_____“Press your ass on the glass.” Kisha did as instructed. “Mmm, nice. Now slide down towards me so I can see your pussy juice smear on the window. That’s it, that’s it. Wipe yourself baby.” This is a sick muthafucka, Kisha thought as she obeyed the clients every command. I hate these types. She loved exhibitionism, but she hated the sick and disgusting men that frequented this business. If only normal people could come in and watch her. (“Normal people” meaning beautiful women. And lots of them.) But at least she made decent money to support herself. The job was much more lucrative than stripping. Plus it didn’t hurt to get her nut off several times a day, everyday.
_____Kisha had entertained about 4 clients so far that day. She was one of the best in the joint. She cleaned herself up and waited for the next person to enter the booth. The bright light that spotlighted her flicked on and she knew she was on. “Hi, I’ve been waiting for you.” She said in her low, sensual phone sex voice, having no idea to whom she was talking. She wasn’t able to see her clients which was actually ok; she didn’t want to know what those perverts really looked like anyway. The person said nothing.
_____Must be a newbie, she thought. They never say anything at first. “Are you shy? That’s ok, I’m a little shy too. But I’m so horny, so don’t mind me, I’m just going to play with my pussy for a few minutes, if that’s ok.” She leaned back facing the glass window and slid her hand down her stomach and in between her legs. She slipped her middle finger between her lips and moaned loudly. She heard the person breathing harder into the microphone and she knew she’d hooked one.
_____She fell right into character and looked up. “Oops, did I just do that? I’m so embarrassed." She sat up and closed her legs.
_____“Don’t be embarrassed, go on and finish.” Came from the speaker in the booth. It was a woman’s voice.
_____Kisha tried to disguise her disbelief. Rarely did she perform for a woman, but she had always fantasized about it. Not wanting to let onto it, she smiled at the glass. “Ok, if you don’t mind.” She opened her legs back up and continued rubbing her finger between her now swollen lips. “You like that?”
_____“Um hmm,” came in faintly from the speaker.
_____“Damn, I’m soooo horny. This feels soooo good. I want to put my finger in it.”
_____“Go ahead,” said the client.
_____Kisha obeyed. “I can’t believe I’m doing this.” She giggled.
_____“Naw, you alright. Keep going.”
_____This act went on for about 45 minutes, then Kisha came for the 2nd time. She heard the person get up. “Wait, are you leaving? Where are you going?” It was Kisha’s job to keep the clients in the booth as long as possible; they were paying by the minute.
_____“I can’t stay in here all day,” said the woman.
_____“But you’ve been bringing out the freak in me. I'm not shy when you’re around.”
_____“I’ll try to come back later.” The client said as she pulled out a few dollar bills and placed them in the small box to the side of the window as an extra tip. And the spotlight went out.

_____Over the next few days, Kisha waited and hoped the woman would come back and see her. Then after so many days went by, she ruled it out, thinking that she was probably some closet lesbian that didn’t want anybody to know that she likes looking at women. She need to be out like me. Everybody know I don’t give a damn what people think. I want the whole world to know that I fuck women. And just about the whole world did know. Kisha was well known in the lesbian community of her town. She gained a lot of popularity when she was a stripper, then later as an all around lesbian icon. One could find her at just about every lesbian function: Parties, gay rights functions, gay-themed trips, everything. Hell, she probably scared to go anywhere cause somebody gon’ see.
_____But she did come back. About a week later and every week after that for several weeks, she came to visit Kisha to watch, and sometimes direct, Kisha’s theatrics. Once she established a pattern, it gave Kisha something to look forward to. Every week, she got to act out increasingly freakier acts for her.

