__________by Taneigha

I once tasted the nectar upon the sweetness of your lips
My thoughts get lost easily in desiring their remedy
Simply put…
I’m lusting for another sip

Your space alone is enchanting
The realms of your ways are definitely unique
The flavor I am yearning
Begins in the corners of my mind
And ends at the grace of your feet

The tempo …whew….
Most certainly, has my hormones intrigued
Like a flow within a perfect verse
Enticed by your caliber...
Laced heavily with the qualities I need.

Droplets of your moisture
Sends my sights and senses in an eruption
Teetering wildly on the edge of “ablaze”
These are merely a quarter of my thoughts
In a series, that can go on for countless days

Overwhelmed simply…
By the stride of your talented tongue
Luscious and divine within your flavor
A memory among my galleries…
Hopefully filled with more thoughts of you to come

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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