_____Cheryl loaded her groceries into the back of car. She liked getting it all done before the after work crowd showed up. She drove the short distance to her condo on Sheridan Rd., singing along with Martha Wash on the radio at the top of her lungs. Pulling into her garage, she noticed an electric company truck parked near the entrance. She hoped her building wasn't experiencing a blackout like the ones that seemed to plague the rest of the city this summer. She paid too much damn money and lived on too high a floor for that shit, she thought.
_____Relieved to find the electricity working, she hustled her bags into the elevator. Just as she was setting them down to select her floor, a woman dressed in an electric company uniform slid in through the closing doors. Mel was slightly taller than Cheryl with olive skin covering her well toned body. Cheryl did a quick once over, liked what she saw and selected her floor. Noticing Cheryl's quick appraisal, Mel smiled broadly and pressed the floor above Cheryl's. Now, this is a woman I wouldn't mind getting stuck in an elevator with, Cheryl thought. The woman made idle chit chat about the inspections she was doing as the car made its ascension. Just as they were making formal introductions, the elevator rumbled to a halt between floors. They tried to no avail to get the car moving and the emergency intercom wasn't working either. Mel figured the elevator wasn't getting power but at the very least the building had installed emergency lights. After some time had elapsed with no movement, they decided to get comfortable as they may be stuck for awhile.
_____Cheryl offered to share sandwiches and soda with Mel while they waited. They joked and laughed at their predicament over their impromptu picnic. No electricity meant no air conditioning and both women started to get warm in the confines of the elevator. Cheryl undid her shirt and unzipped her shorts, much to Mel's delight. She loved a femme that wore nice lingerie and black was her favorite. Mel removed her khaki uniform shirt. The white tank she was prone to wearing clung to her breasts like a second skin and contrasted nicely her olive complexion.
_____Mel couldn't help but eye-fuck Cheryl. She was built like the proverbial brick shithouse, all curves and tits. The situation wasn't lost on her pussy obviously as she was getting aroused at the thought of making love in this elevator. Cheryl asked what was on Mel's mind, even though she, too, felt the air take on a decidedly erotic charge after they'd removed some clothing. Not being one to shy away from a potential session, Mel moved closer to Cheryl, trailing her fingertips along Cheryl's calf as she moved. In spite of the heat, goose pimples covered her legs and she shivered at the contact. Cheryl couldn't believe the brashness of this woman, all the while her body gave clues otherwise. As Mel's hand traveled higher, Cheryl's legs instinctively parted for her. Cheryl tried to feign modesty but Mel just brushed her hand away. Mel reached for the waist of Cheryl's shorts, pulling them down around her ankles and off in one swift movement. Again, Cheryl tried to protest but Mel silenced her with a deep probing kiss. Cheryl could feel her insides melt like ice cream in the sun. Whatever resistance she'd thought of putting up was now replaced with desire. And to think, this exact thing had just crossed her mind only minutes ago, she thought. Before she had to time to revel in her good fortune, Mel was hooking her thumbs in the waistband of her thong. She watched as the black material was slid down her legs and tossed to the corner of the elevator. She could feel her juices start to flow and hoped Mel hadn't noticed how turned on she was getting. She didn't want Mel to think she did this kind of thing all the time or anything. She had to at least give the illusion of being a good girl, right?
_____Mel knelt between Cheryl's legs and slid her shirt from her shoulders. Mel had a feeling she was fulfilling some sort of fantasy for Cheryl. If she really didn't want any of this to happen, she could stop it any time, right? But Mel knew otherwise. She could see Cheryl's hardened nipples pressing through the black silken material of her bra. Mel casually slid the straps from Cheryl's shoulders and cupped a breast in each hand, swirling the nipples of each with her thumbs. Cheryl moaned.
Mel liked a woman who wasn't too uptight to express her pleasure. Seems lately she'd been picking frigid bitches but this one seemed demonstrative, submissive and horny. Her favorite.
_____Mel stopped her tour of Cheryl's body long enough to rummage through her sacks of food. Surely she had to have something in there of interest that she could use. She was rewarded with a bear shaped bottle of honey, a large bag of grapes, and a bunch of bananas along with other assorted goodies. This was going to be fun, Mel thought. Cheryl was starting to get a little nervous. It was one thing for this woman to come on to her but they were in an elevator after all and it could move at any moment. What if the doors flew open and they got caught? She tried to express this to Mel but, Mel was not hearing her. Mel instructed her to remove her bra and lie back and be quiet. As much as Cheryl hated to admit it, even to herself, she was damn turned on by all this. She'd always fantasized about some stud taking her but this surpassed her fantasy by far.
