M. Zora

Iíd never given too much thought to how a woman is built, down there. Matter of fact, one of the ways I often falter is to assume that others are like me in most ways. So that other women must be built like me, experience similar insecurities, and have taken recognizable paths to arrive at the intersection of our experiences.

If you happen upon me one day and find my mouth gaped open, itís likely that Iíve been surprised to find one of these assumptions faulty. Time has shown me again and again that absolute uniqueness within a basic framework of human connection is the true reality.

So, with practice, Iím learning to consider what differences speak to me. Well, the form of this womanís pussy is one of these.

Unlike mine, which resides deep between my legs, a downward facing cat, hers rides high and fat on her mound. And so it happens that whichever of us is on top, our fit is immaculate. Our genital mouths are wet and intense, with spare tongues connecting and releasing. We are two sea creatures making love.

With this fat high puss, she is able to deliver an impressive variety of strokes, sometimes pointed, others a side to side roll, next a tight circular grind. Even when I ride, sheís the stroke master. Without her, I could never bring it home.

This heaven sent package has brought with it the surprise of new orgasms. There are the leg tremors, the open laughing, the gushing geysers, and some tears. Tense cumming, relaxed accepting orgasms, eyes open, eyes shut. And either all of this freakiness is going to my head, or she fucked me with one of her titties last week, her nipple standing in for that sweet little penis we call clit.

Some are loud, her name tearing at my throat, her teeth at my jugular. Hands spreading her ass cheeks, gripping her hair, pinned above my head, raising my own left leg. These are but some of the ways my various parts have been occupied, each excited to have a role to play in our loving martial art.

And at the heart of all of this is the contact of our two complementary pussies, the center of two loving women wedded, our juices flowing like breath during oral resuscitation. I am rescued every time she cums.

The End

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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