__________by Sin_cere

You say you've made yourself moist by the sound of my voice
Lay your head back, close your eyes
Watch me carefully as I slowly part your thighs
Run my fingers across your slit, youre wet, no surprise
I lower my head to inhale your sweet aroma
Keep your eyes on me, cuz now i'm gonna
Stick those three sticky fingers into my mouth
Now take your right hand and unbotton your blouse
But not too fast, I wanna make this last
& make your body tingle
With a single, fluid motion
I'm about to strap up so I can dive into your ocean
Is that iight wit you?
You barely and almost inaudibly moan yes
Dayum R. Kelly, let me show why mine is the greatest sex
Cuz just because were in were in seperate locations doesn't mean I wont have your heart racin
Or your back fully arched
I'm eatin your pussy, lickin and swallowing all your juices like for years my throat has been fuckin parched
Dayum, I can't get enough of your sticky stuff
Meanwhile i'm grabbin your titties rough
Your hips are wildly buckin
Gyrl u know u love the way i'm fuckin you
Now whats my name, bytch? Yeah u like that freaky shyt, too
Don't you?
I won't make you cum until i'm good and ready
I smack yo ass and you throwin it back at a nygga nice and steady
My left hand grabs the back of your hair as the right grips your ass
I pull you deeper into my dyck; hard and fast
You won't last much longer
But shyt my momentum is just gettin stronger
I yearn for yo body to feed my necessary hunger
You moan like your in painful ecstacy
That was my plan to make you feel like a lady, who is right next to me
But in reality this is just phone sex...
and the truth is, we aint never met

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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