_____One day after work, Kisha went by the club for happy hour. She hung out near the platform where the strippers danced. Although she loved being watched, she also liked to watch other women. She watched for enjoyment, but also for new moves and potential competition. She noticed a lady walking towards her with a drink in her hand. She smiled at Kisha as she sat down. “Wanna dance?” She asked.
_____Kisha could barely hear her, due to the loud techno music. “What?”
_____ “Do you want to dance?” The woman repeated. She smiled at her again.
_____ “Ok.”
_____They both sat their drinks down at the table and headed towards the dance floor. The lady was a good dancer. She made Kisha wet as she sensually guided their hips from side to side. She held her arms around Kisha’s waist with the tips of her fingers touching the top of her ass. Kisha wrapped her arms around the lady’s shoulders and pressed her body against her harder. She savored every beat of the songs they danced to. I gotta hook up with this girl. She can probably fuck like its nobody’s business, the way she dance.
_____After the fourth song, Kisha grabbed the lady’s hand and headed off the floor. “I'm tired, let’s sit down and talk.” The girl followed closely behind. They went outside to the patio so they could hear each other better. When they sat down, Kisha proceeded to mack. “Damn girl, you know how to dance, huh?”
_____The lady smiled. “Thank you.”
_____It was her! The woman from the peep show. Kisha recognized the voice immediately. She didn’t notice before cause the music was too loud. Damn, and she was fine, too. And definitely not a closet lesbian like she had originally perceived. “Wait a minute, do I know you from somewhere?”
_____The lady smiled slyly. “I don’t know. Where could you know me from?”
_____Oh ok, she want to play games, Kisha thought. “Well, I’m just about everywhere there’s woman. What kind of places do you like to go to?”
_____“I go to a lot of different places. Do you work around here?”
_____“Yeah, I work at The Fish Bowl. You’ve been there to see me, right?” Kisha had her.
_____The woman smiled and laughed. She was busted. “Yeah I’ve come in there to see you a few times. You’re very talented.”
_____“So are you, and very attractive too.” Kisha resumed macking. She didn’t make it a habit to mess around with anyone she worked with or for, but she couldn’t get the fantasy of this woman out of her head, plus the way she moved on the dancefloor was magnetic.
_____“Look, don’t think I’m a stalker or nothing,” the lady explained, “I was already in here and happened to recognize you over there. I had to come over and talk to you face to face.”
_____“Well, its nice to finally see your face,” Kisha replied.
_____“I’ll have to admit, the things you do got me fantasizing every day.” The lady said.
_____“Oh really?” Kisha raised an eyebrow. Sex was her arena. She was confident that once anybody brought up the subject, she was able to manipulate them to get whatever she wanted. “What are you fantasizing about?”
_____The woman lowered her head shyly. “Well, you turn up in my dreams, lets just put it like that.”
_____“Well, to be honest, you’ve been in my fantasies too.” She flirted.
_____“I have?”
_____ “Yeah, women don’t come in that often. And as you can see, that’s my cup of tea.”
_____“Well, I’m glad to make your day a little more enjoyable.” The lady said.
_____“And trust me you do.” Kisha replied.
_____“So what do you fantasize about? I can’t imagine you would have any fantasies you haven’t acted out already.” The lady asked and Kisha smiled.
_____“Well, I like to do it in public. And I fantasize about having sex in front of strangers.”
_____“I see, so I guess you really like your job, then.” Kisha laughed and nodded.

