Oceana Davis

_____"Hey gurl, no you ain't move on."
_____"So what has been up with you."
_____"Well gurl you know the drama."
_____As our laughs faded she walked on the bus. She was straight up sexy. She wore jeans and a low round cut white short sleeve top. I continued to laugh and act interested in the conversation with my girl friends in the two seat in front of me. I tried not to stare as she walked down the isle. But as she came closer I could see her nipple and the red bra she wore through the white shirt. Slowly licking my lips, Damn I said as she sat right behind me. Before her friend came and sat down beside her she commented on my glasses. I smiled, she noticed me too. I shifted my positions so that I could see my friends and her with a glance to the left. I must admit it was hard not to stare at her breast. The bus ride was afoot and hey, my girl was diggin the dude up front and I'm stealing glances at the girl with the pretty tits.
_____By the time we reached our destination, the conversation had everyone very familiar with one another. I notice that Pretty Tits, like me, had made no comment when people were talking about men. When the conversation changed, she was very talkative. She was really pretty and very feminine, not usually the type I'm attracted to, but I felt very wallet around her. I tried hard not to stare. My friends know I dig womyn, so that wasn't a concern, but here we are on a bus full of people and I didn't want to be embrassed about reading the signals wrong.
_____We all laughed and the womyn became a bit ranchy about negros and sex. I stared at her mouth, wondering what it would be like to kiss those lips and flawless skin. Breasts in hands and nipples in mouth were all I could think of. Every time she moved you saw nothing but cleveage. The brothas on the trip clearly stood near the sistah to get a peek and so did I. Yet with frowns to the brothas, my conversation was welcomed.
_____We talked about what she did and who she knew on the bus ride and we found out the things we had in common. As the day progress, we walked to the game. I was there for a game not to be up on some womyn, but clearly this was an opportunity I was not going to miss. As we got in line to get into the stadium, she slid passed me slowly. I felt her nipples rub against my breast and a tingling sensation ran through me. She stumbled and I grabbed around her waist to stop her from falling. She looked into my eyes and I smiled as she seem to hold on longer than needed. She smelled wonderful. She continued passed me and I sat down beside her. Through out the game I felt the wetness growing. When leaving the game she walked ahead of me with her friend and the site of her ass had my pussy singing. We returned to the bus. Everyone was laughing and eating . Drinking out side of the bus. I had to go to the bathroom so I got on the bus and headed towards the back. She was sitting towards the back of the bus closer to the bathroom. I knew I would have to squeeze pass her to get in. She stood and as I passed she leaned forward, litely kissed me and leaned back. I was feeling it. After making sureo one was looking, I snatched her in the small ass bathroom with me. She smiled and kissed me again.
_____My mind was rumbling off conversation as her sweet tasting tongue rumbled around in my mouth and she began to fumble my breast. I pushed up back up against the small counter in there and started diggin for the breast. I was wanting them all day and when I finally got a nipple in my mouth it was like M&M, melts in you mouth not in your hand. She began to moan as she begun to unbutton my pants. We had started to steam up the mirror in this tiny bus bathroom. Yet for me I thought only to put my fingers in her pussy, wanting to feel the warmth and wetness of her vagina. She mumbled that she wanted me to eat her pussy. I lifted her up higher and my tongue found its way into her wetness She smelled wonderful and tasted devine. As I slowly began eating her pussy. I feel her button begin to enlarge she moaned and smiled with pleasure as she came. I stepped out of my pants and guide her hands into my pussy. Her fingers where thin and she had obivious had plenty of experience with pussy.
_____She slowly began fingering me when I felt my juice coming down. I now had worked back up to her breast while her hand was in my pussy. I was on the edge of coming when she asked, "What is your name again?"
_____"My name is Nichelle."
_____My body felt like it was exploding when I came, and all I could do was whisper "Nichelle" over and over again.


Copyright © 1999. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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