__________by D. Alexandria aka Glitter

Have you ever sat down and thought
About a woman’s pussy
I mean seriously
The look of it
The feel of it
The aroma of it
The idea of just getting lost in it
Regardless if it’s surrounded by tiny curls
If it’s completely smooth
Or even heavily protected
So that you have to dig in the exotic thicket
To get the prize you want
They’re all beautiful
And I thank the day
The God’s saw fit to bear me
So I could enjoy worshipping it daily
Have I grabbed your curiosity?
Wondering how something you probably overlooked
Could be so totally captivating?
Think of how it can smile at you
Sensing you coming
And you just can’t resist
The urge to part those lips
More precious than The Golden Gates
They hide the luxurious heaven of present day
And that little nubbin
Yes, it comes in various sizes
But it’s wonderfully swollen
Tempting you to feel its hardness
Holding so much in its little size
To make your woman literally writhe
But the piece de la résistance
The part that completely haunts
That beckons you for the ride
It literally whispers “open me wide”
Think of how it feels
The grip, the wetness
The tightness that you want to steal
It will hungrily pull you in
And you know it…you’ve given in
You’ve surrendered
You’re lost in its splendor
Be it a finger, a tongue
Or that toy you own
You’re determined to make it cum
Determined to claim it as your own
The most magnificent physical aspect
Of the exquisite creature called Woman
Beyond finger licking good
So much hides under that mystical hood
So take a while and just think
Of what it is that always pulls you to that brink
Ahh yes, my peeps
Is truly….
A wonderful thing

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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