Rockstar Swagger

_____Thursday is book night for Phoenix. By 6 o'clock she is in her usual seat sipping her favorite tea reading. Phoenix nods and greets some of the usual faces that she sees. She resumes reading her mystery novel. As she turns her page, she feels as if she is being watched. She looks around and everything is everything. She settles back to reading. She is so into her book that she doesn't even notice that someone has taken a seat next to her. It isn't until her vibrating cell goes off that she is forced to meet the pair of slate gray eyes that are staring at her. Phoenix smiled at the stranger as she pressed talk on her phone. It was her best friend Grier reminding her about their shopping date on Saturday. Phoenix quickly confirmed before putting the phone back into her purse.
_____The mysterious stranger finally spoke. "I asked you if you if this seat was taken but you were so engulfed in your book that you didn't hear me. Must be a great story."
_____Phoenix could only stare at woman who spoke to her. This woman was beyond beautiful. Her hair and skin were an identical caramel color. She was about 5'7 and she had star appeal. Rock star, movie star, you name it. Phoenix had to collect herself; she had never been affected like this in her life. It threw her for a loop and she didn't like the feeling.
_____The stranger identified herself. “Please forgive me I haven't made your acquaintance. Sky with an e.”
_____"I am Phoenix, nice to meet you."
_____"The pleasure is all mine."
_____The way she said pleasure sent shivers through Phoenix, this woman was flirting with her. She liked it even though she shouldn't. It was all about a man for her. She wasn't about to play along. She flipped her books into her bag and excused herself from the table. "I remembered there is somewhere that I have to be."
_____Skye responded. "I hope to see you next week."

_____Saturday was a welcome reprieve from the week that Phoenix had. Her overnight business meeting had been canceled while she was on route to LA. She arrived in California just to return back to New York. She was jetlagged and tired. From time to time she suffered from insomnia and this was one of those rare instances that she had been up for two days. Seeing Grier always perked her sprits and this day would be no different. They decided to meet in front of their favorite shoe store.
_____As Phoenix waited two women and a man tried to pick her up. Grier walked up from behind Phoenix and teased. "Girl you shouldn't be so damn fine."
_____"Grier you shouldn't be so late. Every time I wait for you out here. I am always being hit on by someone or something."
_____“I am sorry. I had to take Sydney uptown. I got here as soon as I could."
_____“How is married life?"
_____"It's a wonderful thing."
_____Sydney and Grier were two of the finest women that God created. Their former boyfriends cried for days when it was discovered that these two married each other. Phoenix was the best woman at their Hawaiian nuptials. It was a glorious ceremony. Grier shook her shoulder length tresses and said. "I am here. Let the popping of tags began."
_____Phoenix and Grier walked into the store and it was all over. Standing at the register was gray eyes. She looked urban in a pair of leather pants and Marley tee shirt. Her hair was a blown out into a curly afro. Phoenix coolly checked out the Blahniks that she had been coveting last week. Grier returned with the wickedest pair of stilettos. "Sydney will love these." Grier motioned to the sales person who practically drooled over her from the time she hit the door. "May I have these in a eight, please?"
_____It was Phoenix’s time to joke. "You shouldn't be so fine."
_____"That I am honey, that I am. Speaking of fine, who is woman that won't take her eyes off you and you are failing miserably at ignoring."
_____"I almost forgot how perceptive you are."
_____"Don't let my good looks fool you."
_____"I will tell you. Later. Just don't put me on the spot right now. OK."
_____Grier had never seen her friend blush and this scene was quite amusing. She observed her friend insulate herself with books, and cultural events. She couldn't blame her because the men she stop dating were as worthless as half a penny. Many of her friends had tried getting with Phoenix but her answer was always, “No.” Grier prayed that Phoenix would find someone just like her, beautiful and caring.
_____Skye finished speaking to a vendor before coming over. "Ladies how can I help you?" _____At this point, Grier went to try on her shoes and left the two ladies alone. Skye asked, "Are you going to hold onto that shoe for dear life or are you going to tell me what size you need?"
_____"I only have half sizes right now. A new shipment will be here Monday."
_____Phoenix asked, "You know what you have in stock without looking?"
_____"Pretty much. But I'll make a deal with you. If you leave your number someone can give you a call you once stock arrives." Phoenix gave her a business card. "Expect a call on Monday."
_____"I will."
_____"Would it freak you out if I called you?"
_____Phoenix coolly responded. “Why would it?"
_____Skye countered. "I can show you better than I can tell you." With that Skye walked away leaving Phoenix with her thoughts.
_____Grier returned. "It's time for lunch because you have a lot of dirt to dish."

_____Over a ceasar salad, Phoenix retold how she met Skye at the bookstore. "Grier she is a woman!"
_____"A mighty fine woman that has you blushing and flustered. Why don't you go out with her?"
_____"And do what?"
_____"Have fun. It's pretty much the same as going out with a man just better communication. You owe it to yourself to have some fun. Doesn't matter who its with."