_____Mel chose to start with the grapes. She plucked several large ones from their vine and popped a few in her mouth. She was enjoying watching the anticipation in Cheryl's eyes. Mel relished being in control when she was with a woman. She liked to keep them guessing and this one was no exception. Mel put another fat grape in her mouth and leaned in to plant another deep kiss on Cheryl. They batted the sweet pulp of the grape with their tongues, probing, tasting, the juice dribbling from their mouths and chins. When they finally separated, Cheryl was actually breathless. Mel took another couple of grapes from the bag. She bit them in half and lazily circled Cheryl's nipples with the cool, wet pulp of the remains. She watched Cheryl's nipples become engorged and hardened. She fed Cheryl the grapes and leaned over her to lick the grape juice from her breasts, lightly nipping and sucking each in turn. Cheryl's back arched, forcing more of her breast into Mel's hungry mouth. This time Mel grabbed a handful of grapes, crushing them in her fist. She allowed the juice to seep from her hand to cover Cheryl's torso and the mound of her cunt. Cheryl flinched as the cool liquid hit her skin and trickled down her sides and stomach. She let out a small yelp as the juice found its way between her already slick lips. Mel fed some of the crushed grapes to Cheryl and smeared the remainder between Cheryl's breasts. She positioned herself over Cheryl on all fours. Starting from Cheryl's neck, she began to lick the sticky sweet fluid from her skin. She dragged her tongue leisurely over Cheryl's body, like she had all the time in the world. She traveled down Cheryl's body, devouring the crushed fruit between her tits, slurping the juice that had pooled in her navel before she made it to her drenched delta.
_____Mel had Cheryl lift and spread her legs so she was open wide. Much to Mel's delight, Cheryl buzzed herself close, which afforded Mel an unobstructed view of her flowering pussy. Mel cupped and spread Cheryl's ass. She licked slowly from her asshole, upward to her grape juice marinated hole. She continued to make excruciatingly slow dog licks from Cheryl's ass to her nub. Cheryl's body tensed each time she felt Mel's hot, wet tongue make contact with her stiffening clit. Mel reached for a banana from the bag now. She peeled it slowly, knowing Cheryl was watching her every move. She spread Cheryl's outer lips and ran her tongue into the creases and folds, dipping the tip inside. She used the point of the ripe banana to massage her clit in languid circles causing Cheryl to let out a deep moan. She traced the inner lips with the banana, inserting the very tip inside, coating it with Cheryl's secretions. After it was sufficiently wet, Mel took a bite ad inserted the banana again. She repeated this until the banana was almost gone. Cheryl ground her hips with each penetration. She wanted badly to scream out but she was afraid they'd be discovered and rescued before this woman was done with her. Not to mention, she didn't relish the thought of her neighbors catching her in such a compromising position.
_____Mel took the remainder of the banana and smashed in her hand, smearing the sticky paste on Cheryl's sopping pussy. She brought her fingers to Cheryl's open mouth, letting Cheryl lick and suck the leftover fruit from her hand. She then took her position between Cheryl's thighs again. Cheryl watched as Mel ate her. She seemed so into what she was doing, like she lived for this, Cheryl thought. Mel lapped at Cheryl's pussy, licking and sucking every trace of fruit from her open hole. Cheryl writhed and thrashed on the elevator floor, so close to release she could taste it. Mel brought her to the edge, felt Cheryl's body tense the closer she came to climaxing. Just when Mel was sure Cheryl was on the brink, she stopped. Cheryl looked at her, stunned. She was so close and this bitch stops! Cheryl thought. Mel was rummaging in the shopping bags again. She grinned at Cheryl as she opened the little plastic bottle of honey. Cheryl was relieved she wasn't going to be left hanging at least. This Mel was some freaky piece of work she thought. She'd have to remember to get her number when they got out of here, she thought and smiled to herself.
_____Mel popped the top on the honey bottle and drizzled some on her fingers. She let Cheryl lick her fingers clean, purring as she sucked each one individually into her hot mouth. Mel let the honey pour down on Cheryl's pussy, coating her mound with a thick layer of the golden nectar. Cheryl closed her eyes, readying herself for this new onslaught on her cunt. Mel took her time, lapping and slurping, tongue-fucking and sucking Cheryl's pussy until she was again teetering on the verge of orgasm. Mel inserted a couple of fingers inside, awed at how easily she was allowed entry. When she'd found that spot inside she was looking for, she massaged it firmly with her fingers, making Cheryl whimper and gasp. She sucked her clit between her sticky, sweet lips, drawing it out of its hiding place. Cheryl's body tightened. She was covered in a light sheen of sweat along with the viscous fruits and their juices. She bucked her hips in rhythm to Mel's movements. Mel clamped her lips around Cheryl's nub and strummed it quickly with her tongue. That's all it took to shove her over the edge: Cheryl's whole body was on fire, a fire started deep inside her pussy and radiated outward to her extremities. She wrapped her legs around Mel, her hands in Mel's hair, grinding her pussy against Mel's face. She could feel her pussy contracting, squeezing Mel's fingers tightly. So strong was her climax, she couldn't help but cry out. Mel continued to lick her slowly, even after her tremors had subsided. Mel helped her to her feet, steadying her. She helped her dress and gather her bags before pulling her close for a final kiss.
_____Mel had always wanted to do something like this but, the opportunity had never presented itself. She knew it was rather shady of her to have her coworkers stop the elevator just to have this time with this woman but she couldn't help herself. She restarted the elevator, hoping Cheryl wouldn't figure it out. The car rumbled to a start and continued it's way up to Cheryl's floor. Mel helped her carry her bags to her unit down the hall. Mel had been off duty for over two hours. She owed those guys downstairs big time for helping her do this. She just needed to get the truck back and she was free, she told Cheryl. And since she'd just been treated to dessert, maybe she could treat Cheryl to dinner. Or at the very least, help her clean up

The End?

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