Tashamee Dorsey

_____."Hey, I was just calling to check in. Give me a call when you know what you're doing." Damn, I hate leaving messages, I thought wondering where she was. I don't know where she is and I don't know if she's come or not. I haven't heard from her in hours. I was so lost in thought I was back in package pick-up when I looked up.
_____"Hello, ma'am, this will be right out. Which one is your car?" Damn, I thought as my beeper was going off, and this is heavy as shit. How the hell am I going to fit this into a Pinto?! Its a 27 inches! I headed back into the hub to see why the ladies had paged me.
_____There she was. I was so surprised and pleased to see her there, she was a sight for sore eyes. I wasn't sure what reacted first, my heart or my clit. What I do know is that I throbbed when I saw her. Oh I hoped it didn't show, I've been way too transparent with my feelings already. Then you smiled, and I felt like I was melting on the spot. I loved looking at your mouth. It always made me warm, everywhere. "Well, I just called you."
_____"I didn't get it." You reply with a smirk.
_____"Very funny, how did you get here so fast?"
_____"Would you believe I flew?"
_____"O.K., but how'd you get here?"
_____"I took a bus, I wanted to surprise you.
_____"Well, it worked." I don't think I've seen you smile broader or glow as much as you are right now. You are beautiful, and I am wondering if its what I feel for you or what I see that you feel for me that makes you glow so. "Well, Miss, I have a few hours left at work, what are you going to do with yourself?"
_____"Well, first I'd like to put my stuff in your car. Then I think I will wonder about the mall".
_____ I look at your beautiful face with that twinkle and ask, "Hey have you had anything to eat?" You shake your head at me, giving me ideas. "Sharon, I'm going to take lunch, I'll be back." With that I grab your bad and we head off to my truck. My mind is spinning, I've decided to surprise you.
_____"Where are we going to eat?" You ask as you get settled in the passenger seat.
_____"You'll see," is all I will say, but I can't help but smile. I hope I am not giving anything away. I am always so afraid of losing all of my shields around you. But as a treat you seem to accept my answer, I do love it when you acquiesce to me. I'd forgotten how much I liked it when you simply took my word for stuff. You can be very hard headed and questioning sometimes.

_____ After we stop and get some burgers I drive us to a secret park I found one day by getting lost. I am nervous because I wasn't sure this place had the kind of seclusion I would need to be comfortable doing what I had in mind. I still didn't know whether or not I would go through with this. Just as I am talking myself out of it, you say, "Look over there, a private spot to sit, it's like a gazebo but more covered."
_____I've heard you say, get out of my head before, but it is a little weird how frequently we do this. I park and we go to the table to eat. It's a beautiful March day warmer than normal for this time of year. I smile as we sit thinking that one should never look a gift horse in the mouth.
_____ We sit and you're smiling that smile at me, we are sitting across from each other and you start playing footsy with me under that table. I notice immediately that you must be wearing clogs, but I feel your toes inching all the way the inside of my thigh. Your toes find my clit and I swear you must feel my throb, because you start to rub harder.
_____ You are grinning at me so devilishly, and licking your lips. In an instant you've crossed the table and have me laid on my back on the bench. I start to fight as my normal response to your assertiveness. I decide not to fight the reason we came here, but since it was my idea, I sure wasn't going to let you win this easy. So with one motion I grab both of your hands and pull you into an embrace, smothering your mouth with kisses. You relinquish control immediately and melt into my arms. I flick both my thumbs back and forth across your nipples as we kiss. Little moans begin to escape your mouth and your breathing becomes quicker.
_____ I smile, as you can't maintain the kiss for your moaning. Your body leans into me. I keeping changing the pace of my thumbs, watching your face, loving the act of teasing you. Just as you sound like you are going to explode, I push you back on the bench. I'm really glad you are wearing a skirt. I slide my hands up your thighs, my gaze never veering from your face. I love watching you in ecstasy, I think it puts me into a sort of trance.
_____ I find your center already wet and waiting for me, I begin to stroke your pussy watching you and feeling your body respond to each stroke. The faster I stroke the more crazed you look. When I feel your body start to tighten up, my signal that you are about to come, I stop. It's finally time to taste you, it's been so long and I know there is so much hype built in, but right now I am not afraid. All you want is to cum and I no intentions of disappointing you.
_____ I bend over yanking up your skirt and touch your for the first time with my tongue. You taste better than I thought I'm pleased. You react even better, that is getting me hot. Your body starts to buck, reaching up for my tongue. I in turn reach further and further into you, first letting my tongue search you, getting to you this way as I glide my tongue over your wetness. When your body shivers, I know I've found that special spot on your clit. I feel your body quiver more and more. I start to flick faster and harder feeling your body riding my face, I feel like I am riding the same wave that you are. As you buck faster and harder I feel my body throbbing harder and harder. I hear your breath coming faster, and your moans are turning to soft screams. It tickles me to listen to you trying to control your volume. You give up trying and are screaming as I feel my body reacting to your sound. I feel and hear you peak. I taste you as your explosion comes to my tongue.
_____ I rise up from your heat, and pull you up into my arms. I kiss you, letting you taste what I've done to you. After a long minute when your body is at total ease your break from our embrace and whisper, "I wanna do that.
_____ I reply with a smirk, "I'm glad you asked." You usher me gently onto my back, sliding off my slacks. "Damn you look good enough to eat," you say to me as you survey my body with your eyes and hands. I love your hands, I am always reminded of how much when your touch me.
_____ "Well, you know how much I love your mouth on me don't you?"
_____ "Um, hum," you sigh as you slide down to taste me.
_____ Damn, you feel good, so good, my mind races and swirls to nothingness. All I can think is this feels so good. You are flicking your tongue in the right spot, driving me crazy. I feel my body buck with you mouth never leaving my throbbing pussy. My whole body begins to pulse and I don't think I can take anymore, then I feel your fingers penetrate me. First slowly, then you start to pump in and out faster and faster matching pace with my body reaching for your tongue. You are stroking my clit with your tongue and reaching deep inside my wetness driving me crazy with lust.
_____ The rhythm you are pounding me with is surging through me. My breathing is getting quicker and quicker and my moans are turning into screams. You are pounding my sex so fast and so hard that I can barely breath and I can hear my voice screaming your name. I try to push you away, but you keeping going, holding on until you know I've completely cum. Then, you pull me into an embrace, holding me for a long time, stroking my back. Goodness, I love your hands on my body!
_____"You know they might start to miss you at work." We both giggled.
_____"Come on Missy lets get back."


Copyright © 2000. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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