_____Monday afternoon Phoenix was greeted with a roses and a wrapped box. She opened the package and it was the funky boots that she wanted. She unplucked the card from the beautiful flowers. It read:
_____Hope to see you Thursday. --Skye

_____Phoenix heart started beating loudly. She stared at the flowers as she held the shoes in her lap. What was she going to do? She would reimburse her for the shoes but the flowers were another story. Twenty minutes later, Phoenix found herself in front of her beloved shoe store. She walked in. She was hoping to have a word with Skye. She asked the cashier if she was working today. The girl punched some numbers in her cell phone. Within five minutes Skye appeared from a back door.
_____"Always a pleasure to see you. What brings you here?"
_____"Is there somewhere we can speak privately?"
_____"We can talk in my office." Skye held the door open as Phoenix followed her in. She sat on a leather couch as Skye sat on a desk. Her gray eyes twinkled as she asked. "Are the shoes to your liking?"
_____"Very much. That's is why I am here to pay for them."
_____"No need, they are a gift from me."
_____"And the flowers."
_____"Beautiful flowers for a beautiful woman."
_____Phoenix was both flattered and uncomfortable. "Look Skye I can quite sure that you are a very nice person but I don't get down like that."
_____"Like what."
_____"I don't accept flowers from women."
_____"I see. I guess we are both doing things that we normally wouldn't because I don't normally purchase $500 dollars shoes for a woman I don't know."
_____Phoenix extracted five one hundred dollar bills from her purse. "This should take care of the cost."
_____As she handed over the money, Skye grabbed her hand. "You know the eyes are the window to the soul and you are scared.
_____"Of what!"
_____"Of me!"
_____"I really don't have time for this conversation."
_____"Yet you have time to visit me in the middle of the day. Look Phoenix I like to shoot straight from the hip. I see something I want I go after it."
_____"That's an admirable quality, but I am not for you."
_____"Says who?"
_____"Says me! Were you not listening?"
_____"I have selective hearing and if what you say is true then you should have no problem having dinner with me. It is simple, a meal between two hungry women. I'll see you Thursday."

_____Phoenix sat in her car, mentally asking herself what was she doing. It was past six and she was having second thoughts about dinner with Skye. She was never one to give into fear. Skye was already seated as she walked into the bookstore.
_____"Thought you were had chickened out."
_____"No birds here."
_____"Have you decided what you would like for dinner this evening."
_____"I have no preference."
_____"What about you?"
_____"What I crave will not be on any menu this evening." Skye said this as if they were talking about the weather.
_____Phoenix took offense to the statement. "You are very arrogant!"
_____"No more than you. You assumed I was speaking of you. I could have been referring to off market seafood. Arrogant, I am not .I like to think that I am self assured." Skye whispered in Phoenix's ear. "You are very good at the game of pretense."
_____"So are you."
_____"Why don't you give me a chance? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Come with me. I know the perfect place we can have dinner." Skye offered her hand. Phoenix reluctantly took it.
_____Thirty minutes later, they were at Skye's New Jersey condo. "Damn you must have sold a whole lot of shoes."
_____"You are only as good as the staff you surround yourself with."
_____"Skye, I have been coming to your store for years and I never saw you."
_____"Because you weren't looking for me. "Skye poured Phoenix a glass of white wine. "Relax yourself. Dinner will be ready shortly."
_____"You ordered all ready?"
_____"I spent most of the day preparing our meal. First meals should be special."
_____"You are sweet.
_____"You make me that way. I bet you are a lot sweeter.” Skye confessed. "I want to kiss you but I don't want you to run away."
_____"I am enjoying your company, so don't make me."
_____"I will be on my best behavior."
_____The rest of the evening they chatted like old friends. Phoenix learned Skye had lived in Italy and was fluent in Italian. Phoenix told of her desire to launch her own magazine. The conversation changed into personal one when Phoenix asked, "Why are you attracted to me when you can have any man you want?"
_____"I am drawn to a woman's essence. I like figuring out what makes her tick. I have always been intrigued by a challenging woman."
_____"Have you been involved with many women?"
_____Skye answered truthfully. "Enough to know when someone is extraordinary. Ok Phoenix it is my turn to ask you a question. Do I make you nervous?"
_____"Because you make me feel things that I shouldn't."
_____"Says who."
_____"Says me. Says my upbringing."
_____"I totally understand what you are saying but you cannot deny that the pull is a little stronger than you care to admit. As I said before, I am patient."
_____"What if I am not what you expected?"
_____"You ask a lot of questions. I like that. Trust me, when I tell you that you are."
_____"It's always like that in the beginning, then you crash and burn.”
_____"Sounds like a woman who has had less than favorable experiences with relationships."
_____"Lets just say I have accepted the lessons and move on."
_____"Without saying much you have said a mouthful." Skye dipped a strawberry in chocolate and fed it Phoenix. "Relax, all I want to do is nurture you."
_____That statement touched something within Phoenix. It must have been the wine, the ambiance created by the semi-lit room, or maybe the way that Skye eyes sparkled. Phoenix allowed her to feed her. Allowed her to wipe that chocolate from her lips with her thumb, didn't get too freak out when she licked remnants from her own hands. The room was quiet save from the electricity currents swirling in the atmosphere. Skye took a handful of Phoenix's locks and kissed them. Phoenix basked in the affectionate gesture.
_____Skye wanted to kiss those pouty lips. She would have been cool with a peck. She just wanted to know if they were as soft as they looked. Curiosity was killing her and when she moved in to do so, she got a little tongue to go with the peck. Their tongues did a jig that only they were familiar with. At this point Phoenix was already laid out on the soft plush leather couch, laid out like a defiant chocolate angel.
_____Skye wanted to possess her, not just for one night but forever. The things she wanted to do she wasn't sure whether Phoenix was ready for. She pulled her close and hugged her. "Phoenix I want you so bad. I can't put it into words, but I want you to be ready for me totally. No hesitant thoughts, just a you and me thing. You feel me?"
_____Phoenix understood. She was ready to be with Skye, but what next was something she couldn't answer. So they agreed to take things slowly until they were both ready.