_____They left the club together. By now, Kisha was on a mission. She was going to hit this for sure. Imma turn her little shy ass out! They made a quick stop at The Fish Bowl because Kisha had left something there earlier. On the way, Kisha told her all about her job, what she liked and disliked, what kind of people come in and what kind of people worked there.
_____“Why don’t you show me the inside of your booth?” The woman asked. “I always wondered what its like on the other side of the glass.”
_____After she got what she needed from the guard, Kisha led her down a narrow hallway with many doors. They stopped at one of them and Kisha unlocked it and went in. It was a small dressing room with a large, wall mirror, a shower and a couch. It was pretty plush to be so cramped. There was a small door a few feet over from the mirror with steps leading up to it. “Is that your booth right there?” The woman asked.
_____“Yeah,” Kisha answered and walked over to open the door so she could see in.
_____The woman entered the small room. “Wow, I never seen it from this side before.”
_____“Well, believe it or not, I’ve never seen it from the other side.”
_____“Oh, really?” She said as she grabbed Kisha’s hand and pulled her closer to her.
_____Kisha’s body began to heat up. It wasn’t what she had planned, but it would do. Normally, she was down for sex anywhere, anytime. However, she was a little reserved to do it at work. Ok, I’ll give her a preview, then we’ll drive to a motel. The woman grabbed Kisha and kissed her. Kisha was caught off guard again, but kept up with the kiss. She ground her pelvis into hers. Damn, when did she put that on, she thought referring to the strap she felt. It definitely was not there when they were dancing.
_____The woman knelt in front of Kisha and lifted up her shirt. She proceeded to lick Kisha’s stomach. Kisha could feel the breath on her body. And so she reached under her shirt to undo the front hook on her bra. Her nipples were hard like diamonds. But before Kisha could get it loose, the woman reached up and undid it with just one flick of her finger. She pressed Kisha up against the glass and sucked on each nipple. Kisha was becoming nervous now cause this was starting to feel good for real. The walls in the booth were thin and she knew that if she could hear her colleagues on the other side, then they’d be able to hear her for sure.
_____The woman lifted off Kisha’s shirt. Then unzipped her pants as she sucked her belly button. She pulled down Kisha’s pants and kissed the cute, curly brown flame Kisha had carved into her pubic hair. The woman started to lick down a little deeper when, all of a sudden, the spotlight came on. ‘Oh shit’ Kisha thought. “Somebody’s in there” Kisha told the lady. The woman offered no response, just kept licking.
_____“Whoa shit,” came through the speaker. “They in there eating each other pussy!!”
_____Kisha turned around to see if she could see through the glass but she couldn’t. The light was too bright and it was a two-way mirror anyway. Besides the woman had her pinned with her bare ass pressed against the window. She threw her leg over the woman’s shoulder and moaned. By now, the woman was all up inside her and there was nothing else Kisha could do but give in. She slid down to the floor of the platform and leaned over to the side. The woman inserted her tongue into Kisha’s pussy even deeper, now that she had more access from this angle. Kisha moaned and gasped with pleasure.
_____“Damn, girl, eat that pussy!” The man in the booth cheered them on.
_____Kisha tried to sit up so she could get some kind of control of the situation. After all, she was supposed to be turning her out, not the other way around. She regained some strength in her legs and got up on her hands and knees, so she could suck on the woman for a while. This would allow her to regain her own composure. The woman kissed her back then crawled over behind Kisha and ground the dildo against her backside. Damn. She shoved the dick into Kisha’s soaking wet opening and fucked Kisha as she moaned with pleasure. Kisha’s arms got weak and were no longer able to hold her up. She leaned down on her elbows and bit her lip. This was feeling unlike any prop she had in her booth. Her gasps and moans turned into screams and loud grunts. Their audience was getting the performance of a lifetime!
_____Kisha tried to get up again and leaned her arms against the glass for support. The woman fucked her harder and faster. Kisha’s breath made foggy clouds on the glass with each grunt. “Ooh, Imma cum,” Kisha yelled. The woman grabbed Kisha’s hips and held them tightly against her in preparation for her orgasm. Kisha’s body quaked like an 8.0 tremor on the Richter scale and fluid squirted out from her pussy around the dildo, which was still inside her. Her hands slid down the glass, streaking it from the condensation left by her breath. “Oh,” she barely mouthed, breathing heavily. “Oh, that shit was good”
_____“Yeah I know,” blared from the speaker. “Now that’s the shit I’m talking ‘bout!!! Damn yo ass is good. Imma be back in this mutha fucka every day!!” The client yelled with excitement. He stood up and dug in his pocket. Even though Kisha couldn’t see him, the tip box was located close enough to the glass where she could see him place a $100 bill in it. She wanted to smile, but her body was still weak from the powerful nut. They could still hear him praising their performance as he walked out of the booth and down the hall.
_____Kisha turned over to face the woman. She was still breathing hard. “Ooh I gotta have them wash these blankets again, that shit was good. Ooh, thanks for that nut, baby”
_____“No problem, boo. Thanks for making my fantasy come true.” The woman said and smiled slyly, as she got dressed to take her back to her car.

The End

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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