Putting in overtime can kill a bitch, but nothing compared to the overtime I saw when I came home to see my wife beating up some prime pussy on our living room floor. I mean dayum a nigga come home from a hard day at work to get some and the pussy is getting some before I can get my key in the door. I have to admit the pussy she was beating up was fucking outstanding. She had on her reggae riddims flowing through the room, with Egyptian Musk incense burning hard. Shit I trained my wife how to bag em all too well.

To my surprise my wife turned around winked at me. “Hey baby this is Terri, one of my pets. Watch what I learned today.” Next thing she took out a 10 inch strap similar to the one I was wearing to surprise her with. She lit up a half smoked blunt and inhaled it like a soldier and the stereo to Kevin Little’s Turn me On. The girl looked at me like she wanted me to give her the fuckin of her life but I had to see what my wife learned first. She strapped and demanded Terri sing the lyrics to the song, but change the words to accommodate the position she was in. “Baby hold me come caress my body, you got me going crazy, turn me on, turn me on.”

With that last word she started to moan heavily as my wife fucked her to the song. She became a different woman with each stroke and so did Terri. Her pussy was getting wetter and her moans was getting louder. Shit my pussy was getting wet and throbbing against my strap. I had to relieve myself. My wife was asking Terri who was her daddy and shit. Man I couldn’t believe when Terri started screaming Xtasy. I was the only daddy of the house and wasn’t about to lose my rank.

I started to get undressed, lit a Djarum and walked over to the living room. My wife was going on and on until I inserted two fingers in her pussy, pulled her hair and said, “Daddy’s home now.” She knew what was about to happen. I told her to keep fucking while she gets fucked. Terri didn’t know what I was about to do, but she figured it out when she saw my strap going between Xtasy’s legs. I started stroking Xtasy and said, “You can always teach and old dog new tricks.” I changed the stereo to my fucking song, Pony by Ginuwine. I got into my mood and started tearing that ass up. Xtasy was fucking Terri harder with each stroke I gave her. I had to get my nut and show both these bitches who was the daddy of the house.

I got tired of fucking missionary style and told Xtasy to sit on my dick. I told Terri take a drink and lick her juices from Xtasy’s manhood. I fucked my wife like we was on a honeymoon. I didn’t even have to ask and she started calling me daddy. Terri was still sippin on her juice when I looked at her and said, “Come here.” I told her that since she was a guest, she gets the proper welcoming. I took her hand and led her to the sex room.

My wife gave me the cuffs and it was on. I had Terry cuffed to the bed and then started to massage her clit, making sure my prey was still wet. I spreaded her legs and took a sip of her milkshake. Hmm, her shit tasted like butter pecan. That shit was off da chain. But there was no time for snacks, I had to get down to business. I climbed on top and started kissing her ever so slowly as my wife played wit da pussy for me. She took my strap and put it in inch by inch. Every inch, Terri got a kiss until Xtasy said I was ready to go.

I started stroking and I told Xtasy to have a seat. She made herself comfortable right on Terry’s face. She started grinding and so did I. I wanted to make sure we all had an orgasm at the same time. I started fuckin her harder and harder. I whispered to her, “Welcome to the Lion’s Den. In this room I am the king of the jungle, the ruler of this domain, or should I say the daddy of this house. Now, when Xtasy says ‘Who’s beating that pussy? You better say, ‘Daddy is!’"

She started moaning and I slapped Xtasy’s ass. “Who’s beating that pussy?’

Terri muffled, “Daddy is.”

"I can’t hear you, Terri."

I slapped Xtasy’s ass again, she said “Who’s beating that pussy?”

Terri let out another muffled, “Daddy is.”

I started fucking Teri harder and harder until I could hear her moans clear through Xtasy’s pussy. I slapped Xtasy’s ass harder this time and she yelled, “Who’s beating that pussy?”

Terri yelled out, “Daddy is! Daddy is! Ooooh, daddy is beating my pussy.”

I conquered both of them. I fucked Terri until she couldn’t take it and Xtasy had 3 nuts taking a ride on the T line. I got off Terri and un-cuffed her and smiled. Xtasy asked why was I smiling so hard.

I said, "No reason. I just love putting in some over time."

The End

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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