_____One night as they were taking a stroll, they stumbled upon a club that played some real sweet music. They decided to go in. The illuminated floor was half empty as Maxwell crooned about a woman who was the highest of the high. Skye grabbed the hand of a swaying Phoenix leading her to the floor. Snoop's song “Beautiful” caused the dead to arise. The sight of a dancing Phoenix as her locks fanned her face hypnotized Skye.
_____Phoenix grew very aware of the woman standing in front of her. Phoenix noticed that Skye's eyes had turned a darker shade of gray. She had that same sensual look the first time they kissed. Grier's “attraction is attraction” echoed in her head. Phoenix leaned over and whispered in to Skye's ear. "Come with me."
_____Ten minutes later, Skye was somewhere she thought she would never be--Phoenix's bedroom. She watched Phoenix’s perfectly round ass as she lit the fireplace. There was no need for any more warmth. Skye’s desire was a raging inferno about to erupt and if she tasted Phoenix’s lips once more there would be no looking back.
_____Skye quietly kneeled behind her. Phoenix felt her presence and faced her questioning eyes. Skye leaned over and kissed her with so much passion that they both shivered. Foreplay was intense as clothes hit the floor. Skye trailed kisses down Phoenix's neck to her breast. She spoke in Italian after each kiss. Phoenix senses were overloaded by the feelings that
_____Skye's tongue caused.
_____Phoenix ran a fingernail down Skye's back and she could have cum just from the exquisite feeling. Her mission was to taste Phoenix and that was what she was going to do. Skye parted Phoenix’s chocolate thighs as she nibbled the center of her tootsie pop. She found the spot in less than three licks. Her moans were music to Skye's ears. Skye gripped her hips as Phoenix rode her face to ecstasy. Phoenix kissed her as she fell asleep.
_____Phoenix woke to a pair of gray orbs. "Skye why are you staring at me like that?"
_____"Like what?"
_____"As if you have 21 questions?"
_____"I just have one."
_____"What are you going to do with me?"
_____"What do you mean?"
_____“Phoenix don't play with me! I need to know what does this mean to you?"
_____Phoenix had no answers. There wasn't anything she could say that would appease Skye's intense mood. "Can we talk about this later?"
_____"No! I want to talk about this now. Where are we going with this?"
_____"I don't know Skye. I am feeling you and all but I can’t answer anything beyond that."
_____"If you can't come better than that, then what more is there to say?" Skye shook her head in disbelief as she headed to the bathroom.

_____A month had passed and Phoenix hadn't heard from Skye. She picked up her phone quite a few times to call just to put it back down. She could now admit to herself that she missed Skye. Time alone placed a lot of things in perspective. It no longer mattered that Skye was a woman. All that mattered was how she felt and what her heart was telling her to do. Phoenix grabbed her purse and went to share her thoughts.
_____Skye was updating inventory in her laptop when she heard a soft knock. Without looking up she said come in. When she did look up, she was startled to Phoenix. The woman who haunted her days and nights for the past month was in her office, looking beautiful and smelling fragrant.
_____"Good afternoon Skye."
_____"Hello Phoenix. What can I do for you?"
_____Phoenix sat in a chair that was across from Skye. The look on her face indicated that it was a now or never situation. "You can forgive me for being the very thing that I detest in others--afraid. Skye, I was scared of my feelings for you and I am sorry for pushing you away. I want to be with you and I am not leaving until you say, ‘Yes.’"
_____Skye didn't say a word. She just looked at Phoenix for what felt like an eternity. She pulled her into her arms. "Yes."
_____Phoenix kissed Skye tenderly as she said “yes” over and over again.

The End

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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