_____"Mmm ... yeah ... so when you gonna call me to give me mine, woman? You gonna make me wait all the way til next weekend?"
_____"Well, hell, we've talked to each other three times this week ..."
_____"And I'm scared of what my bill this month is gonna look like."
_____"Yeah, I know ... mine too."
_____So ... well ... hmmmm ... what time you want me to call you tomorrow night, girl?"
_____"After eight, after I get home from work and eat. You gonna have your toy ready?"
_____"Ready and running at Super-Freak speed!"

Copyright © 1997. Contents may be reproduced for private use or distribution, but may not be sold or published without permission of the author.

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