_____Today had been a long day, for most it was just another Friday, but for me it was the last day at a crummy ass job. Monday I start at a new company, making twice the money I made at this last jacked up company.
_____Tonight I going to take a nice long hot shower and spend some quiet time with me. That means I don't need or want anybody around me for the rest of the night, no phone calls will be taken. For tonight is my night.
_____I walked into my house, kind of glad that I decided to clean up last night, nothing really to this weekend except for laundry. Outside of that, I am free to be at one with myself for the entire weekend. Just as I was settling into that thought, the damn phone ring. I held true to my affirmation, that no phone calls will be taken, at least for tonight, so I let the service pick it up.
_____By the time I got to my bedroom, I was out of half my clothes. I walked around my room looking for something to slip into. Forget it, it's my house so I can walk around butt ass naked if I want. I walked by the mirror and took a look at the body that so many had adored and yet only so few had a chance to get next to. I had to admit that I looked good. I was 5'7", wore a perfect size 12, with two of the most succulent pair of 38dd's that you ever laid your eyes on.
_____For a while I didn't see what other people saw in me. I just thought I was nice looking. I started working out 3 times a week and it was paying off. I watched through the full-length mirror as my hand guided its way around my body with an effortless motion, like it knew what it was doing and where it was going. I had to catch my self. It was beginning to feel a little to good. I smiled at myself and thought, shit this my body, and if I don't get to know it, no one else will I winked at myself.
_____I walked over the stereo and put in my Joe CD; I walked back over to the mirror and began to flex, damn girl you look good. The sounds of Joe got to me; my body began to sway to the music as I let my hands freely roam at their will. With my eyes closed I let my hands guide they're way to my breasts. The feel of my nipples being squeezed by my fingers sent a wave of pleasure that caused me to moan, the moan was so deep that it shocked me. I smiled at myself long enough to realize that I was turning myself on. I let the sultry sounds of Joe consume me again, I let my mind relax and my hands began to take over again.
_____The feel of my hands against my body was exciting, I wanted to explore more, I let my hands find their way down to my own treasure, a venture I rarely if at all took. The moistness of my treasure against my fingers was both invigorating and thrilling; never did I think I could please myself. I let my fingers explore my treasure, they had a mind of their own, and all I could do was to obey they're silent command: lay down, its time to play. I walked over to my bed as if there was someone else there leading my way. I laid down and let my desires take over.
_____My hands felt like an octopus hitting every spot on my body, finding all the pleasure areas that made my toes curl when someone else was touching me. I allowed my fingers guide their way back to the biggest hot spot on my body. My fingers found a wet, pulsating, swollen clit awaiting them. At first touch I found myself arching my back, anticipating more, wanting more. My index finger made it way into my love hole, sending a wave of unknown pleasure through my body. Is this what my body feels like to others?
_____The motions of my hands over me and the sweet soulful sounds of Joe singing in the background and my own moans sent my body into frenzy. I began to stroke, gently pull until my I exploded; it had to be one of the best orgasms I have experienced. I laid there with my eyes closed while my breathing returned to normal. My eyes opened and I smiled to myself, damn girl your good. I could not help but laugh. This has to become a part of my Friday ritual from now on.
_____ Again I smiled and got up I grabbed my scarf and decided to take that shower I had been promising myself all day. I went over to the stereo and put in the new Toni Braxton CD. Whew I may have to take another adventure in the shower.

Wanna join me?


Copyright © 2000. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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